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Did Judd Lynn Originally Intend Queen Bansheera To Be Minus Energy?

I thought Judd Lynn himself was always trying to be a little more serious than usual though it wasn't really the case in Time Force. Lightspeed Rescue may not be as serious as GoGoFive due to censorship reasons (ex. You can't have all that blood from GoGoFive making it into the series) but you can't deny it had some plots that may have scared people. One of them would involve Vypra's undignified demise, Bansheera making her minions kill each other and there's one plot that could have been added namely Grandienne's identity as negative energy itself.

It's possible that Lynn himself wanted to port a little more footage namely Grandienne's final form as a malevolent spirit. It would have been nice to see a bit of Jinxer finding out that Bansheera is no longer limited to her whole body. Now Bansheera is negative energy incarnate where she would son revive her son Prince Olympius and her servant Diabolico as destruction gods. I would think that making Bansh…

What I Think Of Casting Emma Watson As Belle

I thought about "What took it so long for Disney to have a Beauty and the Beast live action film?" I was pretty much irritated by how Disney went downhill with how Power Rangers ended up getting worse under their run (not that it hasn't gotten worse after Mr. Krabs got the rights back either), so I want to give some thoughts on Emma Watson as Belle. So maybe, she's not really that pretty for me but casting a British woman as the French woman Belle would probably make more sense. 
While I wouldn't call her the "most beautiful woman ever" (and that's always an exaggeration) but playing Belle might work. She's got the appearance and she's European. Belle is European and she's got brown hair. She's not exactly all that pretty but I think she'll do. I'm not a fan of her but I'd like to see the live version of the movie myself.

I Won't Consider Myself A Power Rangers Fan...

I can always say that I usually choose not to watch Power Rangers because I don't really like it as much as Super Sentai. Back as a child, I enjoyed watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I watched it like every other child. I still remember my crush on Kimberly and how much I collected items like her trading cards and stickers. I didn't care how stupid it felt but I did it anyway. But there was always something that came in between. I would say that something in between was Super Sentai and other Japanese Tokusatsu shows.

It's certain that I was also watching Super Sentai (without knowing the term back then) as well as Kamen Rider Black, Shaider and Gavan. I just called it "The original Japanese Power Rangers." I just wondered why in the world there were Mighty Morphin' stickers with Japanese characters unaware of the existence of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. I remembered Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman as part of the pre-Zyuranger Super S…

Kamen Rider Black And My Problem With Shadow Moon

I may be a fan of Kamen Rider Black, it's my very first Kamen Rider before I saw more Showa era Kamen Riders. I have seen Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider Kuuga and soon I'll be done with Kamen Rider Ghost. Next, I'll be watching Kamen Rider EX-AID (which I feel will usurp Zyuohger in my eyes). But I'll discuss about Shadow Moon. Sure he was a cool concept but he wasn't fully used. It was nice to think that, "DUNDUNDUN! We've got the very first evil Kamen Rider!" I agree but there's one thing I thought went wrong with him.

Okay, the whole awakening of Shadow Moon was badass. The three Gorgom high priests were going to get their cool upgrades. They were going to be more active after getting fed up with hiding in the shadows for so long. Then we have Shadow Moon awakening... he takes the Satan Saber and shows he's a powerful threat. Aside from Bilgenia's sudden demise (to show how powerful Shadow Moon is) but he doesn't really show how much…

Is Sarah/Ninja Steel Pink The New Kimberly?

Yes, we're having another short pink ranger no questions asked. It's too early to actually comment on it since Ninja Steel hasn't even started. I'm already having my series of early biases for and against it. It's just like when Dino Charge came out, I already had biases against it because I really freaking didn't like Kyoryuger. I also freaking didn't like Ninja Steel. Power Rangers' splitting into two seasons is a horrible idea. I hope they fix that mistake.
I'd like to talk about one thing: it's about trying to redo Kimberly. Power Rangers Megaforce tried to redo her but failed due to Jonathan Tzachor. I always felt that Kimberly's concept can be redone right or wrong depending on who's in charge. Yasuko Kobayashi was able to do her own version of Kimberly with Mako. Tzachor wasted an entire cast that could have done something good. Looking at the Megaforce cast outside their show, they're far more different than they were in-sho…

The Possible Reason Why Motaro Was Greatly Reduced To Just A Cameo In Mortal Kombat (2011)

