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Is It Mishima Family Tradition To Throw A Family Member Off From Somewhere?

Tekken's my favorite fighting game franchise or should I say one of them but what in the world is it with tossing members of the Mishima bloodline from off somewhere? Let's talk bout the incidents whether it's the canon storyline or the non-canon endings. Some of them are a reversal of what happened first.
What we could talk about first is Kazuya and Heihachi. It's revealed that Heihachi threw off Kazuya down a cliff to see if he can truly survive or if he also had the Devil Gene. In the first Tekken game it ended with Heihachi getting thrown from that same cliff. In Tekken 2, we have Heihachi throwing Kazuya into a volcano hoping to end the Devil Gene bloodline. In Tekken 7, Kazuya does the same thing to Heihachi for the sake of another revenge.

We can also see the non-canon endings tend to put the throwing off problem. If you finished the game with Heihachi in Tekken 3, his ending will show you throwing his grandson Jin off a helicopter. In Tekken 6, Heihachi's …

My Mixed Reactions On Tekken's Plot Twist On The Devil Gene

The Devil Gene is something that has been in Tekken's lore for years. It was first shown in Tekken 2 showing how Kazuya Mishima survived that horrible fall. It was later seen that it's passed from generation to generation as Tekken 3 shows that Jin Kazama inherited the Devil Gene from his father, Kazuya. But everyone wondered why Heihachi didn't have the Devil Gene. It was a long mystery that probably ruled him as a black sheep of the family.

It was originally intended in Tekken 5 to make Jinpachi Mishima someone who had the Devil Gene yet his transformation was anything but similar to Kazuya and Jin. The story got retconned which Katsuhiro Harada later said that Jinpachi was merely possessed by an angry ghost. Jinpachi was instead someone who came back to settle scores with his treacherous son Heihachi. He once had a loving relationship with his grandson Kazuya and later opened the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 hoping someone could destroy him. He's the first neutra…