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Power Rangers Awards Part 2: Male Heroes

Well I don't really have much enthusiasm with Power Rangers these days realizing I still like Super Sentai more, however here's my list of hero awardees...

Mr. Badass goes to Tommy.  Nobody can deny he may be a normal human physically, he may not be as great as Burai but he still has his credentials.  If you ask me, there are times he gets to be nearly as tough as Takeru/Red Mask or in some way Riki/Red Turbo.  Like Banba, he is also pretty much a fighter.  Overall, he's still a legend but let's not overrate him shall we?

Mr. Eye Candy goes to Cole.  My thoughts?  Well he may be quite badass considering his awesome strength, however I won't dare put him in par with Tommy.  He could be like Ryou in terms of eye candy appeal to the viewers.  Sadly his actor was a douchebag whose appearance deteriorated thanks to his ugly inner self.

Mr. Best Scientific Mind goes to Billy Cranston.  No doubt about it.  I would say he was based on Dyna Blue from Dynaman but as an unba…

Power Rangers Awards Part 1: Power Rangers Heroines

I've done some Super Sentai awarding, I would also give some for Power Rangers too.  Let's keep going...

Most badass female goes to Trini Kwan.  Basically Trini is what I'd call you take Mika, bring her to America and let her stay an entire season and write her off in the next.  I would just say there hasn't been any more badass females after Trini left.  Sadly Thuy Trang had to leave us so soon but at least Mason didn't kill her actress with the Bio Killer Gun since the former is a real character and the latter is fiction.

Miss Eye Candy goes to Kimberly Hart.  She is after all that gorgeous and sexy.  Hee hee.  So gorgeous Skull and Lord Zedd (once) had a crush on her.  Lord Zedd even noted her beauty before he decided to destroy her as an obstacle to his plans and finding his true love in Rita.  I should say I just love her voice.  Her eye candy status in my mega crossover is pretty much she actually has entered into Radiguet's desired list of girls aside fr…

Now Here's an Updated Picture of Power Rangers Megaforce

Looks like it's confirmed that Power Rangers Megaforce will carry the teenagers with an attitude element of Liveman, Turboranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Megaranger.  So with the rumor of using some Megaranger elements into it, I wonder how it'll turn out. I'll just confess though that in my case, I'm just going to watch it for Ciara Hanna. =P

Proofs of Extreme Favoritism for Power Rangers

Well there's always those annoying PR extremists and here are some signs I can see...

They'll always make lies about Power Rangers and Super Sentai to make Super Sentai look bad and Power Rangers look good.  If Super Sentai extremists aren't the only ones who call Power Rangers as fake and what they like the real deal, the Power Rangers can do it too!  They can make up lies like Power Rangers came first (but closer analysis shows how splicing is done).  Such people exist from Rangerboard and they are just too much.  They call Power Rangers as fake and Super Sentai the real deal.  What is worse they already jump into conclusions most likely without really seeing Super Sentai.

Fantasy Leader shows his thoughts:
"Unfortunately, many people really don't care for Sentai to try and expand itself outside of Japan, saying that Power Rangers is more than enough. And on an even more extreme level, certain people on Rangerboard wish to make sure that Sentai stays in Japan and…

Power Rangers: The Obvious Splicing of Borrowed Footage

I gave a thought on Power Rangers lately and borrowing footage from Toei which one has to realize how you can see that it's clearly a licensed adaptation... with a few examples below:

First there's the voice of Rita Repulsa.  Her lips NEVER match her words when in the first season or the U.S. ordered Zyu2 footage because they were done by Japanese actress Soga Machiko.

One may consider the shift of quality between Tommy's costume as the Green Ranger in his own footages vs. those that borrowed from Burai in the Zyuranger series and the U.S. ordered Zyu2 costumes.  Not only that, it tends to get blurry during the splicing process for some weird reason.

As said, a careful look between Super Sentai and Power Rangers will tell us which came first.  So I do hope I'll shut the mouths of those annoying fanboys who can't accept the truth.

Jehan Frollo in Adaptational Villainy

I just gave a thought that while the novel Jehan Frollo was just a drunkard, movie adaptations have gone too far in deviation like turning Claude Frollo into the kind archdeacon while his drunkard brother becomes the sinister villain of the story. Here's some that can be noticed...

Several versions of Jehan on film had him the evil Judge of Paris, the brother of the Archdeacon Claude Frollo (hence, I'm even surprised Disney didn't use the name Jehan for Judge Frollo and chose to use Claude instead) who develops lustful feelings for Esmeralda.   Such inspired the creation of Judge Claude Frollo to who I thought should have been named Jehan.  Cedric Hardwicke was perhaps the best Jehan adaptational villainy.

Later there's a more bizarre twist- the Secret of the Hunchback did something to Jehan- he was changed itn a sinister sheriff while still maintaining him being Archdeacon Claude's brother.  In here, Archdeacon Claude again was a good guy who pitied Quasimodo.  Wh…

Seriously is this the Best Capcom Can Come up with Megaman?!

I just thought here's what would appear to be a free Megaman game called Street Fighter x Megaman which will have the 8-bit NES feel.  I wonder if this is a good sign or not.  Here's a preview:

Seriously this doesn't look much to me.  I just thought of it that maybe Megaman should be used in crossovers or maybe made a special character in any future installment of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers or any crossover game.  I don't know what to think of this?!


Disney's Pedophile Villains

In Disney, there were some villains who were pedophiles who usually targeted girls young enough to be their daughters.  Here they are...

Jafar- I just thought of Jafar's attempts to marry the young Princess Jasmine so he could succeed, also he had lusted after her.  Most likely, he was in his late 40s or early 50s while Jasmine was a teenage princess (16 years old to be precise if I can remember).  The Sultan mentions he is "too old" to which is indeed true.  I could compare this pedophilia to Daimos' Olban's desire for Erika or to Cromwell's desire for Alana in Sword and the Sorcerer.

Scar- He would be included IF the bizarre song "The Madness of King Scar" would have been added.  The musical had it so he's in.  What is bizarre is that he later hits on Nala who had fully grown and desired her for his queen thus creating a love triangle between him and his nephew Simba whom he usurped.  Seriously family feuds are just that disgusting.

Claude Fro…