I remembered back then the frustration of fighting Motaro. He's a huge Centaur making him the most irregularly shaped fighter for the game. It was something new to have him as a non-playable character (except for Mortal Kombat Trilogy) and he was probably the hardest character to defeat. He couldn't be harmed by projectiles where they automatically bounce back at the opponent. He was an irregularly shaped fighter so by Armageddon, they turned him into a Minotaur. A lot of his attributes like immunity to throws and projectiles got removed for a reason. I guess they wanted fans the chance to have their revenge on him. 
Mortal Kombat (2011) was a 2.5D fighting game not a 3D fighting game. Motaro could have been integrated as a non-playable character in Arcade Mode. Why I think he wasn't included was because of his shape. The X-Ray moves were meant to hit humanoid characters and a lot of them were impossible to implement on him. They could have made him a special and unique b…

I Dropped Solbrain As A Kid But Got Hooked With Janperson As A Teenager

It's no secret that Sailor Otaku is subbing Solbrain after it finished Winspector. Winspector was pretty epic IMO and I really had something different. GoGoFive's a good Super Sentai series but there are times watching Metal Hero or Kamen Rider can be a better treat. I could talk about my experience of actually dropping Solbrain as a kid.

Maybe I was around 9-11 when it happened. Solbrain was "too hard" for me to understand. There was no main villain (but a recurring villain was coming soon), I didn't get the action I wanted... it was more of a rescue version of Rescue 9/11. I didn't particularly like it and dropped it as a child. I find that funny because as an adult, I ended up liking the show but I didn't like it as a child. I just thought it was an odd show.

So why do I find it weird that I got hooked with Janperson? I wasn't really a fan of the Robocop TV series. Janperson was Robocop reimagined for the Japanese audience without the human factor …

The Living Forest In Mortal Kombat

According to Mortal Kombat (2011), the living forest eats unsuspecting travelers who go too near to the trees. The non-canon Mortal Kombat Malibu comics didn't really explore too much on them but it was said they were once the Laughing Forest. This place may have existed after Shao Kahn supposedly merged one realm with Outworld. It's possible that he lost his troops sending them there though in the Story Mode, it's seen that some characters were able to venture there without getting eaten alive. Smoke and Jade were seen in Mortal Kombat II where they hide behind one of the trees. Later, a hidden fight with an unplayable version of Smoke was possible in Mortal Kombat (2011).
Back in Mortal Kombat II, it was a rumored fatality that never came to be. The stage evolved further in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold but a fatality was never added. Mortal Kombat Deception came up with the worst design for the living forest... EVER. There was even no death trap associated with it. I felt that …

Is Cable's The Biggest Reason Why The Marvel Universe Is Screwed Up?!

Do you think why the Marvel Universe got messed up? Well look no further than one person where I want to blame it on namely Cable. The origins of Cable can be so confusing so what could have happened before he meddled? There's a lot of stuff that we could talk about Cable's past and how everything ends up to be so... well complicated no thanks to him.
Cable started out as the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (the Jean Grey clone) so how in the world did he start the mess? It wasn't always that way. He started out as the son that Madelyne dubbed as Nathan for his first name as a subconscious suggestion by her "father" Mr. Sinister. Madelyne was grown to be an experiment for some number of years but even in her puberty, she never developed any of Jean's powers. But one day while she was unconscious, part of Jean gave her life and she more or less was made a real person or not. Mr. Sinister lost Jean Grey but earned a nearly perfect replica of her when the Pho…

Angry Rant: Power Rangers Ain't About Tommy!

As a child, I used to like Tommy a lot. Maybe it was because of how "cool" I thought he was or was it because of the Tommy/Kimberly ship that Dougie Boy sank for no good reason? That letter is best known as Doug Sloan forged Kimberly's signature into it! Okay, be ready for a lot of my personal biases because I'm mostly neutral with Power Rangers. But there are good Power Rangers seasons, there are some good actors who can really do what they do like Mike Chaturantabut is an accomplished martial artist or that Amy Jo Johnson plays a good Kimberly. But let's focus on Tommy who's nothing more than an overrated, self-glorified character like Hercule in Dragon Ball Z. Plus, Jason David Frank isn't really pleasing anymore either.

So what's my issues with Tommy? I would talk more about the post-Zeo era. Power Rangers managed to create some decent seasons. During Wild Force's "Forever Red", it bothers me why Tommy and not Jason was the leader. …