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The Evolution of Tekken Endings

Tekken endings... good times, bad times... the Tekken game back then was more remembered for its fun two player modes than the endings. The endings started from awful to nice. Here's a sampe of how Tekken went by: (I'll be using Nina Williams' endings as an example)

Tekken 1- It was all blocky, wax-like figures with no dialogue whatsoever plus they were all very short. Can't be helped since Tekken was just a baby game back then.

Tekken 2 managed to improve on graphics but the problem is, no vocals. Hee hee!

Tekken 3 had the best graphics for PS1 in all Tekken games. However the endings were not very detailed.

Tekken 4 had more powerful endings, vocals and all. Why did Namco not think of that for Tekken 3?!

Tekken 5 continued with good quality... no the best.

Tekken 6- better graphics, shorter clips. :-P

Some Interesting Similarities Between the Conan Film and Cartoon Adaptation

Although the Conan cartoon (which I watched as a child) was a milder and ridiculously bloodless show and the Conan film was NOT for children, there were some similarities taken into the cartoon series, and some which were from the deleted scripts:
The idea that Wrath-Amon attacked the village in search for steel. In his case, it was Star Metal. However in this scene, Conan is grown and not a child anymore.The scene when Conan's father who was merely turned to stone later with Conan as a child concerning the sword he would inherit.Wrath-Amon's freakish true self as a reptilian being, something that existed the novelization and a deleted concept from the movie's villain Thulsa Doom.
The introduction of Nanoc (Conan spelled backwards... duh) together with Conan and Jezmine in climbing the tower, is like the movie although it wasn't a tower of Set.The riddle of steel is somewhat shown when a young child thought he could control Conan's blade. Conan reveals the man and…

What Made Poison Ivy Really Unique?

If there's one Batman villain I would like to talk about, it's of Poison Ivy. What makes her unique? Unlike most criminals that are just after for the money, she was more of the noble villain with intentions to fight pollution but she's an extreme vigilante who uses unorthodox methods in contrast to the Batman. She sought to see evildoers punished and at some point, she is viewed to be a nuisance to most of the Batman criminals.
As said, she is pretty as a rose and deadly as her name. Unlike most villains that don't appear to be harmless, she does. She has her really pretty face, sexy body and that it's an edge to her being lethal. Even without her powers, Poison Ivy can drive a man wild. But it seems she reserves her sexiest schemes for Batman though.

What I liked about existence is her love/hate relationship to Batman. How? She has feelings for him yet at at times, she wants to get rid of him. However when she gets the chance, she doesn't. And times…

The Unnamed Lizard-Like Species in Dragon Ball

If there was one unnamed race that sparked my interest, it was Freeza's race. Here are the known ones in the Anime:

The self-proclaimed emperor of the universe, Freeza. He appeared after the Saiyan saga, revealing that he was running an organization that enslaved planets and sold them to the highest bidder. Despite his puny size, he was small but terrible. He frequently gave an appearance of weakness to deceive his opponents but showed how terrible he really was.

Freeza revealed his first transformed state which was a giant version of himself. He was beaten by Piccolo but...

He revealed a second transformation which he had an unusually shaped skull. This was pretty frightening.

Freeza revealed his third transformed state, which is said to be his true form. He although was sleeker and back to his normal size but this form is no joke. This is where he gets really mean. Goku only met Freeza in this form. He was hit by the Spirit Bomb using Namek's energy but it didn't fi…

The Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z

If there was any other technique that kind of amazed me in Dragon Ball Z was the Spirit Bomb, a technique which only a pure mind and soul can use. Okay Goku is NOT my favorite character, I'm more a Vegeta fan but the Spirit Bomb intrigued me a lot.

It was taught by King Kai in the Other World where Goku was to gather some energy from living beings to create a destructive ball. So let's see its applications:
First attempt was on Vegeta. Okay not the gigantic one. Goku gathered energy from nearby to create a ball of energy which he told Krillin to toss to Vegeta. Krillin missed but Gohan was able to reflect the ball back to Vegeta. Vegeta was hit but it didn't end the battle. In the Freeza saga, Goku absorbed the energy of the whole planet Namek but it wasn't enough. Freeza was too powerful. Presumably, Freeza was hiding his true power and also, there wasn't enough life on Namek anyway.In the movies, the tiny Spirit Bomb was used to defeat Turles, Dr. Wheelo a…

How I Thought of the Tekken Film

The Tekken film, well being a gamer fan, I would like to do my review on Tekken. So far, I kind of liked the movie for its action but the storyline was kind of weak when it came to the MISHIMA bloodline. And I thought that it was pretty interesting to see Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima having a closer relationship in the beginning of the film, which may have omitted the story that Kazuya Mishima was thrown off the cliff by his father Heihachi Mishima. Of course, the Jun Kazama being raped thing never disappeared.

I felt the whole film was being rushed with a short run time. So it all begins with Jin Kazama wanting to enter Tekken, his mother Jun Kazama lying to him to protect him from the reality of his dysfunctional lineage, which we know his father is Kazuya Mishima. Of course, the dysfunctionality really shows especially when Kazuya Mishima wants to finish off his own lineage.

I also felt that Heihachi Mishima was pretty underused. So I was excited to see Cary Hiroyuki Tag…

Anakin's Father in Star Wars... Could It Be?

