Why I Think Cole Evans Was Killed By His Actor

The day he realized he was acted by a douchebag!

While I was watching Power Rangers Megaforce, I simply grew attached to Cole (for stupid reasons) which I simply wanted to have his kind of body and I thought he was one of a kind. I thought he was a pretty cool character (but sadly bad reception for many) and I hold the unpopular opinion that he's a great character.  I soon Googled for "Rick Medina" the actor, which I thought was an awesome guy but I was pretty shocked.  I didn't believe it at first but I had to believe it.

I just thought of Rick Medina well, has some well-deserved hate.  Top ten worst moves by Mr. Smith lists the Wild Force acting (and now I'm liking Gaoranger more, happens to be a lot). Mr. Smith also calls Rick Medina a terrible actor.  I just started to think of the actor himself, not the character.  When I did Google for Rick Medina pictures a few years ago, I simply found the guy the exact opposite of what I thought he was.  So he had some douchebag photos left and right... which really got me to think that he basically killed his character in Wild Force.  Even I couldn't recognize him immediately when he became Deker in Samurai.

Now just a few basic facts about appearance deterioration.  A person's lifestyle can make one age faster or slower.  One may argue age changed the appearance.  Back in 2002, Rick Medina was 25 in Wild Force and is 34 years old in Wild Force.  Now one can think about aging... being white may contribute to aging fast.  However lifestyle can also contribute.  One may also notice the skin tones of Rick Medina in Wild Force and in Samurai.

Back in Wild Force, Rick Medina had his fair complexion.  But later pictures post Wild Force, I'm disgusted to what the actor did to himself.  Tanning, tattoos, piercing, it kind of defined what was on the inside.  It wasn't even getting any better when I even heard he did some acts of indecency in the reality show Kept (which I'm not familiar with). Cole would have reacted that way against his actor.  Unfortunately, I can only see the actor himself killing Cole in a slow, painful way.

In Samurai, you may notice how much darker the skin complexion of Rick Medina is.  In fact, I didn't even recognize him at all... until I saw the credits.  For a 34 year old guy here, he certainly looked older than he should.  Close-ups easily reveal wrinkles, perhaps damaged by his lifestyle which he had.  In fact, I even thought he should have not even been Deker in Samurai.  And I was thinking, if some people hate the actor, I do too.

So how am I picturing Cole's death?  In my own imagination, Cole is being stripped off everything, nailed to a cross and left to die at Rick Medina's order.  Rick Medina leaves to ruin the character, while Cole suffers the agony of being nailed to a cross for days.  Sadly, no one rescues him AND well, Cole dies from his crucifixion.

And in fact, I really say IMO, he really killed his Wild Force character. =(  RIP Cole Evans.


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