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My Own Reimagination of Apocalypse in X-Men!

Apocalypse from X-Men Evolution

While watching various versions of X-Men and rereading a few issues, Apocalypse's backstory reveals he was an ancient menace.  He later took the power of the Celestials' technology.  However I was thinking fo what if Apocalypse were revamped to be more like the Mummy Returns or Mumm-Ra from Thunder Cats.  His comic origin has him in Egypt, wandering the Earth for centuries and later finding the abandoned craft of the Celestials, something he took without their permission.  He became bonded to the Celestials, just as Mumm-Ra was bonded to the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

From the Mummy Returns... my ideal picture of Apocalypse!

My own original imagination concerning Apocalypse from X-Men is rooted from the Mummy franchise.  So what if En Sabah Nur was like the Mummy?  What if he relied more on supernatural powers while existing he had his own mutant powers?  What if he was a result of a pact with the Ancient Spirits of Evil instead of being in debt to…

Amy Jo Johnson Leaving MMPR: Why it was Good For Her Career

Yes it was sad for me that Amy Jo Johnson left season three of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but I thought it also helped her at the same time.  You may consider the many wrong directions MMPR was already taking back then and Kimberly wasn't exempted from the bad writing.

I guess Amy Jo Johnson was already sick and tired of every character decay that happened to her character.  For example, Kimberly is more of your "damsel in distress" for Tommy later on which can get annoying for the actress.  I could also consider that the character was demoted to being merely eye candy than given her own development.  Worse, MMPR's storyline wasn't getting any better either.  MMPR Season Three was a mess, the show should have ended when it should have ended.  You may consider it a very good reason to leave if your career is dwindling down.  The show wasn't helping her anyway and she wanted better career opportunities.

The aftermath was this... after leaving MMPR for …

Quantum Ranger's Survival Makes Sense!

Sometimes it does feel stupid that Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger survived but let's take a bit of common sense. Aside from the main difference that Mr. Collins goes into the city and Wataru Asami does not (which Judd Lynn shows he's not copy/pasting all the time from Kobayashi's scripts)... we have Eric Myers being severely injured.

Now here's a bit of analysis.  First we have that lone Cyclobot armed.  Now why did the Zenitto kill Naoto and the Cyclobot DID NOT killl Eric Myers?  A big of common sense can help.  I was thinking Judd Lynn may have wanted to kill Eric Myers as well but was meddled into sparing him.

The area where Eric Myers is hit out of suit doesn't look like a vital organ.  Again whether he died or not is not much of an issue.  Surviving and dying could have been two possible outcomes for him.  Whether he lived or died didn't matter.  On Naoto's case, him dying was the only practical way to write the scene after being shot by a Zenitto bullet.

Wishful Casting: Power Rangers Megaforce Edition!

I'll raise my opinion on a Power Rangers Megaforce casting decision.  At first, I thought the Megaforce team was going to at least revive Saban's era.  Now I would share my problem with the casting is with who plays Emma Goodall.  I am thinking that Christina Masterson isn't the best catch nor is she even fit to play as Emma.

Why is that?  My problem with the ACTRESS herself is this.  She's overly cheery, can't even act, can't be serious.  I was already thinking come on, this is Nickelodeon so why don't they get a more experienced still on the set Nickelodeon actress?  Ciara Hanna did have a few minor acting experience prior to Megaforce.  Now here's what I thought of casting for Power Rangers.

My current favorite Nickelodeon girl... Victoria Justice.  She's hot, pretty, sexy and she can ACT.  She has had her acting experience in Victorious and she could pull off the Kimberly-tribute character of Emma better than Christina Masterson.  I would admit…

Confessions of a Kimberly Ann Hart Fan

It's no secret anymore that I really, REALLY had the hots for Kimberly Ann Hart in Power Rangers.  Here's my confession of what could be a guilty pleasure or not.  Back to memory lane, Power Rangers was a guilty pleasure for me because even if I like Super Sentai more (and still do), I cannot deny Kimberly was indeed a guilty pleasure.

Why did I watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as a child?  I was more enamored wit Kimberly than the show itself.  Some actions made me look like I was a little girl.  There was a stereotype back then that men weren't supposed to like the female characters (but at least within my community, not the world as a whole).  In my case, even episode one really had me have the hots for Kimberly.  I would admit even the first episode was corny, I had no idea of Zyuranger back then but she was really, really gorgeous and that's when I first entered into the Power Rangers franchise.

I looked forward to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers even if…

Cyclops and Emma Frost: Why It's VERY WRONG!!!!

