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The Summers-Grey Gene Theory of Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister had some kind of obsession with Cyclops and Havok but mostly Cyclops, and other obsession was Jean Grey.  He already had theorized and maybe even discovered that any child born out from the genetic material of Cyclops and Jean Grey will be one powerful mutant.  I always thought about it that he had that in mind when the Jean Grey clone awakened thanks to the Phoenix.

Cyclops' mutant characteristics are as follows.  He can absorb ambient energy from his surroundings and store them into his cells.  While Havok absorbed cosmic energy, Cyclops absorbed ambient energy.  Ambient means from his surroundings which was probably why Mr. Sinister had a greater interest in Cyclops.  Cyclops' powers may not be that much of a global destructive force but serves as an "enhancer".

On the other hand Jean Grey was a powerful psionic mutant.  She possessed telepathy and telekinesis.  Her telepathy did more than read minds, she can also copy thoughts and manipulate them, …

Dr. Wily's Incompetence in the Megaman Series

Considering Classic Megaman was a lighter series than its darker and edgier successor Megaman X, Dr. Wily is purposely incompetent since it was a child's game.  One can see how he is usually referred to as "half-brained" plans by his own creation Bass.  Which I thought Dr. Wily always has his incompetent side as a scientist, at the same time he is also a scheming character.  You cannot deny he started resorting to more serious schemes such as kidnapping (Megaman 4) and framing (Megaman 5 and 9) or in Megaman 7, he had a back-up plan.  But there's always the incompetent nature that makes him a funny villain.

So it's a good idea to create a counter-Megaman, your very own Megaman but Bass is insolent and rebellious because maybe, Wily failed to see the possible hazard that his new robot may bring.  In short, you can credit Dr. Wily for actually creating a robot that has better free will than Megaman.  Creating Bass only gave him more headaches considering this probl…

Janperson as a Fully Mechanical Robocop

It was said Gavan inspired Robocop then Robocop inspired Jiban.  Jiban copied from Robocop the concept of reviving a dead police officer into a cyborg.  Unlike Robocop, Jiban fought monsters of the week called Bioron.  Execution-wise, Janperson was closer to an Asian Robocop.  But why did they make him fully mechanical instead of a human revived as a cyborg?  I guess they wanted to try a different type of Robocop after Jiban was created.

Janperson was formerly MX-A1 a malfunctioning robot.  He was scrapped off but Kaoru Sagasa rebuilt him and taught him human emotion.  I guess they wanted to have their own Robocop that was purely mechanical vs. Jiban as a Robocop-inspired hero.  I guess they wanted to explore more of the Asimov's Law of Robotics or to actually recreate the Metalder/Kikaider concept but in a more Robocop type of show.  It could also be viewed that Janperson was going to be a purely mechanical Robocop to avoid copying too much from Robocop while leaving Robocop ins…

Replacing Frollo with Gaston?!

It's amusing how Claude Frollo can be deleted entirely in some Hunchback of Notre Dame adaptations or two, he becomes a good guy.  Here's two characters that were obviously copied from Gaston:

Jean-Claude from "Enchanted Tales" is not Jehan Frollo at all.  He is a suave rich guy who lusts after Melody (the replacement of Esmeralda).  So far, he is not even related to Claude Frollo at all.

In "Secret of the Hunchback", we have Jehan Frollo once again villainized and the wayward brother of Claude.  So Claude again is a good guy here like the 1939 version.  But he's a sheriff, not a judge.  However he looks like a bad combination of Jafar and Gaston.

My Mixed Emotions on Power Rangers Wild Force!

