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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - E3 2010 Stage Demo

Looking at this stage demo, I am just impressed with how the PS3 will handle the game. So far, so good... the demonstration. Let's just hope it's going to be a really hot game.

This is one of the best trailers yet! I think Dormammu will be the final boss! Yeah! He's one of Marvel's most evil bad guys. Good thing Disney hasn't ruined Marvel yet.

Thor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I can't help but think that I'm just SO HAPPY to see my favorite Norse god Thor finally on a vs. game. So I thought that while its disappointing that Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat never took place but I'm just glad he's here.

The Ever-Mysterious Horde Prime in She-Ra

The fact is in She-Ra, I believe there was this much added character known as Horde Prime whose name is first mentioned when his son Prince Zed is introduced. The fact that Prince Zed is Hordak's nephew suggests that he could be Hordak's brother or brother-in-law, but which is which is not known. Seeing however that plenty of the Horde's ships bear a Hordak face may suggest they are both brothers and look alike.

However nobody has ever seen Horde Prime's real visage (except for a metallic hand that came out) so I assume he must have transformed into that form but it was never explained. Later it is alluded that he actually has not one but TWO heads when Grizzlor suggested to Hordak to give a pair of matching bowties, one for each head and Hordak says that his brother has two of everything. However in non-canon comics, Horde Prime is shown to have only one head and not a hidden in smoke monster.

Serpentor's Downfall

Somehow I thought that this was just the lamest way to get rid of Serpentor. I was considering the fact that in the movie, he was nearly killed so I assume he must have had a severe head injury which in the DIC series, he appears to be a little more logical and less impulsive. However in here, it seems that he is in utter shock to see Cobra Commander (whom he usurped) back into semi-human form and I just can't get it why DIC didn't put a short fight scene. So anyway he's turned into a lizard instead of a snake, which I think was lamely written.

Just to think about it, he was originally a super-duper mean guy in this clip (season 2 from Sunbow). Then again, traumas could have altered him severely for the DIC season to promote his downfall. I kind of thought though that he could have won the Dragonfire only if he wasn't outwitted by Cobra Commander. He had more patience in that arc than when he first appeared.

Some Loopholes in the G.I.Joe Movie

The 80s G.I.Joe movie was kind of fascinating at first for me when I was little, however I've noticed that the movie had a LOT of loopholes like:

Has the whole Cobra Command been demoted by the usurper Serpentor? For example at the beginning, Cobra Commander is the one who sets the bomb up yet when he shouts retreat, they all still obey his command.  
When Cobra Commander and Serpentor have a battle of words, only the highest command attacks Cobra Commander, the rest are just silent yet we see a lot of them.  So what are they for?  Has Cobra Commander failed to call the rest?  Cobra Commander is NOT that stupid.  I mean he's been making plans in the past that really worked like Megatron did.Serpentor says he'll face the intruder by himself yet in the process, he crawls into a hole, something that Cobra Commander would do. Also how could Cobra-La install into his memories bits and pieces of his origin?  I find it funny.
It seems that Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender and Destr…

The Conan Live TV Series

During the late 90s, Conan was produced into a live-action TV with a much different theme. How? It deviates from Robert E. Howard while maintaining a certain level of violence, but Conan here was a little more like the cartoon counterpart. In fact, he was more of He-Man type. The villains here were kind of different- instead of facing the Snake Cult, he faces a tyrannical wizard who rules Aquilonia named Hizar Zul, who is the self-proclaimed master of sorcery. He is destined to kill this villain and one day rule as King.

So it was kind of campy but action-filled. The evil empire attacks whatever land they can, oppress and one village after the other is helpless. I even felt like that the villains here would be like the Evil Horde of She-Ra, with Hizar Zul being the "Horde Prime" of the series. Nope- a little more like a serious Hordak. He was mean, plain mean but not as imposing as the movie version of Thulsa Doom or as frightening as Wrath-Amon. They had the vultur…

G.I.Joe's Serpentor

If there was any other character in G.I.Joe that I felt was just put in "too soon" was Serpentor. Why? In the real life, it's really impossible to create an emperor out from some of history's greatest dictators, knowing that 99.9% of the tombs are NOT there as compared to as they were in the movie. I've been to China to discover that some of the greatest emperors' corpses have been stole centuries ago. Also in science, it would be impossible to do this task. Hee hee. I also felt he was based on the Conan cartoon villain Wrath-Amon in terms of appearance.

