There's Something That The Upcoming Ninja Steel Needs To Fix From Ninninger

After watching this interview where Kazunori Inaba and Kei Shindachiya have mentioned where Power Rangers is currently better with retaining cast members doing their own stunts. Taking the context of the interview, you really need to understand it was Power Rangers Dino Charge and Ninninger that was airing that time. 

Like its Japanese counterpart Kyoryuger, Dino Charge had the main cast members doing the common fodder of out-of-suit fight scenes. While neither show really presented a stunt as great as back in the 80s but you can't deny they are doing whatever they can to do impressive stunts. But after Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger really had a huge drop of action scenes by the cast members and instead, they got overly stuntman reliant. One can go ahead and say, "But Dino Charge still has to use some Kyoryuger footage." Excuse me but Dino Charge should be credited for their out of suit fight scenes.. something Ninninger badly needed.

Hopefully, Ninja Steel will try to fix that mistake.


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  2. I know something else they could do to keep Power Rangers fresh. Keep going with original script writing, and make it fit into the story. So far, not so bad a job, but I'd still like some writing and stunt coordination that'll really wow not just me, but the target audience as well.


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