Power Rangers Wild Force was one season I saw before Gaoranger.  I had no idea it was a weaker season, it was criticized for bad acting compared to critics including good acting in their criticism of Time Force.  Now what's with the season that got me mixed?  So I'll do my review on Wild Force and what I thought was good or bad.  I'm now writing this after I saw Gaoranger and wanted to do some criticism myself.
On the positive, Wild Force didn't copy/paste too much from Gaoranger aside from the obvious that Gaku is a boy, Taylor is a girl.  Taylor could be a good girlfriend for Gaku IMO.  On the other hand, I would talk about my favorite plot involving Cole and Master Org.  I thought the whole Cole/Master Org storyline was a nice addition to the series.  It involves Cole's test of humanity vs. Master Org's backstory.
Cole and Viktor Adler are two forces opposed to each other.  Viktor's evil heart stripped him off his humanity.  Cole refuses to take revenge…

Why I Love the Megaman X Series The Most!

As a Megaman fan I've played the Classic Megaman (available at the Megaman Anniversary Collection) and Megaman X.  I have played other Megaman spin-offs such as the different universe Megaman Legends.  I haven't played Megaman Battle Network though.  The series that got my attention the most is the Megaman X series.  What do I love about it?  Let me tell you some things that I love about the Megaman X series.

It explores Dr. Light's robotics to a whole new level.  While Classic Megaman was a fun series, X takes a more mature spin to Megaman in a hundred years later.  Dr. Light created the new Megaman robot called "X" symbolizing the limitless potential.  Although the test was supposed to be for 30 years, Megaman X only awakened in 21XX.  He and Zero represented the new type of robots called Reploids.  Although darker than Classic Megaman, Megaman X still throws back at Classic Megaman regardless.  X now has human capacity and so doe Zero.  Basically Classic Mega…

Not Even Eye Candy Saves Power Rangers Megaforce!

Sorry but no amount of eye candy can save a bad season!

So much for my hopes of decent revival with Saban... and it's two disappointing (or four) in a row. Power Rangers Samurai was mediocre, Power Rangers Megaforce is nothing more than a bad mish mash/hodge podge. So let's get stated shall we with problems with the show! I'll give my honest opinion to why I think the show is really bad and no amount of eye candy can save it!

Too MUCH MMPR milking.

It's already bad enough to get the MMPR theme rehashed and vandalized by the company that made it. You try to think that the show could have been good if you milk MMPR. Seriously what in the world are Mr. Krabs' current staff thinking?! Nothing wrong if they wanted another season of teenagers with attitude, JUST DO IT RIGHT.

Maybe Jake the Snake is the only one who feels original. On the other hand, Noah is an obvious Zack/Billy hybrid. Both Gia and Emma are failed versions of Kimberly in the long run. I would dare say E…

Toning Down Power Rangers Time Force...

While Power Rangers Time Force did copy some things from Timeranger like it's too easy to see Wes, Trip and Jen as Westernized versions of Tatsuya, Sion and Yuuri (oh please don't let her and Jen join forces)... one cannot deny some toning down happened.  So what caused the toning down?  It was serious but remember, Power Rangers is usually less serious than Super Sentai.  Maybe Judd Lynn got a series of complaints when he wrote Lost Galaxy.  So I believe a lot of events in Time Force were more of a result of executive meddling than Judd Lynn at the work.

One toning down to consider is how Eric Myers was handled differently than Naoto.  Sad to say but I think Eric Myers deserves better praise for someone who normally likes Super Sentai better.  So Eric didn't try to exploit the secret location of the Time Force Rangers or seize control of the Silver Guardians even if he's still a jerk.  So why did Judd Lynn decide to change the scenario?  My only wild mass guess is th…

Disney's Hades vs. Marvel's Hades

Since Disney is with Marvel, here's one fantasy match I am up to. Marvel's Hades and Disney's Hades both hate to be compared to the cartoon dog. During the time Marvel's Hades was using his name "Pluto" he hated it being referenced to a cartoon dog. Hades in Disney also hated the name when it was given to him by the Romans. Just note that Hades isn't evil in the original myths but a neutral god compared to these two incarnations.

