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A Thought on Stuck Up Power Rangers Fans

It's a really annoying thought that there are Power Rangers fans who are stuck up with the adaptation and not setting for the original source of inspiration namely Super Sentai.  Such people DO exist at Rangerboard (I avoid that site like a plague) and here's a few interesting facts about them:

1.) Some of them have not even checked out even a single episode and they quickly jump into conclusions that Super Sentai is bad because it's Japanese.  Come on the Japanese-American war is over and both sides are now allies!

2.) They spread untrue rumors like MMPR being better than Zyuranger in Japan.  Well they should appreciate the cast of Super Sentai do take time to dub the adaptations BUT they should avoid spreading untrue rumors.  The Lost Galaxy rumor as Fantasy Leader pointed out wasn't real and he can be trusted as a  reliable source on that one having connections to Japan on his mother side.

3.) They call Power Rangers the "real deal" and Super Sentai as th…

Claude Frollo's Sinister Smile in Disney

I just thought that in the Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo does display some sinister smile which creeps me out.  In this picture, he does look like a homosexual pedophile ready to tempt Quasimodo into sinning with him.  Man this guy just creeps me out too much... yet I could also relate to him to a certain extent.