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I've Finished Watching Metalder And I'm Given More Reasons Not To Like VR Troopers

After watching Metalder and I personally enjoyed it, I wished it had more episodes because of its unique style of doing Tokusatsu. It's pretty much apples and oranges and I haven't seen Spielban yet (but I have certainly seen Shaider to comment) but I could talk about what VR Troopers lacked. It was also that time when Saban and Toei attempted to localize a lot of shows but had to stop. So what's with VR Troopers against Metalder? It proved that quantity doesn't always make quality. Metalder only had 39 episodes but it certainly was worth it. I guess Toei got too ambitious with Metalder and ran out of budget as a result. After all, they had Maskman and later Kamen Rider Black to handle that year. Metalder was aired first followed by Maskman and Kamen Rider Black which were did special effects and action scenes ahead of their time.

Emperor God Neros was truly terrifying over that stupid Grimlord. I think God Neros' transformation was truly more terrifying for a 198…

Ninja Steel And The Galaxy Games

When I look at this, I want to do some criticism maybe they could have named it as Ninja Space instead of Ninja Steel. What's funny is that while Ninja Steel has the Galaxy Games, this year's upoming Super Sentai Kyuranger is the first space themed Super Sentai in many years. Though there's the pressing concern that Judd Lynn already showed signs of burning out during Dino Charge and Ninja Steel may be his collapse period. I don't want to compare the show to Ninninger either because the execution is very much apples and oranges. There's lots of original footage here so screw you Jonathan Tzachor.
I think the issue is with the return of Star Wars. Den of Geek reveals this interesting information:

Mitchell also cites Power Rangers main competition these days as not only Marvel but also Star Wars. It isn’t hard to see that the new trilogy of movies had an influence on Kyuranger’s space motif.

Got Things Jumbled Up So I Deleted The Previous Post Before This...

So I had things jumbled up into think that Michael Bay got involved especially when I failed to read this entry in context. So it's very easy to mess things up. So I apologize for having mistakenly affiliated Michael Bay with the movie. Why did I think Bay got involved? It's because the designs of the mecha looked like Bayformers... perhaps something that really drove me crazy big time. It did feel like Bay (to a certain extent) but I failed to consider it's not Bay's production.
Let's think about it: Tokusatsu writers tend to have similar styles. Later writers took on what Hirohisa Soda did and started modifying them to fit the atmosphere. Judd Lynn may have taken some shots with Soda and placed them into Power Rangers. Toshiki Inoue, Junki Takegami, Naruhisa Arakawa and Yasuko Kobayashi also copied a lot of Soda's writings and placed them in Super Sentai episodes they're in. Similarities don't mean the same writer was involved. That's one thing I …

I've Just Started Watching The Cult Classic Chojinki Metalder!

I've just finished Kamen Rider Super-1 (which left me pretty mixed), I'm now watching the 1987 cult hit Metalder. Yes, Superhuman Metalder. Metalder only ran for 39 episodes probably due to the super huge budget and ambition this show had. He's the first android Metal Hero and a remake of Shotaro Ishinomori's Kikaider (which I'm yet to see but I don't have much interest on 70s Toku). So what's up with Metalder? Beware... a lot of bashing will be there in-between. I did see the series in raw (but not all episodes) and I'm now seeing it with subs.

The character is given the name Ryusei Tsurugi. He's modeled after Dr. Koga's late son Tatsuo. He appears to try and learn more about humanity in the show. He has no idea of what it is to be a human. He knows he's a robot and not everyone is ready to accept him. I guess during the time Metalder was aired, the show is meant to be a standalone series. No reference to other Metal Heroes for him unless …

Why I Don't Feel Like Watching The MMPR Movie!

Just looking at the trailer of the MMPR 2017 reboot film and man IS. IT. HORRIBLE. What? Is this film taking place in 2017 or are we still in 1995? As much as the Mighty Morphin' movie of my childhood felt awkward but this trailer is just DUMB. I feel like it won't be an epic event. I feel like not only will it be a bad film but maybe the childhood of many will be murdered in the process. It's just a hunch and maybe I could be wrong.

A better movie to watch would be Gavan vs. Dekaranger. I find this idea funny considering that Dekaranger was so last 2004 and it's 13 years later. If I'm to look at the trailers this is clearly the SUPERIOR trailer. Not because it's Super Sentai, not because it's Japanese Tokusatsu but because it's well made. Let's take a bit of trailer comparison.

For American superiority snobs, you have to be stupid and pathetic to believe that this trailer... superior to this trailer that's not in English...

Again, it…

Is There A Deeper Meaning Behind The Name "Solbrain"?

