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Comparing the First and Second Half of Combattler V

Combattler V was known for having two arcs namely these...

The Garuda arc.

So I guess the artists at Toei didn't hesitate to reuse the model for Prince Heinel. So the Garuda arc focused on Garuda's relationship with his "mother" Oreana who transferred her brain into a gigantic statue and programmed Garuda with false memories. In this arc, Garuda was assisted by robotic androids who were living wall decorations. I thought that for Garuda, he was a pretty menacing villain while having a high level of overconfidence that this plan could defeat Combattler V yet tragic in a way because he never knew hew as a robot which he could have reciprocated Mia's feelings for him. He would be the basis for other characters like Prince Heinel, Prince Richter and Prince Sincline.

The second half of the show featured the ruler of Kyanbell, Empress Janera.

I really would say she is really one powerful witch who really gets pretty scary. I thought that she has gone more cruel than Ga…

Amy Jo Johnson: What Career She Could Have Gotten if MMPR Ended After One Season?

I was thinking of the reason that Amy Jo Johnson quit MMPR because she wanted to pursue better careers.  Just made me think what if MMPR didn't extend and it ended so soon like any Sentai season would end.  What could have she become during that time?  Just my iffy thoughts:

Aside from guest roles, lead roles and whatever, she could actually have been a swimsuit model for some time after MMPR.  Maybe she could have gotten another project with any Power Rangers co-stars like Jason David Frank in a totally different  project.

What if MMPR Ended at 40 Episodes as Planned?

Here's my hypothetical view of what Power Rangers could have been if Toei didn't allow Saban to extend further and made him follow Sentai standards.  Now it's time to present my hypothesis on what would have happened.  So what if Toei didn't make Zyu2 as requested and Saban ended up having some other money making plan with Toei.  So what would have happened?  First I assume the cast will just immediately disperse and two, seek their own careers.  Maybe Thuy Trang may find a much better paying career but sadly her life came to a sudden end at the young age of 27.

I don't even think Lord Zedd would exist and if he did, he would have been ported straight into a Dairanger adaptation without being linked to Rita or two, if it were a Zordon arc, Zordon would start choosing new rangers per season.  Saban would also start recruiting new scouts for the Dairanger adaptation and it would have never suffered that plot erosion.  I had my thoughts that while Lord Zedd and Rita …

Kimberly Hart- My Top Reason to Watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in the Past?

Well I guess it's time for another guilty pleasure confession and I would admit this- I may have been more of a Super Sentai fan and two, I didn't know much about Power Rangers being a licensed adaptation by Saban but boy I had one guilty pleasure back then.  That guilty pleasure was none other than Kimberly Hart of Power Rangers, the main reason I would say I stuck through the corny world of Power Rangers.  I would consider this pretty stupid but I'd write about it.

Well I would think about it that watching MMPR had some up and down effects on me.  One, I really was drifting away from reality that time as a kid in a troubled environment and I was as naughty as Takeru was as a kid in Maskman.  Just almost everything about her was getting to me from her pretty face to her sexy body to her nice skin accompanied by that aura of innocence which attracted me away from my other Henshin infatuations like Momoko and Hikaru.  The actress was also pretty great herself but not real…

Just Finished Watching Dairugger XV

I've finally finished watching Dairugger XV and I don't want to rewatch Vehicle Voltron. American adaptations of Japanese shows in the 80s-90s were really sucky to keep cutting out character deaths from the plot when they can always kill a person, without having to show the brutality. The whole story of Dairugger XV also differentiates itself from Vehicle Voltron as:
It is not connected to Golion in any way. In Golion, Earth was destroyed in the year 1999 by a thermonuclear war against itself and Dairugger takes place in the year 2200. This also means Mutsu isn't Shorty's brother because they take place in different continuities.The Galaxy Garrison was only in Dairugger XV.At first Dairugger was a space exploration robot but was given combat weapons to defend itself. Later, they end up discovering about the Galveston (Drules) and it becomes a random conflict while other members of Galveston want peace while others want war. It's like the Brahms in Daimos. This also…

Gia Moran- My Reason to Watch Megaforce

Well here's my reason to watch Megaforce.  Hee hee, I'm really acting like I'm 8 when I'm 28 with this one.  Just my thoughts on the actress Ciara Hanna and her role as Gia.  As Gia she seems to be the Mary Sue character but fortunately, some character flaws prevent her from that.  I mean, there are real life characters who seem perfect but aren't.  Just reminded me of my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson and is also pretty smart (but not that smart, fortunately). She appears to be pretty serious, tough but at least she's got a soft side.

She and Emma are best friends forever.  On the actresses, Ciara Hanna is better.  Christina Masterson tends to overact at times but fortunately, not annoying.  Just had my thoughts that she and Emma tend to balance each other out as best friends forever.  While I do have a certain attraction to Emma but Gia is the one that catches my attention more.

Well there's a ship battle though I don't think a love dodehedron…

Ranting on the First Half of Megaforce

Well Power Rangers Megaforce has finished its first half with Goseiger footage, now it will move forward to Goseiger footage.  Here's what I think:

First the cast, it's better than Power Rangers Samurai.  I would say I like the cast, none of them annoys me even with some problems like Christina Masterson's being "overly cheery" in this one. Now for one problem which I think needs real fixing:

For Troy, he's more eye candy than real material.  I mean, he's almost like a robot meaning he's pretty boring with emotions.  He really is what I'd call "robotic" and Andrew Gray the actor needs acting classes if he expects to improve beyond Power Rangers.  I just thought that he's being treated more like eye candy than for real content's sake.  I just thought that he's okay but his being expressionless can create a problem.  Not that I find it annoying, it just falls down flat.

For Roboknight, another wasted character unlike his charac…

Movie Version of Thulsa Doom vs. Wrath-Amon: Who Wins?

It's time for a villain showdown and I would like to compare Wrath-Amon (who is based on Thoth-Amon in the Conan comics but nowhere near in personality) and do a comparative analysis.  Now let's see who wins this battle:

Now let's do a comparison between these guys. Both are reptilian sorcerers, second in command to their god Set but now let's see who really wins:


Thulsa Doom's origins are unclear except all we know is that he could be from the member of a lost civilization, a forgotten race.  He is most likely thousands of years old and is an expert sorcerer and warrior.

Wrath-Amon was once the gilla monster pet of the former high priest Ram-Amon.  With some of Ram-Amon's black magic, he became a cunning serpentman and took over.  He got the Black Ring and Set made him the new high priest in place of the more competent Ram-Amon.

Administrative style:

Thulsa Doom during his "younger years" was a ruthless warlord who went in search for steel to …

Review on Santa Claus: The Movie

Well it's time for another fun Santa Claus movie.  Well it's time to really look at how this story actually can be pretty messy but at the same time appealing.  It doesn't follow too much from Rankin/Bass' way of writing fiction either.  Now for the plot- it all starts when Claus and Anya are just mere human beings who deliver presents across the viking village.  So I guess life wasn't easy for them and they are quite old, they have no children.  I was thinking that part of the whole beginning manages to make them that they were always doign what they did in that village.  One day while trying to make a delivery and I'd say, Claus was pretty crazy when he was trying to make that delivery across the snowstorm with two reindeer (that will soon join the rest) and two, his wife could have died.  But in the midst of that, they awake in the North Pole where the magic kingdom exists led by the Vendequem who only prefer to be called elves.

So what happens next is pret…