Maybe one of the reasons why I have really gotten mad at Marvel Comics the same way I gotten mad with Capcom is this... HOW COULD YOU KEEP GIVING IN TO MORE BAD STORIES? Granted, I was even angry with Cyclops for his whole reason of marrying Madelyne Pryor, later he gets Jean Grey... I would really have to think that the worst is Cyclops/Emma Frost and WHY IS THAT?!

Now let's take a look at the scenario. I don't have anything against Emma Frost becoming an X-Man but how the writers carried her out is like, as if she's never changed for the better. The whole affair for me was just as bad writing as the Dear John letter in PR Zeo, no even worse. And I would like to explain what was going on. Now remember, this is my opinion to why I think Cyclops and Emma Frost pairing is bad while I back it up with some facts of what happened. For a Marvel Comics decision to put Emma Frost into the X-Men, it's not bad per se. Sad to say but Emma is a victim of bad writing and this is o…

Gia Moran and Emma Goodall: Two Kimberlys in One Show?!

For Power Rangers Megaforce, I felt like the characters were somewhat modifications.  In the case of Noah, he felt like a combination of Zack and Billy.  Now for the two girls Gia and Emma, I felt like they are a split of this character...

That's right... Kimberly.  I was thinking of the possibility of both Gia and Emma as two Kimberlys in one show.  Now let's take a look at them shall we?

Gia Moran is portrayed as that "hottest girl in school".  Kimberly IS the hottest girl in school.  Now even if Gia happens to be a tough chick tomboy, Now what Gia has in common with Kimberly is being popular with the boys, has a stalking crush which in Gia's case happens to be her teammate Jake.  I was thinking that she does find Jake annoying just as Kimberly finds Skull annoying.

The other is Emma Goodall who is for me a really failed version of Kimberly.  She did do the Kimberly "hair thing" at the beginning as a shout-out that IMO really ended badly.  Like Kimbe…

Power Rangers Injustice: The Dear John Letter in Power Rangers Zeo!

One of the greatest injustices in Power Rangers is the "Dear John letter" which for me was more of a F*CK YOU AMY JO JOHNSON than an actual plot mover. I was wondering, was Catherine Sutherland lacking popularity over Amy Jo Johnson, they wanted her back but couldn't get her back? Probably. But let me tell you what is downright wrong with the Dear John Letter!

One must admit that one of the running plots that go with Power Rangers is Tommy and Kimberly as a couple. It made me think it's very OUT OF CHARACTER for Kimberly to just dump Tommy like that. If they had to break up... it could have been done back then but it's still a bad idea. Again, it's nothing more than an attempt to replace her with Kat and it's a pretty forced thing to do.

What I thought is that, this was character derailment to an otherwise really popular character. They could have just kept the relationship a distant one, where Kimberly writes to Tommy every now and then... rather than …

Wrath-Amon and Cartoon Serpentor Compared

Serpentor and Wrath-Amon were characters who were pretty similar in design and personality. Both of them were synthetic organisms, not real human beings. Dr. Mindbender created Serpentor from the DNA of some of the greatest dictators in history. Wrath-Amon was created by Ram-Amon (and Conan ended up merely changing how Wrath-Amon was born) but he one day overthrew his creator to become the new high priest of the Snake Cult.

Now we have both of them actually serving greater masters.  Serpentor is Golobulus' puppet emperor for Cobra.  Wrath-Amon IS the high priest of Set. Both of them are tasked to take over the world to make sure that their masters can take over it. Serpentor must conquer humanity for Golobulus while Wrath-Amon must gather Star Metal to allow Set to take over the world. What's also simialr is that they both overthrew their previous superiors. Serpentor overthrew Cobra Commander and Wrath-Amon overthrew Ram-Amon.

In terms of characterization, both of them may …

Evaluating Apocalypse' Choices for "The Twelve"

Knowing Apocalypse' plan to ascend into godhood by gathering "The Twelve" which was but a series of forgeries he made throughout the years, he would actually have had better choices. Now for my criticism of his plan:

In "The Twelve", Apocalypse wrote the legends saying they are the twelve of power, and that he soon gathered them as part of his plan to ensure omnipotence. Now I just thought of its members and if they were really qualified:

Living Monolith - So he could only absorb cosmic rays at first until he was genetically modified by Mr. Sinister. It made me think certainly he did absorb all that power but couldn't Rogue or even Bishop be a better choice?

Magneto and Polaris - Apocalypse has a good choice in picking up the father/daughter magnetic poles. For one, Magneto has full power of every force of magnetism and with Polaris his daughter, both father and daughter would have become a very destructive magnetic force!

Sunfire - His powers aren't ex…

Power Rangers Megaforce: It's More of a Guilty Pleasure!

