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Why Serpentor Sucked as Cobra's New Leader in the Cartoon

Well Serpentor was definitely a cooler leader than Cobra Commander was in the comics series, however the cartoon Serpentor is very OOC in contrast to the comics version.  So what's with this guy?  So okay Dr. Mindbender began gathering the DNA of many of the most powerful dictators but he failed to get Sun Tzu's DNA.  Using Sgt. Slaughter's DNA had a negative result which made Serpentor more prone to foolish decisions and two, he was just about everything insane.  Sheesh, only if Dr. Mindbender used Mao Zedong's DNA as a replacement, his synthetic emperor could have worked better.  I'd like to say he really is really is very arrogant and thinks he's perfect.

So yeah, it's always "This I command." and more of his temper gets the best of him.  In fact, the first act of him as a sentient being was to fight Sgt. Slaughter who he has some DNA used.  Worse, he chose to fight Sgt. Slaughter head on and even bashed Destro and Dr. Mindbender in the proce…

A Rundown Review and Rant on MMPR and Comparing it to Zyuranger, Dairanger and Kakuranger

So yeah, I've heard Power Rangers will have its DVD copy.  So I guess every 90s kid who watched it and still wants to should try to seize it ASAP.  However I'd also like to make some good and bad, two or more sided comparisons.  So yeah here's the rundown on MMPR... and these were the works of Noboru Sugimara used in here.

Season 1: 

Any kid may not notice so clearly the footage splicing done in MMPR with Japanese footage from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  Nobody really knows what show it was supposed to be adapted from or how long Saban has negotiated with Toei with payments and what show.  Maybe Toei allowed Zyuranger to be used due to Jurassic Park's popularity... moving on...

So yeah, we are introduced to a story MUCH different from Zyuranger though Zyuranger footage was used like Barza as Zordon's flashbacks, even Goushi's battle with Dora Knight was used in one episode.  I thought that the change from ancient warriors to teenagers with attitude (similar to Tur…

That Silly Justice Friends Segment of Dexter's Laboratory

Yup here's the Justice Friends where you'll see some parody of the Avengers and the Justice League while combining various characters together.  Here's what you might find:

Major Glory is obviously a parody of Superman and Captain America
Val Hallen is a pun on Valhalla, the rock star Van Hallen and Thor
Crunk is a parody on Hulk
White Tiger is a parody of Black Panther
Phan Tone is a parody of Vision
Miss Pell is a parody of Scarlet Witch
Sam-U-Rai is a parody of Silver Samurai (strangely Silver Samurai is a villain)
Ratman is a Parody of Batman
Commander is a parody of Nick Fury (but stuck on TV)
Snowman is a parody of Iceman
Global Security is a parody of SHIELD

Yeah pretty much a combination of Marvel/DC here.

The Injustice Squad is obviously a parody of the Masters of Evil with the following namely and it seems they are born only from the Marvel characters:

Comrade Red is a parody of Baron Zemo, one of the many leaders of the Masters of Evil
Death Hellen is a parody …

Why I Think Kimberly Hart is the Most Overrated Henshin Hottie Ever

Yup I would like to say Kimberly Hart is probably the most overrated Henshin Hottie.  For me I am in the boat of overrating her and here's my reasons...

Yup I'll admit she was a rare beauty... she had that sweet, childlike pretty face and a sexy body with nice skin quality.  Well for one, I was thinking her beauty may have even beaten every over Henshin Hottie before her and maybe after her.  In fact, I didn't find Jayme Betcher (who retired so shortly after her only role) in Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad (which the title is so erroneous) all that hot.  I would probably say that I was considering her the hottest Toku girl ever for her time!

For the Amy Jo Johnson comparison to Reiko Chiba and Natsuki Takahashi, they're all gorgeous in their own respects but it seems Kimberly catches more attention.  I think most of the fanmade comment of Reiko Chiba or Natsuki Takahashi being hotter is either personal preference or unfair prejudice towards Power Rangers.  And of cour…

Wishful Thinking: Who I Wished as Poison Ivy in the Batman Film

I was watching that horrible Batman and Robin film and I thought about the worst fact of the movie was how she was executed.  I would address the movie's version which for me was just plain horrible.

I didn't think Uma Thurman was even a good choice for the movie.  While I didn't complain too much of the plot but the actress herself for me wasn't adequate.  I don't even find Uma Thurman's appeal to be the type that I want to kiss me to my death as a mercy killing.  IMO, the actress just felt super duper flat when it came to the role of the seductive Poison Ivy.

