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Just A Little Bit of WMG: The Dear John Letter

I remembered growing up and watching Power Rangers not really understanding why cast members left, I even had my hopes Amy Jo Johnson would return on the set.  In Zeo, I thought she would return on the set but sigh, that STUPID Dear John Letter which was very OOC of Kimberly to do happened.  To be honest, that incident led me to write that rather disturbing even that her character got raped behind the scenes in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers by Radiguet my big bad who's now lusting after ladies.  So here's been my theories surrounding the Dear John letter:

1.) Amy Jo Johnson was considered the "eye candy" of the series but as her contract had expired, well yeah... so rather than renew it she chose to leave the set so she could explore other opportunities beyond Power Rangers which I think career-wise is a good decision.  So I guess the writers with Zeo were trying to get even with her or what by making her character look bad off-screen.

2.) The arrival of Kat Hillar…

The Killer Instinct Game and Development Hell?

Killer Instinct, one of those great games in the 90s that was produced by Rare and published by Nintendo and it also had ties with Midway.  Two great games were produced namely Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct II, sadly the home systems were hardly near to the arcade goodness as the SNES was only 16-bit and the N64 didn't have as much power.  Rare is currently under Microsoft after it ended its partnership with Nintendo.  So what could have caused Killer Instinct not to have a third installment?  Puzzles me really on why a third game was never developed and it's been at least 17 years or more!  Only if Rare can release an official word on why Killer Instinct 3 never happened.  One of the worst things is that we'll never know the outcome of Gargos' demise as well.  Sad.  I thought the game had that much potential but sadly, everything went down just like the Conan: Crown of Iron movie.

So Even Gods Die in Mortal Kombat and Get Reincarnated?

In Mortal Kombat like every mythology, even the gods die.  In Norse Mythology, Balder was killed by Loki via Hodur who was tricked into firing an arrow of mistletoe wood and Ragnarok is the destruction of the old gods in the favor of new gods.  In Greek Mythology, Zeus killed his own father Cronus.  In Marvel Comics, both Zeus and Odin have died.  Not surprisingly, Mortal Kombat affirms even the impermanence of things have reached even the gods.  As the Buddha would cite impermanence as a part of life, even the gods are not spared from it though they have souls themselves.  In Mortal Kombat 4, it is mentioned a lot of gods were slaughtered during Shinnok's onslaught.  In Mortal Kombat Armageddon's outcome, Raiden was killed by Shao Kahn who was now infused by godlike might (due to Taven's quest gone wrong that made everybody more powerful).  Even some are reborn into mortals and mortals into gods.  In fact, Noob Saibot who was once Kuai Liang had been in his non-canon endi…

Lest Shao Kahn Face the Judgment of the Elder Gods!

I had my thoughts on what did it take long for Mortal Kombat fans to figure out that Shao Kahn's defeat can only be done if he merges Earthrealm with Outworld without taking it in ten Mortal Kombat victories?  Sure he has secured various realms in 10 Mortal Kombat tourmanent victories but soon enough he got bored, he decided to do an invasion out of his impatience.  What was realized was that by beating him then, they only halted his victory temporarily.

In Mortal Kombat 2011, what was later revealed was that in order to prevent Armageddon, Shao Kahn must win without the necessary victories because as said to those who attempt to merge the realms in victory without the necessary Mortal Kombat will face the judgment of the Elder Gods.  Shao Kahn is pretty much arrogant in his claim, "Today I have become the Elder God."  He acts as if the Elder Gods appointed him as king of the universe then he claims to have become the ruler of the Universe?  Well pretty much serves him…

If I Were to Make a Killer Instinct "Clone" Based on Some Capcom Characters

This was just my crazy idea of making a Killer Instinct clone (sigh what happened to that franchise?!) here's probably my crossover game with a Killer Instinct story:

Umbrella Corporation, perhaps the most sinister company ever has been holding a new tournament called the "Lethal Hazard" tournament where the only rules against the opponent is to win- do whatever it takes to win.  To prove their superiority, they have even gone as crazy as to invite even supernatural beings to compete.  In their trump card is where they have made a Faustian pact with the Ashtaroth.

Characters and their non-canon biography:

Jill Valentine- Agent of STARS.  Always an enemy of Umbrella, Jill seeks to destroy the very combany that had seriously altered her appearance.  The backside of this was that now she has the ability to summon the undead to her bidding!  Wanting that none may suffer her hate, she enters the tournament!

Strider Hiryu- After defeating the Grand Master, Ultratech becomes ano…