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Is Liu Kang A Mascot For Mortal Kombat?

Although Ed Boon's favoritism for Scorpion is as obvious as my favoritism for Liu Kang - I could really not help but notice how the latter still does have a spot for Mortal Kombat as an important character. After they supposedly "killed him off" during Deadly Alliance, he was returned during Mortal Kombat Deception. Now I'd like to talk on how he was developed in both the original incarnation of Mortal Kombat and the series' reincarnation. So what really happened?

During the first game, he was practically just another character. But in later series, he really does play the important part as one of the main protagonists. But aside from that, one can really notice the following changes in the character as the series went by. He was having the use of dragons in some of his moves. For instance, his trademark move is the Flying Dragon Kick taken from the late Bruce Lee. But later, even when he became a Chinese version of Street Fighter's Ryu, dragons just kept ge…

The Cute Characters Of Akazukin Cha Cha

Well here's the cute characters of Akazukin Cha Cha. Cha Cha is a cute character, there's also Orin and Riiya (in his wolf form). 
I always thought it's funny how Cha Cha and Orin both look alike even if well... the show doesn't give a single hint they're related. How Orin is a blonde ninja was never explained whether or not her mother is a white woman or she just dyed her hair. Considering that Cha Cha and Orin belong to the same class, I think Orin is just too short for her age (well the cast graduated in the middle of the show) or two, she's a gifted child that has managed to skip several levels in Urara. As for Cha Cha as a cute character, she doesn't look like a a person who's about to enter Middle School.

Dream Character: The Daughter Of Leonard And Cassie Jean

Although I'm not all that keen as a Baywatch viewer but I just thought of this imaginary character. Okay maybe I can't imagine Pamela Anderson in her current state replaying the character (she looks more of a disfigured doll now). But I just wanted to have fun and imagine the daughter of Leonard and Cassie Jean played by post-Nickelodeon girl Gracie Dzienny. I'll name this imagined character as Pamela Denise after the actress.

What's her biography? Both Leonard and Cassie had a daughter who had inherited much of her mother's good looks but not her free spirit. At first, she has no interest to be a lifeguard and instead she starts living a more normal life where she did some part time modeling job. During the team she and her parents went to the beach, she meets the son of Cody Madison named David. Cody who was her mother's ex-boyfriend got married to some unidentified character meets her and falls for her. Pamela also shares the same attraction and thus she beg…

So Stage Fatalities Are Returning To Mortal Kombat X?

So the Pit is returning in Mortal Kombat X and from the looks of it, it's going to be an actual Stage Fatality instead of a Stage Brutality. I just had a thought if they're planning to patch things up and maximize the power of the Playstation 4/X-Box One, they could actually have tried to integrate it into as a brutality instead so we can get the Killer Instinct effect. I mean, Mortal Kombat did copy some stuff from Killer Instinct like well, the Brutalities in MKX end up like Ultra Combos, Onaga is also partly Gargos (MK Deception) and the Brutalities back in Ultimate MK3/MK Trilogy right?

Considering I haven't had the PS4 and the game, maybe I'm on the winning side with Mortal Kombat XL which is the "Komplete Edition". The backgrounds though follow MK2's stage design but ends up having the spike impalement finish. My theory behind why the Pit II finish wasn't added into the reboot was that it wasn't all that popular. It could have been cool to …

Remembering The Akazukin Cha Cha Anime Series

One of the Anime serise I tend to have fond memories is Akazukin Cha Cha which was a series filled with so much cute characters. The whole story focuses on Cha Cha who wears a red hood (hence the title "Akazukin Cha Cha") which ends up as a magical comedy. Some stuff got changed over the dub like Cha Cha's spells fumble because of the pronunciation (English and Japanese are very different languages), which were lost in translation, some name changes but not too much to think about.