So I kind of thought that he differed greatly from the cartoons and the comics. His original counterpart was more of a secretly conspired operation that Cobra Commander didn't know was going to lead to his temporary downfall, by which Destro and Dr. Mindbender had every resource approved by the Cobra Commander. He didn't immediately rise into power- he gained the trust of the people and he was…

Conan Strangeness: Movies and Cartoons Analogous Performances

The thing is I find it definitely weird that the Conan movies and the Conan cartoons are kind of "similar" in this way. Like how? Let's do a comparison shall we?

Conan the Barbarian vs. Conan the Adventurer- Both respective media were focused on Conan battling the Snake Cult, although Conan the Adventurer was simply a bloodless Conan with less violence since it was a children's cartoon, something Filmation dismissed and chose He-Man instead. The long cartoon series featured the idea of an ever-growing Snake Cult that has been deceiving people like the movie Snake Cult and led by a high priest whose evil is legendary, only the cartoon featured Set as an active character and not just merely mentioned who becomes the final enemy of the series. Also like the movie, it was a huge success and the most favored between the two Conan series.

Conan the Destroyer vs. Conan and the Young Warriors- Both were considered sloppy sequels by some viewers. Also, the cartoon series …

Just th Best Lara Croft Fan Art Yet

The thing is here's a beautiful fan art of Lara Croft that I consider to be the best. It catches her essence, beauty and above all her dangerous personality all in one portrait. Sorry you won't be seeing lewd photos here due to Adsense policies.

Sigma's Got to be the Coolest Villain in Megaman

If any Megaman villain deserves the title of being the most radical, cool and probably the most evil, it would be Sigma. Why? Well let's think about his history and all. So it's kind of interesting that he started of as a Maverick hunter but maybe, just maybe he was faking it all along in order to take over. He was the most evil fallen angel of the series and one good reason why men should be happy that the series is all fiction. Well robots do have souls in Megaman (like in Dragon Ball Z) and they're not in the afterlife until their back-ups are totally destroyed. Think about that!

He's just so scary it's not going to be fit for a U.S. cartoon for children. He outbeats Dr. Wily (who may be alive in the form of Serges) and he is far more evil. I kind of thought that he was perhaps, once human or maybe not. But he is far more human than any reploids, that is on the bad side suggesting he may have been once human but how he keeps surviving is something left u…

The Megaman Legends Series

I kind of thought that this game with only two games was a heated debate among fans whether it was truly "Megaman". Why? In the first place, Megaman Legends is NOT the standard Megaman game of beating Mavericks in a desired order, rather it is an adventure RPG-like game that involves Megaman and his spotter Roll together with Gramps in search for refractors. However it does hold tribute to the Megaman series and the X series in some ways to which it isn't related.

The gameplay involves Megaman with a buster gun that he upgrades rather than do the charged shots move, presumably to make the game easier since it's in 3D. Like any adventure game as of late, you only have ONE chance to beat an enemy and poof- you're dead. That means when it's game over, you have to reload so it's pretty much quite of the Resident Evil type.

Also the game revolves around digs and Mavericks. There are enemies in the game called Reaverbots with some having designs similar t…

The Literary Version of Thulsa Doom: Perhaps Underrated By Media?

The thing is I was kind of surprised to find out that the literary version of Thulsa Doom served as the nuisance to both Kull and later Conan who is Kull's descendant. This guy had some interesting backstory that rather as a smooth-talking villain, he was a cruel despot who relied on brute force, was obsessed with revenge to the point that after Kull defeated him, he later returned to even haunt Kull's descendant Conan. Others may mistaken his action figures to be Skeletor which again may bring the Conan-He-Man controversy. In his confrontation with Conan, he frequently mentioned of his immortality because he was an undead sorcerer. Later on, he just kept coming back to life to haunt Conan as well.

