Power Rangers Dino Charge: Not Exactly The Best But... It's Probably Power Rangers' Kickback Time!

Just because I currently dislike Power Rangers doesn't mean I can't say anything good when I find it. After two bad seasons from the Neo-Saban era namely Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce, well Judd Lynn is back and there's some improvements that this show has taken from its Japanese counterpart Kyoryuger. Now, I do like Riku Sanjo in writing Kamen Rider but for me when he was assigned to be a Super Sentai writer, Kyoryuger was one show that didn't click with me. Now just because Dino Charge ain't really my cup of tea doesn't mean I won't give some praise for it or for Power Rangers in general for things I think they did better than Super Sentai.

When I looked at the first few episodes, watching the next episode wasn't a burden because... NO DAIGO-CENTRICITY and Tyler the red ranger is no Daigo, no hyperactive attitude and in fact, the Dino Gems made a GOOD CHOICE with him. Now we have Yoshi Sudarso as Koda a caveman back in modern day. Aside from the real life fact that Sudarso met the cast of Ninninger in Japan, I think the whole cast is NOT obnoxious at all and they are a group of people who are growing up. I'll admit no matter how much I don't like Megaforce's writing, most of them are more tolerable than the Kyoryugers who are lively but obnoxious. Plus, even if their stunts aren't so impressive but hey, they are doing something more than what ToQGer is doing less... namely the cast members doing their own stunts before the stuntmen inevitably kick in!

I know a lot of people will get mad at me but, Daigo really tends to piss me off. If I am to compare him and Tyler, I'd hang out with Tyler even if in general, I'm more of a Super Sentai fan. Sure, let the purists say I'm a traitor with their F*CKING LOGIC (pardon the language folks) then again Super Sentai has its own share of flaws. The lack of Daigo-centricity in Dino Charge is definitely a plus. I always found that samba morphing sequence as something that's SOOOOO ridiculous. I do agree with this quote by Shogo B'Stard saying, "Someone needs to tell Daigo to dial it way down. He's trying so hard to be energetic, and it just comes across as bogus and obnoxious -- he's a good representation of Kyoryuger as a whole. Dude can't even read the Bandai/sponsor lines without just yelling it all and spazzin' out. You ain't fun, man. You ain't cool. Pipe down, before you make me stick up for Akaza Banban. And comb your hair!" Okay, I like Banban Akaza... but I agree with Daigo being bogus and obnoxious, something Tyler isn't!

I'll admit that Dino Charge has been so less footage reliant just like the older seasons of Power Rangers during Lynn's era or the Mighty Morphin' era after the first season. Whoever says Power Rangers has no original footage needs to go to an eye doctor... SERIOUSLY! I'll admit that trying to change the main villain away from Kyoryuger was a start, now it's Bounty Hunter Sledge. I thought that wow, Predator-inspired! A lot of original footage shows how quality might be kicking back into Power Rangers. I just thought that going all the way to create the Predator-like villain is something I expect and I'll admit, it may not look as good as the actual Predator costumes but... I'll admit, it does look pretty cool for me.

Hopefully, Dino Charge would help save Power Rangers after two bad seasons in a row. Now only if Nickelodeon will stop the splitting of Power Rangers because... it's freakingly annoying! Overall, I do hope that Power Rangers fans might be seeing a bright light ahead with this series.


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