Just Started Watching Dairugger XV and More

Well I remembered watching Lion Voltron as a kid and had an instant dislike for Vehicle Voltron.  Ironically, when I watched Golion I couldn't like it more than Voltes V.  Now for some verification- Dairugger XV happens separately in another continuity from Golion or even Voltes V so don't attempt to connect the shows.  As far as Dairugger XV is concerned, I didn't like Vehicle Voltron all so instantly because of the idea of having fifteen main characters was a trouble.  But in the middle of that, Dairugger XV offers a lot of super robot drama that Golion failed to provide.  Well the Galvestonians aren't always chaotic evil and we see that Dairugger XV tries to have the same drama value with Voltes V.  Also Emperor Corsair (Zeppo) is a mirror to Zanbazil's tyranny and Supreme Commander Teles is a closer copy of Prince Heinel of Voltes V, a noble villain.

Golion is better than Lion Voltron but I'll admit it really pales from its predecessors, perhaps the Super Robot franchise was already dying at that time and Toei had to halt creating newer ones.  My problems with Golion was that why in the world is Galra the always chaotic evil type?  Golion's lack of drama with the Galra Imperial Court and so many last minute changes tend to ruin the show.  My major complaint would be why in the last minute do they make Honerva the mother of Daibazaal when there wasn't even the slightest hint that she was?  Also Daibazaal's rise to the throne isn't explained compared to Zanbazil's in Voltes V.  So funny how I used to like Lion Voltron more as a kid and later ended up liking Dairugger XV more than Golion.


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