Bruce Kalish and Power Rangers

Before Power Rangers, Bruce Kalish was actually a great talent in his genre as he was the writer of the Incredible Hulk cartoon or The Famous Jett Jackson, and he's the writer of Aaron Stone.  However when it comes to Power Rangers, he's got ups and down and perhaps too much unfair hatred.  Now trying to look at his work is pretty much either a hit or miss... just like Toshiki Inoue before and after Kamen Rider Agito.

During the time he wrote SPD that series was pretty much hit or miss.  I guess it's just my extreme favoritism for Dekaranger that makes me dislike the show.  For starters, I tend to complain how much Jack slacks off a lot or Sky is overly whining about how he's "Mr. Perfect" more than Hoji does.  I should probably start with Sky whining about how he should have been the Red SPD Ranger to which he becomes quite a braggart, too annoying (and Hoji never got up to that point) or that unlike Hoji, he doesn't listen to Bridge thinking he's always right.  I just thought that other characters that made me boil here are also SYD, yup Syd.  Syd is quite a brat and pretty self-centered almost like Hannah Montana, fortunately she got better like in her birthday episode when she shares her birthday with Jack.  Probably the brighter side of this none of them are as annoying as Masato Kusaka in Kamen Rider Faiz!

Mystic Force is an okay season, just had the problems of too much red ranger focus.  Looking at it again, it's not all that bad.

Operation Overdrive.  Just where do I start?  While I'm wrong to write a hate episode against it but I'll just admit that this is where he bungles up and fortunately it was just 32 episodes compared to Kamen Rider Faiz, Toshiki Inoue's worst disaster ever.  So like Kamen Rider Faiz, the problems of this show are the unlikable cast, bad dialogue and bad writing.  Just my two cents, made me think that while this is still sticking to lighter and softer and Kamen Rider Faiz is darker and edgier, maybe Operation Overdrive actually wins over Kamen Rider Faiz.  You only need to sit through 32 episodes of Operation Overdrive compared to Kamen Rider Faiz plus it's not a depressing season either though the failed humor can get on my nerves.  So I'd rather sit through Operation Overdrive than Kamen Rider Faiz.

For Power Rangers Jungle Fury, true I still love Gekiranger much but I'll be unfair to hate this.  One, it has a better cast and two, it does try to be a lighter version of Gekiranger.  For example, Jarrod and Camille getting a second chance in life can be a better ending compared to Rio and Mele being mercilessly killed by Long.  But for a drama prince like me, Gekiranger wins.

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