I always thought the series was really just full of cute characters. Cha Cha's pretty cute, Shiene is also pretty cute (he freaking looks like... your Anime version of Rockman/Megaman), Riiya becomes a cute white wolf puppy which is frequently mistaken for a dog) and my favorite cute character is Orin the ninja. The show isn't without its other comic relief characters like Marin (who lusts after Riiya and gets into trouble with Cha Cha because of it) and Yakko who has a crush on Serav…

Congratulations To Kimberly For Being Top One Spot For 20 Hottest Power Rangers Babes!

From The Richest's pick for The 20 Power Rangers Hot Babes, well I'm glad that unlike Mojo's Top Ten Power Rangers girls, Kimberly got the first top spot which I think she deserves. So it's predictable if I started making a Top 20 list of Super Sentai and Power Rangers girls, I think she's still on top. On the other hand, there are still other worthy contenders to that title such as Jasmine, Nanami, Mako and Rin which everyone else is going to show me something different.

Here's what "The Richest" has to say about her:

Sometimes Frieza Reminds Me Of Me?!

After having some self-examination, I do hate to admit it what while I favorite Dragon Ball Z character is VEGETA (and me and him have ego and temper issues) but I am also reminded of Frieza in some ways. I used to get the remark that I am acting like Frieza towards others especially with how easily annoyed I am by even the slightest remark or disagreement, that I simply have the inner desire to finish anyone off who pisses me off... in fact, there's something in me that says, "You want to kill yourself because you refuse to follow rules, go ahead!"

During the scene he horribly blew up Planet Vegeta, it just reminded me I wanted to blow up an entire organization for the offense of one person. I said that I would be laughing while they blow up, seeing them wiped out and I would probably be so happy to see them die from the face of the Earth. So really... I always thought his approach in life still disturbs me especially I'm just okay with ending people's lives ju…

Hera And Ares: Mother And Son Villainy In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

While watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, it was easy to see two enemies of Hercules namely his stepmother Hera and his half-brother Ares (son of his father Zeus and his stepmother Hera). I thought of how these two were carried out.

Hera first appeared to be only heard or only appeared as a green-eyed apparition which never happened in the myths. Unless of course, you'd want to interpret it that Hera herself appeared as two eyes watching over Zeus' affairs. A lot of Zeus' misdeeds were attributed to her during the whole series' run such as separating Echidna from her husband or trying to reclaim fire from mortals. What was interesting also was that as time passed, her significance in the series was soon diminished in favor of Ares. Only after four seasons did Hera appear in her true form, played by Meg Foster. I wish that Foster herself played the part of Hera all throughout the series as she can play the mentally unstable, sharp-tongued, mean-spirited goddess! …

Eto Ranger's Enigmatic Bigger Bad Bagi

Eto Ranger at first presented Nyanma as the "main villain" but later, she turns out to be nothing more than an underling. For some reason, Japanese entertainment has a habit of not immediately revealing the Bigger Bad in some seasons. In Sun Vulcan, it's later revealed that Hell Saturn is controlled by the literal brain of Black Magma known as the Black Sun God. In Power Rangers SPD, you had Emperor Grumm controlled by Omni. In Eto Ranger, Nyanma was controlled by Bagi who's apparently a she due to her voice actress. The show seems to be ambiguous about Bagi's gender though I have the stand, Bagi is a woman.

Jun Kazama And The Purity Of Her Soul...

I could blah all I want that one of my video game crushes as a child was Jun Kazama. But one thing was certain, there's more than that pretty face. She was really that pure soul that appeared canonically in Tekken 2 while she would get some exposure in the spinoff Tekken Tag series. She's revealed to be some kind of spiritual character where she sensed Kazuya's evil resulting to the desire to save him.

During the events of Tekken 2, Kazuya had become the obvious evil. For some reason, Jun was drawn to him mysteriously. She wanted to save whatever good was in Kazuya which may dismiss the whole "Kazuya raped Jun". Little was known of Jun as she was a mysterious woman and when or how she and Kazuya conceived Jin Kazama was unknown. It's probably possible that if she wasn't raped, she had fallen for Kazuya (and vice versa) leading to them getting intimate creating the Angel character.