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Should I Buy Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite?

I can say my relationship with Capcom is rocky at best. I haven't been so fond of how Capcom has been compromising its quality and making bad business decisions. My relationship with Marvel hasn't been good either in the recent times especially when DISNEY bought it. I admit, I tested out Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and I have to admit, "Don't these guys know how to take advantage of what innovation has to offer?" It's like I've played through other games that really know how to take advantage of what the digital age has to offer. Now it's time to discuss about Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite after I watched the Angry Joe reviews.
Okay, I have NOTHING against going back to the 2 vs. 2 fighting. Personally, I prefer the 2 vs. 2 because it's more focused. 3 vs. 3 was fun in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 but that game actually was more on the two player value. I also think that trying to avoid more cheesy tactics such as the Team Hyper Combo in favor of the Tag Combo syst…

The Role Of Set In Conan The Adventurer

I remembered watching Conan the Adventurer and the true main villain or Bigger Bad is Set. What was his role in Conan as the true main villain? While in the comics we didn't really have Conan battle the much more powerful Set but he appeared to face off the heroes in the cartoons. In the cartoon, he does follow some of the Marvel Comics' version of him where he resides in some dimension. But in the Marvel Comics, Set currently has seven heads while the cartoon portrays him to have only one.
The role of the serpent god in the cartoon is to serve as Wrath-Amon's god. He plays the role of the Bigger Bad while Wrath-Amon plays as the visible antagonist and Conan's personal enemy. Long ago he was banished into the Abyss by all the good wizards fro so long ago. However, his worship didn't die out as he even had somebody before Wrath-Amon namely Ram-Amon to serve the Snake Cult. For some reason he decided to let a lizard turned serpentman become his newest high priest in …

Conan The Adventurer's Ram-Amon Is A Demoted Thoth-Amon

I remembered seeing the Conan cartoons first and there was one episode that sort of popped unto me. It was the episode where Conan simply changed the way Wrath-Amon would be born. It was revealed that centuries before Wrath-Amon there was the wizard Ram-Amon. If anyone noticed, he looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

His design would remind you of Thoth-Amon's alternate costume. While Thoth-Amon wore ram horns in one of his costumes but other incarnations would have him wear a Pharaoh-like costume. So where are the similarities? They are both Set's entrusted high servants, they both possess the Black Ring of Set and they lost it.
Wrath-Amon as a gilla monster turned into a snakeman stole the Black Ring of Set from Thoth-Amon. For two hundred years (and how he survived was a result of some magic) we have Ram-Amon in the dungeons below his usurper. Yet, you can't underestimate Ram-Amon without the ring as he could still master a few spells to help him or he has a cunning mind. W…

Will Somebody Please Fan Sub Exceedraft?

Watching some classic Metal Hero series before they declined into the state of being too "kiddie" (with Kabutack and Robotack), I thought another series I want to try watching with subtitles is Exceedraft. Sailor Otaku has brought in a series that I originally didn't like as a child but like as an adult namely Solbrain as well as Winspector before it. But right now, Sailor Otaku is on hiatus (for probably very valid reasons) and there's not a single Exceedraft episode.

I just hope there'll be an Exceedraft fan sub for the older audience. =P

Super Mario Bros. Characters Are Like Looney Tunes Characters

I may not be playing new school Super Mario games anymore nor am I interested in spending my earnings on a Nintendo system (whether handheld or not) but I still want to recall the time I used to have a Nintendo system. I wrote about how the Super Mario cast are actors but now I could compare them to Looney Tunes' characters for this reason: it's close to impossible to create a Super Mario Bros. timeline.
Try to notice how events in the Super Mario games happen like with typical Looney Tunes' humor. When your character dies they die in a very cartoony way and yet they somehow survive. They stomp on enemies and they become flat as paper. There's also plots like Bowser falls down into the lava or hole for the Nth time but keeps surviving. Isn't that like how characters in Looney Tunes get blown up or fall into lava yet they keep surviving. You can think of Bowser's defeats like how Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd get defeated. You can think of the Super Mario Bros.…

Hiroshi Miyauchi Kicks Jason David Frank's Butt

Happy Birthday to the "greatest" ranger of all time... NOT!

I guess it's always going to be one question that some Power Rangers fans could throw at me. They might ask why I complain about Jason David Frank while not minding Hiroshi Miyauchi's multiple appearances. While it does sound stupid but I could talk about the huge difference: Miyauchi-san plays different characters while JDF is Tommy through and through. Tommy here, Tommy there and you get one overrated guy while there's other Power Rangers warriors who can kick his arrogant butt.

Miyauchi is Aoranger, Kamen Rider V3, Big One and Zubat and they are all different characters. He's always willing to step aside to make room for new legends. Winspector, Solbrain and Ohranger is where Miyauchi appears as a mentor and he steps aside for newer legends. In Ohranger, he doesn't do what Tommy does. Sure, he's amazing as Commander Miura and he alone could make JDF look like a baby. Making JDF the reason …

What Do Jason David Frank Fanboys And Hercule Fanboys Have In Common?

Today is Jason David Frank's birthday. Hurrah! Well I wanted to give a comparison between him and the fictional character Hercule or Mr. Satan as he's known in Japan. I remembered watching Dragon Ball Z back then and I still can't forget how Hercule makes the "grand entrance" as the "world champion". He even stole Gohan's victory against Cell and claimed himself as the world champion. The world has been having an impression he's their hero while the real heroes remain hidden. In short, he stole what's rightfully due to the champions of Dragon Ball Z.

How is Jason David Frank and his fans the same? JDF himself tends to brag how "great" Tommy is and you have fandoms who tend to have JDF as the only color of their spectrum. Want to say how great MMPR is? They use JDF never mind Burai's the real true badass legend who makes green with evil... well green with evil... with a really sinister laugh. Tommy's laugh was just f***ing …