Why I Love the Megaman X Series The Most!

As a Megaman fan I've played the Classic Megaman (available at the Megaman Anniversary Collection) and Megaman X.  I have played other Megaman spin-offs such as the different universe Megaman Legends.  I haven't played Megaman Battle Network though.  The series that got my attention the most is the Megaman X series.  What do I love about it?  Let me tell you some things that I love about the Megaman X series.

It explores Dr. Light's robotics to a whole new level.  While Classic Megaman was a fun series, X takes a more mature spin to Megaman in a hundred years later.  Dr. Light created the new Megaman robot called "X" symbolizing the limitless potential.  Although the test was supposed to be for 30 years, Megaman X only awakened in 21XX.  He and Zero represented the new type of robots called Reploids.  Although darker than Classic Megaman, Megaman X still throws back at Classic Megaman regardless.  X now has human capacity and so doe Zero.  Basically Classic Megaman was a prototype to a stronger Megaman robot for the next century.

Reasonably tougher gameplay.  Megaman X series lets you start as "puny X" then you must find the Heart Tanks and the Light Capsules to beat the game.  Yes, that's what it is and the game isn't just sit down in one sitting like Classic Megaman.  Megaman X as the new Megaman model must find every parts to be complete in order to beat his archenemy Sigma.  It does get enjoyable when you start looking for all those parts to get in full gear to defeat the game.

Darker and more complex plots than the Classic Megaman series.  For example, Megaman X had no choice but to terminate Storm Eagle and Chill Penguin who were his former comrades.  In Megaman X4, the Repliforce got pulled into the conflict which Zero ended up killing both Colonel and Iris left without a choice.  It's much better writing than Dr. Wily's redundant half-brained schemes but at the same time, it also makes references to the late Dr. Wily.  For example, Zero in Megaman X4 is verified to be Dr. Wily's rightful successor and that Sigma was once the leader of the Maverick Hunters.

Better villains.  Sigma is really, REALLY the best villain of the Megaman X series.  He started out as the first fully advanced Reploid by Dr. Cain.  One day he grows power hungry and started the Day of Sigma.  Unlike Wily who's always begging for mercy, this guy always swears to return and make Megaman X and Zero suffer worse than the last game.  He uses his manipulative nature in almost every game, eventually it backfired on him in Megaman X8.

It doesn't forget it always springs you back to the Classic Megaman series.  One can consider like the Light capsules has an A.I. version of Dr. Light, Zero is Dr. Wily's supposed successor, Axl is Megaman X's own version of Bass in terms of gameplay (and also appeared in the seventh game).  It never fails to acknowledge its ancestor the Classic Megaman series without which, this better game series cannot exist.


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