Marvel's Hades

Marvel's Hades wasn't always evil until the worship of the Olympians died off or was he? So let's think about his allies. He's got EVERY ally you must fear. You have his nephew Ares, you have his grandniece Queen Hippolyte a daughter of Ares, you have Loki the Norse god of mischief to name a few. He has also manipulated a lot of characters in the Marvel Universe. Also, he is known to be cunning and malevolent. Should I mention he has VAST magical powers? He can fire massive energy blasts, bestow …

The Mystery of Cable's Psimitar

The Psimitar in X-Men was one weapon Cable was able to use when he was stranded in the future.  Years later when he became back older than his parents, he found a Psimitar spear on a Greek Isles to harness the rest of his powers when all telepathic abilities around the world were blocked.  This was during his battle with the Dark Sisterhood.  Considering Cable's T-O Virus, he would definitely need this weapon.  The modified version had it only respond to his Psionic imprint refusing other telepathic users.

How does the Psimitar work?  It's made from an unknown metal which can reinforce and focus the abilities of psionic mutants like Cable.  Also, it can be used to scramble minds and shatter nervous systems aside from being a spear.  He was also able to shatter Apocalypse' consciousness form which temporarily defeated the villain.  Ironically, Cable would later revive the same mutant he sought to kill after M-Day.

Megaman X as A Totally Different Robot from the Original Megaman

Well I've been in the wrong and here's Capcom's official word that confirms Megaman X is NOT the original Megaman.  So we don't know what happened to the original Megaman, maybe he just simply burned off and why he wasn't referenced in the X series is something.

From Club Capcom (read here):

How is this connected to Rockman?

The new “Rockman X” is, to put it simply, a game that is set in the same world as the “Rockman” that appears on the Famicom. Only, the “Rockman” time period is set in 20XX A.D., while “Rockman X” takes place in 21XX. That is, “X” is set in a slightly later era.

Our protagonist this time is X, who is of course an entirely different person from Rockman. He’ll still have the Rockbuster on his left hand, the helmet, and everything that’s come to be associated with Rockman, but he is in fact a separate character. He is merely inheriting the world stage of the “Rockman” series, and that means the same familiar types of enemy characters will be around a…

Is Emma Goodall from Megaforce a Teenage Version of Emiko Watarase?!

I think this is a coincidence or not.  Then again, I don't think Saban was watching Neo Ultra Q.

Rin Takanashi's role in Neo Ultra Q mini-series is the columnist Emiko Watarase.  Back in 2009, she played the part of Mako Shiraishi in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  It's her character's job to get the latest news scoops.

Now we have Christina Masterson cast as Emma Goodall who may be aspiring to be a magazine columnist, as seen in the episode where she and Gia found a rare flower.  However she appears to be a more cheery, immature version of Emiko Watarase.

Probably just a coincidence.

The Summers-Grey Offsprings

X-Men had these characters who were results of the Summers-Grey genetic unions namely:

Nathan Christopher Charles Pryor Summers.

The son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone).  Mr. Sinister's plans nearly got into ruin but one day, the Phoenix Force awakened his otherwise failed experiment Madelyne Pryor.  Madelyne was now given life so more or less, she can get preggers.  The union of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor was the closest that Mr. Sinister could get to a union of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  He got the name Nathan from Mr. Sinister (suggestion to Madelyne), Christopher from his paternal grandfather and Charles from Professor X.  Even as a child, his powers became manifest that it awakened.  Apocalypse infected him with the T-O Virus most likely to test his worth.  He was sent into the Askani's Future where he got stranded and later, came back as a child older than his parents, even old enough to be his father's father.  Because of the T-O Virus, he doesn&#…

Apocalypse' Rotting Body...

Apocalypse in X-Men was revealed to why he wore a body armor in the first place.  The armor would keep him fit to contain every energy he sought.  During the Twelve, he sought to use Nate Grey's body to become his new vessel considering his ancient body could no longer hold the energies of "The Twelve".  Considering he is thousands of years old, he's basically an undead mutant having a cybernetic facelift to contain more power, so it's not all that surprising to what he really was... a man who was decaying from within.