Call me crazy but I personally think Amy Jo Johnson should have been Poison Ivy.  She's prettier, sexier and a better actress.  I always wanted to imagine her as Poison Ivy for the film.  She can talk pretty sexy if you ask me!  Her acting as Kimberly would have trained her already for that part.

Elements Mortal Kombat 2011 Borrowed From Other Games

Well I just thought that there's really "no patent" for some systems.  Here are just some stuff you have to consider were taken from other games:

1.) The fighting system by default takes it away from Tekken in some way.  The idea that the block button is still used is taken from Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur.  The whole button for each limb system seems to follow from Tekken while still keeping jump physics in par with Mortal Kombat.

2.) The combo breaker which was added from Mortal Kombat Deception which came from Killer Instinct.  This can only be done only at level two of the Super Bar.

3.) The Super Bar concept was taken from Capcom's fighting games.  However the super meter moves more like that of Street Fighter Alpha.  You have some enhanced moves which were taken from Street Fighter III.

4.) Character designs.  Obviously Sonya Blade copies much of her appearance from Nina Williams and Sarah Bryant.  Liu Kang well he's Ryu inspired aside from Bruce Lee i…

Why I Like Megaforce Better than Samurai

Okay this might be a very biased post for some but here's just what I think- Megaforce is better than Samurai and here's why...

Much better cast.  PR Samurai was pretty wooden, really and I dunno what or who to blame for what happened behind the scenes.  I mean, PR Samurai was virtually stiff.  I would also like to credit the fact that these guys really put real effort.  Outstanding?  Nah but you got to admit the cast had a way better acting credit.  True the story is hurriedly done but at least there's some uniqueness compared to Power Rangers Samurai that literally messed up an otherwise cool show, but still Power Rangers Samurai should be credited for fueling me with silly ideas I love to do.

I just have to admit these guys in some way fuel my delusions for the Super Sentai x Nickelodeon crossover though Power Rangers and other Tokusatsu outside Super Sentai will only be referenced.

On the shallow side, I watch it for these two girls Christina Masterson and Ciara Hanna.…

If I Could Make a Conan the Adventurer Remake

Well here's my wild idea of a Conan the Adventurer remake.  Well I'll have it live instead of animated.  Well it'll have a higher rating considering Conan really kills somebody here.

I would make Andrew Gray my Conan.  After Power Rangers, he can become the new Conan.  So let his hair grow long (or let him wear a wig), let him carry a sword and let him become Conan the Adventurer.  Well furry underwear, a sword and a wig... and maybe some practice he'll start kicking ass. I might give him some "divine origin" as well.  In this story, Conan is said that he will become king.

Maybe I'll make Christina Masterson the leading lady.  She has that Asian look which might be useful for the role of Jezmine.  It could make a hot item between Andrew Gray and Christina Masterson.  Or let Ciara Hanna fill in the role as well.  Or let her be a princess who is infatuated with Conan.

Ciara Hanna might be another option for the leading lady.  Hmmm Valeria anyone?  Not rea…

That Skull To Kimberly Attraction

In Power Rangers, this was one issue that went from funny to plain disgusting that was namely Skull's attraction to Kimberly.  It was funny but it turned sour or senseless though I'll have to admit this became the inspiration of my Spike and Rin Takanashi jokes.  I thought that this gag ran for quite some time until Amy Jo Johnson leftt he show for personal reasons.  So what did I think about it?  It was really annoying, Bulk and Skull have ZERO contribution to plot except if they are captured and it was plain annoying.  I was a Tommy/Kimberly fan which made me dislike this idea in the first place.  I thought that the attraction was freaky to gross.  In fact, I even didn't like the episode where Kimberly got drugged and fell in love with Skull while under a trance- that was just plain yucky for me.  But at the same time, it had its funny moments as well.

This idea was later carried over in Power Rangers Samurai with Spike himself.  Spike was however in love with the Pink …

Vision and Scarlet Witch's Relationship

The oddest male/female pairing in Marvel has to be that of the Vision and Scarlet Witch for this reason- it's a human and a robot.  So actually Wanda was probably falling in love with the Vision because he had the mindset of Wonder Man who was in love with the Scarlet Witch and vice-versa.  This of course was objected by Pietro because it was "unnatural" which of course it is.  I even find this entire relationship odd.

It came to a point they eventually even got married.  So the problem was they can't have children which resulted to the Scarlet Witch using the Hex energies of the Salem Seven to try and get herself pregnant. Then she was confirmed to be pregnant.  Of course Toad tried to retrieve her but eventually found her disgusting after seeing her unusual belly because she was pregnant with twins.

So all's well that ends well right?  Wrong.  Later, we do realize that Scarlet Witch gave birth but the children were magical constructs who at some time ceased to …