The Power Rangers Snob Rumor Mill?

It's no secret that Tokusatsu societies can be full of rumor mills. I'll try to speak in a less biased way since people know I usually don't watch Power Rangers except if I have some dumb reasoning behind it (ex. hot girls) but I get a lot more of that from Super Sentai. Now it's time to look at the rumor mill that I've encountered but this isn't even a full list. These aren't even provable and are just circulated for the sake of being a Power Rangers snob.

Rumor mill: Mighty Morphin' is more popular than Zyuranger

I acknowledge the fact that Mighty Morphin' did get dubbed in Japan though I still can't get over why in the world is Reiko Chiba dubbing Kimberly?! I'd actually prefer it if Kimberly were dubbed by Natsuki Takahashi. So what's wrong with this one? There's no real evidence to back that up. Both shows have their pros and cons. I still like Kimberly better than Mei while preferring Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin'.

Rumor mill: Lost Galaxy is more popular than Gingaman in Japan

This one had me fooled back when I pretended to know everything about Super Sentai and Power Rangers. When I started to watch more Super Sentai (and in turn I just couldn't look at Power Rangers the same way again). Lost Galaxy is good in its own way but did it necessarily become better to the eyes of the Japanese? There's no real evidence that it did. Maybe it has a Japanese fanbase but there's no real evidence that it's more popular than Gingaman. Better enjoy both shows without comparing too much to the other. Meanwhile, I still respect people who like Lost Galaxy better than Gingaman as long as they don't circulate that rumor around.

Really super unrealistic one: Power Rangers Samurai is more popular than Shinkenger in Japan

This one has to be the most retarded of all. Power Rangers Samurai is filled with bad acting, bad writing and it's just dull. I remembered the joke I wrote that Bulk and Spike decided to move to Japan and get some real training there. Power Rangers Samurai is really that substandard even for Power Rangers. BALONEY!


  1. Lost Galaxy and Gingaman remember which series script was in development hell


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