So why do I consider him underrated? The Conan movie didn't use the name Thoth-Amon for the Snake Cult's leader, rather they used the name Thulsa Doom although the character was widely different, perhaps they thought the name Thulsa Doom was more fitting for a villain w…

How Mortal Kombat Boss Characters Difficulty has Changed

Video tribute to the MK bosses

Mortal Kombat was known to have infamously powerful boss characters, which many of them cause big damage, receive big damage and are just out of balance. The only earlier boss that wasn't so frustrating was Shang Tsung despite his ability to morph, Goro's might was unmatched. Shang Tsung was later dropped from a boss character to a regular character although in MK2, he was kind of a sub-boss even if he was selectable outside of a cheat code.

During the early MK games, the monster bosses were a source of frustration. These bosses were Goro, Kintaro, Motaro and Shao Kahn. Kintaro is probably the hardest boss of them because of his awesome strength, Motaro well he was difficult because projectiles didn't harm him and during those days, these guys caused so much major damage that when they became playable in other ports of MK Trilogy, two player games can be frustrating if the other player used them. Also, these guys can't duck compared to…

Liu Kang: My Favorite Mortal Kombat Character

I kind of thought that Liu Kang had become my top favorite character all these years, in fact, it seems always was, always will be. So I thought that he was a pretty interesting guy, kind of noisy and all, and also how his character went through in fighting after some of the games most difficult enemies like Goro, Shang Tsung, Kintaro, Shao Kahn and so on. He also gained the reputation as the Shokan beater since in his storyline, he defeated Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva in battle which he may have knocked them off during the Outworld Invasion when they hoped by killing him, Shao Kahn would restore their honor.

His relationship with Kitana is another- okay so it's freaky that Kitana is 10,000 years old in Earth years but she's relatively young in Edenian years, noticing that Sindel is aged and Kitana hasn't. They had their relationship and I kind of thought that it's odd but likable. So he also has a Ryu/Ken relationship with Kung Lao, which was emphasized in the retc…

The Tekken Series

If there was any game that gained dominance it was Tekken. Why? Well it started off as an accessible yet deep game back in the 90s with cartoonish graphics. It was a low budget game at the start which soon gained a huge success that it spun more games to come. It was a sci-fi game which featured more real martial arts moves, none of those projectiles and the ridiculously powerful combos that were difficult to do.

The plot was kind of based on revenge and dysfunctional family ties. Tekken 1 featured Kazuya Mishima seeking revenge against his father Heihachi Mishima. In Tekken 2, Heihachi Mishima is seeking revenge against Kazuya Mishima and in Tekken 3, a "Kazuya clone" in Jin Kazama was introduced. Each game sought to improve more and more especially with the hidden characters that were unlocked with specific character usage.

Due to the upcoming of the PS2, Tekken simply improved its engine to the point that non-Tekken fans will buy it. How? Well Tekken Tag Tournament…

Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion as "Copies"

During the 80s, there were three combining Super Robots that were closely similar yet different from each other. These were Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion. What were the common things between them?

The heroes
You have one professor. In Combattler V we have Professor Nambara who only lasted for three episodes later replaced by Dr. Yotsuya. In Voltes V, we have Professor Hamaguchi who is later replaced by Professor Sakunji. In Golion we have Professor Raible.The team assembly is leader, rebel, big guy, woman and child. In Golion, it was an all-male team until episode six, one episode after Shirogane died, Farla took his place. The personalities were too close to ignore.All three had a spaceship for a base. In the case of Voltes V and Combattler V, these bases went to the enemy home planet for the final battle.
Robot weapons:
Voltes V and Golion were sword users.Golion had Combattler V's cutting disks and twin lancer. 
The villains
Voltes V and Golion both had evil emperors w…