When watching Revenge of the Sith, I thought of it what Palpatine told Anakin Skywalker, the power of Darth Plagueis the Wise. It was the power to influence the midi-chlorians to produce life. So maybe it's a myth. So let's think about it- Palpatine/Darth Sidious was under the apprenticeship of Darth Plagueis, who had learned everything. So thinking about it, so did Palpatine really succeed in influencing the midi-chlorians once and only once- to create Anakin Skywalker? So what if Palpatine happens to have sired another bastard son through Shmi Skywalker after he sired Triclops in his earlier years. Possible! Or maybe he lied about the midi-chlorians and produced Anakin Skywalker the natural way.  Either way, he's an uncaring father who only produced illegitimate children for his own selfish ends.
Here are somethings I've considered:
Palpatine, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker are all fair skinned, dark blond haired, blue eyed, dimpled Force us…

Disney Girls Should Do Something About Their... ACTING!

Disney's girl's acting is really TERRIBLE as of late. Not only with Power Rangers during the Disney tenure but in almost every live show there is. I mean Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff are just a few. Oh yeah, I forgot that Disney's directors do have a way with letting their girls do those overacting accents... it's just SO IRRITATING! I mean, it's very distracting.

For example, there was the Cadet Kelly movie. Hillary Duff really made me want to throw bricks at her and not at her spoiled character. While it was satisfying to watch Carlson Romano's character Jennifer Stone get even with her, however with the director's orders, the character Jeniffer Stone goes from dignified cadet captain to an undignified one. It's plain irritating how Disney's acting ruins otherwise good characters.

The Mishima Bloodline in Tekken

If there was anything in Tekken that intrigued me, it was the dysfunctional behavior of the Mishima bloodline. How? Let's start what we've learned per Tekken game shall we?

In Tekken 1- it was revealed that Kazuya Mishima had an asshole of a father namely Heihachi Mishima. Well no father in the right mind would toss his son off the cliff to see if that son is worthy of succeeding. Of course, this was never without consequences as during that time, Heihachi was submitted to the curse of the Devil gene in the family, which created Devil Kazuya, the final boss of Tekken 2.

In Tekken 2, the effects of the Devil gene showed up. Heihachi Mishima may be a carrier himself, seeing how he survived the fall which Kazuya Mishima gave to him. Kazuya Mishima as he controlled the Mishima Zaibatsu did even worse. Also, he despicably raped Jun Kazama in Tekken 2, which eventually gave birth to Jin Kazama since he never married her. Heihachi Mishima continues the bitter cycle of vengeance,…

My Thoughts on The Powder Film

If one of the films caught my attention it was Powder. It's all about a freak with no hair, incredibly fair skin and high intellect as well as gifted with a limited amount of powers. Despite his kind nature, he was always rejected for "being different" which makes him a character worth sympathizing and revealing the bigotry of society and the cruelty of people where he stands out in character. He is disowned by his own father but fortunately his grandparents didn't. So he managed to live in their home and lived secluded all because he was different. But of course, he learned a lot with his great intellect.

I thought of that it was fun to watch his chemistry with his girlfriend, whose father is hateful for hating him for being a "marshmallow". Me... I wouldn't mind if my younger sister dated a guy like Powder. I mean, come on Powder may be white as snow but he's kind as ever.

What really was unique about Powder was this- he didn't react t…

Jabba the Hutt's Bizarre Attraction in Star Wars

One thing that had intrigued me in Star Wars was Jabba the Hutt's bizarre attraction to non-Hutt women. So okay Hutts are said to be hermaphrodite but had a personality they chose, so in Jabba's case, his father asexually reproduced him so his father was also his mother. Yet in one case, Gardulla was a female Hutt and Anachro. So that's a hiccup in the writing. Let's focus on Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Hutt was known to be attracted to women not of his kind. His favorites were mainly Twi'leks and the most infamous was Oola, the daughter of a lowly chieftain. In the past, he also had other Twi'lek slaves. They were probably eaten by the Rancor if he got bored with them and found another. It was unknown how many human girls he had with defiled as well.

One attraction soon met his end- that was with Leia Organa. Unknown to him, Leia Organa had herself captured on purpose so she could kill him. He was enamored with her and that became his end. He underestim…

The Star Wars Film

For one thing, Star Wars has been described as a geeky film. Hmmm and to think of it, I enjoyed all six films. So that means I'm a geek in some way. So anyway, I thought of it that the films themselves have been written in such a way, that describes a space adventure with a LOT of real concepts into it- especially in the arena of politics.

The story is focused on the light vs. the darkness which took place in the Jedi battles against the dark force users. So we have the Jedi prophecy of the "chosen one" which was said to be Anakin Skywalker. Of course, in the third episode, Palpatine may actually be Anakin Skywalker's "father" if he figured out how to arrange the midi-chlorians in a way that life could be conceived in a woman's womb, or perhaps Palpatine is really his father. These were all the prequel trilogy to explain the existence of episodes 4, 5 and 6. I just find it weird how 4, 5 and 6 came out first then 1, 2 and 3.

If there was any villai…

Final Fantasy Advent Children MV- Easily Wounded Woman

This is Final Fantasy Advent Children's scenes compiled together. Just a wonderful job.