I've officially finished Solbrain. I admit, it's gotten in the way with my plan to rewatch GoGoFive and Dekaranger. I thought about the meaning of Solbrain from the final episode of Winspector. Captain Shunsuke Masaki mentioned about saving the soul and the brain or alternatively the heart and the brain of criminals. But there could be a deeper meaning that producers wanted us to guess for ourselves.

When Solbrain was formed two years and some months after Winspector moved to Paris, the whole show focused on more complicated criminal cases. Not all the criminals in Solbrain are pure evil. Some of them are simply misguided and can still be set to the right path in society. But it seems that the objective of Solbrain is more than just saving the soul and brain of misguided people. It's also how to operate as a police officer.

My Personal Thoughts On Disney Then And Now!

There's no doubt that I did grow up with Disney. It was responsible for some cartoon movies I grew up with like Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. But a lot of these changed. Adaptations aren't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, deviating from the original material does wonders since some fairy tales were really just too tragic or too brutal. Who wouldn't prefer Ariel to be with Prince Eric? Who would want to watch Lady Tremaine force her daughters to cut their toes off? I don't think anybody would and sometimes toning things down is the way to go because too much dark and edgy can be a bad thing.

I started having a lot of dislike or even hatred toward Disney later in my life. I don't think it started with Disney's Hercules. Sure Disney's Hercules wasn't great but at least they were recovering after that. The problem is with the Hannah Montana era. That show was so freaking annoying and it went on and on because o…

To Watch Or Not To Watch: The Beauty And The Beast Live Remake For 2017

I remembered watching the Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney several times as a child. I enjoyed the original and the remastered version. 1991 was the year the original came out and there was the remastered version which included the song "Human Again". After 26 years a new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out. Knowing how Disney had changed a lot during the late 90s up to present I've had a love/hate relationship with Disney. I couldn't even stand how they handled Power Rangers and now Marvel and Star Wars. 
I'd like to give my early thoughts on Emma Watson playing Belle. Granted, I don't really think of her to be super pretty but sometimes you don't need a super pretty lady to play Belle. She's sort of pretty but not all that hot. I think a not so attractive Belle might be a good thing. In the past, I always thought of Belle only on the outside. No joke, I thought Belle in her cartoon form was extraordinarily attractive. Maybe casting her as …

Cyclops Gives Me A Good Reason To Hate New School Marvel's Bad Direction!

Considering that Cyclops has been one of my favorite Marvel characters then I really wish I could blast Marvel out of existence thanks to what they did to him. There was already bad writing with how his marriage with Madelyne Pryor got handled or why Cable's made his son old enough to be his father, I think later plots got even worse.

One of the worst things I thought Marvel did was to write off Jean Grey in favor of Emma Frost. I don't mind if they want to redeem Emma Frost but to write off Jean, have Cyclops commit adultery with Emma and make them a couple is just dead wrong. Worse, the writers decided to let him start a relationship with Emma so shortly after Jean's death. This was a result of the merger and I'm afraid that they decided to let a beloved character go from bad to worse. Trying to make him another Magneto is just so stupid.

Why all the tarnish over a beloved character as him? Are they just trying to do some "shock value" for the sake of sell…

Is Frieza's Body Burning Out?

I remembered in Dragon Ball Z that stated that Frieza's fourth and final form is actually his true form. This may contradict to what Cooler said in "Cooler's Revenge" which may mean that in actual canon, Frieza's the only son of King Cold and Cooler may just be a what if scenario of Frieza having an older brother. So what's being said is that Frieza's first three forms were actually made to help him control his power levels.

It seems to be a common fad in comics where a powerful villain's powers may sooner or later works against him. This scenario is almost similar to how Apocalypse's body in X-Men will soon lose its capacity to house his essence. Frieza may actually be suffering from the same problem for all we know. He's stated that he only used his first three forms to help him control these powers. In a way, he's actually suffering from the similar condition that Apocalypse is suffering from. The more powerful he gets the more he can&#…

Remembering Dexter's Bad Relationship With His Family In Dexter's Laboratory

There are times I feel like writing about my childhood yet again and one of them is when I watched Dexter's Laboratory on Cartoon Network. I thought about the time I watched the show and while there were times his incredible intelligence was defeated by his lack of common sense. But I always thought that I could sympathize with the character because of his "archenemy" his older sister Dee Dee.
I remembered showing sympathy for the character for one good reason. It's how Dee Dee always mysteriously gains access to his laboratory and destroys his inventions. I could remember how she always destroyed them and caused trouble for the boy genius. It must suck for him to have Dee Dee around causing all sorts of trouble for him. Also his parents are such idiots which while it doesn't excuse his bad behavior (at times) but I always felt that he's greatly misunderstood.
The reality of the situation of Dexter's that Dee Dee's not really evil. Sure Dee Dee's…