So I would admit Power Rangers Megaforce is really another bad season but it's a guilty pleasure for me.  Now I know the show suffers from some issues but I cannot deny it's a real guilty pleasure.  And my guilty pleasure is not Emma Goodall but Gia Moran who sadly has not much focus episodes.  For me, Gia is the new Kimberly not Emma.  I would admit she really lacks focus episodes but at the same time, tends to steal the show away for me.

I'll just admit the truth and admit it like a man.  When Power Rangers Megaforce's promo began, seeing Ciara Hanna will act as Gia Moran made me want to watch the show as a guilty pleasure.  I would admit I normally am either neutral or just a minor fan of Power Rangers after I got over being a hater.  So I just watched the show for her but I'll admit, it does get boring and viewing the show is just a guilty pleasure for me.  I know the story sucks harder than MMPR's first season and second season but... I'm pretty much…

Is Mr. Sinister Really Weak to Cyclops' Optic Blasts?!

For people who spent time watching the Uncanny X-Men cartoon series in the 90s, it might be a good memory but remember, the cartoons is basically sanitized from the brutal reality of Marvel Comics and there are many changes. For example, Juggernaut is NOT a mutant but a person whose powers are powered by the Cytorrak Crystal, Magneto's helmet guards him from Professor Xavier's telepathy in contrast to the cartoons and another one I might explain is Mr. Sinister.

Remember when Mr. Sinister was hit by a super strong optic blast?  Now that was one super strong one that actually could rip Sinister but not kill him.  Mr. Sinister was able to survive even after he was ripped apart, who knows, he may already have had an X-Gene even before Apocalypse placed him in the Celestials' machine!  I just thought of one thing that Cyclops' optic blasts per se are not always that spectacular even if he's one great game character to play as.

Now looking at this Mega Optic Blast of C…

Apocalypse as a Darwinian Villain

Apocalypse' character is one that would be viewed not only as a major antagonist but a major antagonist who is under the subservience of a higher power, which he seeks to be freed from.  His first group of masters he was accountable for are the dark gods of Egypt.  Like Mumm-Ra from Thundercats, he was bound to servitude but at the same time had his own agenda.  He would also be bound to the Celestials when he took their abandoned technology which was left on Earth... which later he would later bind him to their will as well.

So the big deal with Apocalypse was when time travel convoluted whole Marvel Universe.  Rama-Tut was really Kang the Conqueror from a distant future... which he became a Pharaoh in Egypt.  The mixing of past and future had caused serious consequences.  Before he was called Apocalypse, he was known as the freak child En Sabah Nur who displayed unusual powers aside from a very unusual, ugly appearance.  When he was supposed to die, a pact with the Ancient Spiri…

The Cartoon Serpentor's Three Marks of Awful Leadership!

Serpentor for the cartoon version was incredibly different from his comics counterpart. While the comics Serpentor was a real charismatic leader, the cartoon Serpentor is one terrible leadership. So how does Serpentor lead COBRA?  One may consider this:

1.) An extreme lack of patience.

Serpentor lacked Sun Tzu's DNA (Dr. Mindbender was a moron not to consider Mao Zedong's DNA could have worked better). He is always quick to react to every irritation with violence. For example, he immediately gave in to Sgt. Slaughter's challenge. Worse, he is never willing to wait for results. His short temper and resolving to violence for everything shows he's never willing to reason with anyone.

2.) Ego-driven dictatorship.

Serpentor said that he is created fully sentient, all-knowing and all-powerful. When the Crimson Twins tried to suggest to him that his plan was plain suicide, he attempted to choke them. He thinks he's a true emperor, he rules by imperialistic ways like he…

What I Think is Practically Wrong With Power Rangers Megaforce?

It's another Saban era and I know it's going to end.  Now here's what I think is practically wrong with Power Rangers Megaforce:

Everything is just, rush, rush and SUPER RUSH then bad pacing comes in between.  The first half tries to cram in Goseiger and then it tries to cram in Gokaiger.  Please Gosei, you better give us a good explanation why Jake goes from black to green!  MMPR nostalgia may not be a problem but, the show's bad pacing practically ruins it.  And I think the Megaforce/Super Megaforce halving should have not been done.  Screw you Nickelodeon... and to think I used to like its shows.

The show is too eye candy reliant as most of them have bad acting.  This picture says it all with Andrew Gray the pretty boy in between Ciara Hanna and Christina Masterson.  I would say that the show seems to try and rely on these three too much... while Gia may not have much focus episodes but she steals the show.  Emma is a failed Kimberly.  For Troy... he's just a p…