Toning Down Power Rangers Time Force...

While Power Rangers Time Force did copy some things from Timeranger like it's too easy to see Wes, Trip and Jen as Westernized versions of Tatsuya, Sion and Yuuri (oh please don't let her and Jen join forces)... one cannot deny some toning down happened.  So what caused the toning down?  It was serious but remember, Power Rangers is usually less serious than Super Sentai.  Maybe Judd Lynn got a series of complaints when he wrote Lost Galaxy.  So I believe a lot of events in Time Force were more of a result of executive meddling than Judd Lynn at the work.

One toning down to consider is how Eric Myers was handled differently than Naoto.  Sad to say but I think Eric Myers deserves better praise for someone who normally likes Super Sentai better.  So Eric didn't try to exploit the secret location of the Time Force Rangers or seize control of the Silver Guardians even if he's still a jerk.  So why did Judd Lynn decide to change the scenario?  My only wild mass guess is that either he wanted to be original or maybe, executives didn't like the idea of how Magna Defender carried the anti-hero nature of the first Bullblack.  In fact, he nearly died defending Wes and his father.

Another is Mr. Asami vs. Mr. Collins scenario.  If there's another scene worth commending in Time Force is that while Mr. Asami stayed in his office saying, "No, he won't retreat.  He is my son." we have Mr. Collins going alone into the city in search of his son.  Then again, I do suspect that it was executive meddling that got the scene, not Judd Lynn.

Yet another noteworthy difference is Alex and Ryuya.  I dunno if Judd Lynn really wanted to integrate the idea that Alex was responsible for Ransik's escape or not.  Alex for one is far less antagonistic as there was no necessary gun struggle as he allowed the Time Force Rangers to go back into the past to finish their job.  Ryuya on the other hand was that heavy douche from the year 3000 who was responsible for the main villains to escape.  Then again, remember Alex was Jen's fiance and due to some time change, was revived.  I just thought what if Judd Lynn still wanted to fault Alex with the events of Time Force but was meddled into not pushing it through?!


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