My Rage Awakens: Is It Me Or Is Disney Really Ruining Almost Everyone's Childhood Whenever They Buy Franchises?!

Make no mistake. I really, REALLY hate Disney now or do I? I want to give my thoughts on the devastating events that really affected my childhood. Last 2009 was the year of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger but it was also the year F***ing Disney bought Marvel. 2002 was the year when Disney acquired the rights to Power Rangers and ever since then I have no reason to watch Power Rangers. Disney gave me reasons to go away from Power Rangers. Now it's giving me a good reason to move away from Marvel and Star Wars. So what's next?

Disney ruined Power Rangers especially with the Kalish era

I don't deny that I'm not a Power Rangers fan so this wouldn't be so much of a fair analysis. But I could at least give reasons why Disney gave me good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. Whether it's the Bruce Kalish era or whatever I'm having some good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. What I didn't like about Disney's Power Rangers era would be it's too rushed to the point character development doesn't happen, Hanna Montana acting or that it's super watered down. 

I can't forget how I actually didn't bother to watch more of Disney's Power Rangers after Ninja Storm. I somehow feel regret over watching Ninja Storm because Hurricanger felt miles better. Power Rangers SPD? Some characters like Sky Tate's first impression was pretty much like this guy from the People's Court or Syd is pretty much a Hanna Montana for some time. Power Rangers Dino Thunder had that idiotic Connor (he's even more annoying than Bakaharu in Ninninger) or well... TOMMY who's just an overrated guy played by a self-glorifying idiot who thinks he's the greatest legend in Tokusatsu. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive well I can't forget how I laughed while writing their undignified demise. 

Should I mention the Mighty Morphin' remastered that they did after Power Rangers RPM? I would admit that RPM did have potential to be good but the rushed plot is just stupid. Just looking at all those crazy remastered screenshots made me glad its over but the damage has been done. MMPR remastered is just plain crazy and makes it look like a fan movie than a real legitimate project. The whole recoloring made it look like a fan film by grade schoolers than a show made by adults for children. It's just that stupid!

All these events plus the bad return of Saban (which Jonathan Tzachor should be fired already) just made it no sense for me to watch Power Rangers. Judd Lynn's return could have been good but we know the guy's already burning out already since Power Rangers Dino Charge. Ninja Steel might end up a real wreck as Dino Charge showed signs of Lynn's burnout. I could agree that Dino Charge had more evened out development and Tyler isn't hogging the glory like Daigo Kiryu. But I can't deny that I won't watch both Kyoryuger and Dino Charge. Neither show has been pleasing to my preferences. Sometimes it's better not to watch both seasons. 

Disney's treatment of Marvel is so horrible

Marvel buying Disney raised my eyebrows. Back in the 90s, Marvel had better stuff to do. As much as I don't like Power Rangers even if Toei and Saban worked together but I don't deny Saban has more respect for Marvel Comics. Even if Saban (and Toei for allowing Power Rangers to exist) somewhat "ruined" my childhood with Power Rangers (but I blame the TV networks like ABiaS-CBN and not him for that one) but the X-Men cartoon was pretty much a good memory. Saban's adaptation of Marvel was pretty good for most of its run. Disney is pretty meh with how they carry out Marvel Comics adaptations. 

So what am I complaining about? I'm not going to say that pre-Disney Marvel was perfect. It had its own problems like how Chris Claremont makes a fan favorite like Cyclops into a douche. I could also talk about how some moves like Cyclops' affair with Emma Frost or making Cyclops worse after the merger with Apocalypse are just freaking stupid. After Disney bought Marvel things just got worse and worse and worse. Aside from bad cartoons, Marvel's had a really bad direction. I could also say that I really believe Marvel is dead because a lot of my favorite characters like Cyclops have been derailed for the worst. 

Perhaps one of the worst wrecks is that years of established continuity are thrown out of the window. Let's face it how many 80s to 90s children grew up with the whole idea that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are actually Magneto's children? Guess what... last 2015 that fact from our childhood suddenly got written off by the power of the pen. It's just a bummer that I can't take. It's as bad as the whole episode where Mrs. Puff turns evil and wished Spongebob died and attempted to murder him. So WTF is going on? I'd rather assume the whole Disney Marvel Universe is an alternative continuity and should just be ignored entirely.

The Force may have died already thanks to Disney

I have no intention of watching "The Force Awakens" ever. I don't care if it's a blockbuster hit. I would actually prefer to stick to the Legends Canon. Here's what's going on with Star Wars. Disney just threw away everything out of the window that happened before the first six Star Wars movies. So really what in the world was Disney thinking when they did that? It just feels so empty now and a lot of those who read the original canon should protest. 

What I thought is that the Legends Canon could have just been altered. Maybe we could get rid of a few sucky stuff like the death of Anakin Solo or Chewbacca. The late Carrie Fisher has one daughter so she could have played as Jaina Solo if she wanted to. I think Kylo Ren could have still been Jacen Solo with a different storyline that led him to the Dark Side. But no, I just felt like Disney had to throw away a lot of cool characters. This is really a huge backlash for me. 

You might consider watching this video soon enough to know why I freaking get angry every time Disney buys a new franchise. The Expanded Universe had better detail of just about almost everything. Sure it's not perfect but still you know me.

Closing words

Do I consider reboots to be necessarily a bad thing? Not too much depending on who's in charge. Some reboots are necessary if a franchise gets shitty like how Mortal Kombat's reboot treatment was pretty successful. The series went back to its 2D fighting style with brilliant innovative concepts. But Disney does it so horribly with how they treat franchises they bought that's why I'm tempted to shake my fist every now and then. 


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