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Examining Cobra Commander's Role in the G.I.Joe Movie

Ever since the Cobra Commander was replaced by Serpentor, the role of Megatron and Starscream was transferred from Cobra Commander and Destro to Serpentor and Cobra Commander.  Cobra Commander was an example of a huge villain decay since season two where he is gradually changed from an Osama bin Ladin type of character to a Yosemite Sam villain. 

So what's the big deal in the movie?  So at first he's leading the mission but accepting a bomb like a suicide bomber would probably to show himself better.  After the failed mission, he calls for retreat.  At the Terrordrome, he and his usurper Serpentor are having what I'd call a face off against each other.  But it gets rather silly when he calls Destro, Baroness, Tomax, Xamot and Dr. Mindbender as his "loyal subordinates" when they all conspired to replace him with the synthetic leader Serpentor.  So it just gets stupid.  He does however try to be subtle in trying to get rid of Serpentor not realizing Pythona had ar…