What If Kimberly Never Left And Kat Never Existed In Power Rangers?

Okay if you're a Kat fan just be careful because this article may be offensive. I'm just making a what if Amy Jo Johnson never left Power Rangers until later (though her move was pretty good for her career) and let's just think of what could have been done. Let's think of one what if that never happened. Let's just put a bit of a what if scenario. I just took the idea from Power Rangers Fanon.

MMPR Season 3... what if she never left!

Let's just say that after the incident where Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa nearly killed her came to pass. This may start to change Kimberly from Tommy's damsel in distress (which was probably why Amy Jo left the set and I freaking don't blame her) to making her once again the girl who can stand on her own. She might actually give her obvious blunt attacks on Master Vile's disgusting nature or say, "Is that all the bad guys can do? Turn us back to kids? LAME!"

During the time Aisha leaves and Tanya gets her part of the Zeo crystal, she may have a hard time trying to adjust to losing another friend. She's lost Trini (who left due to the late Thuy Trang's payroll issues) and now Aisha. She has to adjust to Tanya. I could imagine her saying, "Well that's just great..." sarcastically when the Command Center explodes.

Power Rangers Zeo

I just thought about how Zeo could have potentially turned her back into a strong character. So no more screaming "Tommy!" She's more or less ready to kick ass with her new powers. I just thought of the potential storyline that might have her stand up against Skull's amorous advances yet again. This time she might have gotten more blunt with him. But I guess the distance between them will drift because Bulk and Skull will become defective detectives. Skull may get too busy with to stalk Kimberly.

During this time, there might be a love triangle plot which would involve Tommy and Jason for Kimberly or not depending on how writers may want it. I think it would be interesting if it happened. Then it may have her making a choice. I'd still keep Jason as the Gold Ranger until the series ends then he leaves.

Power Rangers Turbo

She'll be leaving along with the whole cast. Maybe, just maybe we won't have that sacrifice scene or maybe we would. But I just gave a thought on how things would be until Kimberly leaves with the rest. It wouldn't be anything special before the midseason cast change. She'll be luckier than Rin though considering Justin is NOT a pervert. This would be her last appearance before the second cast kicks in. There may be no Power Rangers Turbo movie to start with.
So what's your imaginary setting if this happened?


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