Apocalypse' origins are similar to Mumm-Ra in Thundercats.  Both characters manage to extend their lives via hibernation, except Mumm-Ra used occult powers while Apocalypse used the technology of the Celestials.  Both characters were from Ancient Egypt, they extended their lives and were overly dependent on regeneration process.  Apocalypse took the machine of the Celestials to adapt to a modern age.  But you cannot deny, they both have decaye…

Apocalypse' Possible True Purpose of Infecting Nathan Summers?!

Okay Apocalypse was awakened when Nathan Summers was born to Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  The child manifested his powers even in infancy.  But what practically confused me is that why didn't he just kill Nathan immediately?  He could have done so with the power drainer but nope, he simply chose to infect the infant with the T-O Virus.  It was destroying the infant cell by cell or so we thought... which the virus can convert anyone into a machine-like lifeform or two, it was all part of a grand scheme.

So why do I think it's part of a grand scheme?  Apocalypse went into hibernation many times because he wanted to weed out the weak from the strong.  Again, why not just destroy Nathan Summers?  I would find it that if Nathan could survive the infection, he would truly be worthy right?  During the time Nathan was taken into the future, remember the virus wasn't cured.  He miraculously survived and if he didn't have that immense psionic power, he could not survive.  It w…

Is Metalder's Main Antagonist A Tribute to the Historical Nero?!

Metalder's main villain, no not the stupid Grimlord of VR Troopers, but he was called God Neros. He was a cybernetic old man who disguises himself as a philanthropist. He was a war criminal who amassed massive wealth by taking over various gangs then later created his secret operations. I even think he is named after Nero. So what makes me think God Neros is based on the historical Nero?

As Gozo Kirihara through some really super amazing surgery, makes himself appear youthful even if he was really an aged man living on cybernetic supports. He looks like a philanthropist but in reality, he is Emperor Neros. So I was wondering why was he called God Neros? Did he idolize the actual and historical Nero? It wasn't explained but I thought producers had their reasons why the villain was named as God Neros. I even think they purposely named him Nero and he was truly deserving the name Nero.

Nero was an evil man who appeared charismatic. Historically speaking, Nero was a man who was u…

Contemplate This On the Tree of Woe!

Conan was crucified in "A Witch Shall Be Born" when he opposed the reign of Salome as "Taramis".  Constantius had Conan crucified in the wilderness on an actual cross. He hanged there a few days but he's badass. He doesn't easily die.  He even kills a vulture with his teeth! He survives for days without water. Seven months later, he crucified Constantius on the same spot... an epic revenge!

In the movie, the movie version of Thulsa Doom has Conan crucified on the Tree of Woe and nearly dies. To save his life, an heavy toll was exacted. To save Conan from near death, Valeria really dies.  I found the movie crucifixion more realistic than that of the comics.

On the other hand, if the movie Thulsa Doom wanted to increase Conan's agony, he should have crucified Conan near Eric Idle. I think it could have been worse if Conan had to deal with his ordeal right next near to Eric Idle!

How I Wish Axl Was Carried Out in Megaman X

Axl was a character in Megaman X who was introduced in Megaman X7.  What was interesting with him he was a prototype of a new generation robot.  I even feel he was from the last century.  Now here's one character I always thought Axl was based from...

Every time I use Axl, I am reminded of Bass due to the ability to shoot at multiple directions with rapid shots. The design is similar.  Both of them are master infiltrators, masters of directional rapid shots, they are both arrogant jerks but are in denial they have justice energy.  Axl in Megaman X7 was introduced as a member of the Red Alert vigilante.  Now what did I think should have been done with Axl?  I thought he should be closer to Bass in this way.  He should be more arrogant as well, which he could be the foil against Megaman X and Zero.

Place some hints that he could be Bass or not Bass.  Make him, "Nobody beats Megaman X and Zero but me!" type of character.  Megaman X7's ending could have Axl coming in d…