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Looking Back at Santa Claus: The Movie

Well here's another of those various fiction films.  So it was directed by the same director who did Supergirl and well, I was pretty surprised to find out it was a box office flop and has some scathing reviews yet there is a cult hit following it after that failure.  That I won't be able to decipher why but I think that there is some charm in the film that I really like:

Acting quality does matter.  I mean, well this is all fiction but hey, even fantasy films need to have good acting if you want to entertain the audience.  I mean, there is always a certain degree of realism and David Huddleston makes a fairy tale character seemingly real in this film and he's probably better than Edmund Gwen or any other before him or after him who acted the fat guy for me.

I really love his acting, makes me want to hug that guy even when I'm all grown up.  I would admit the plot is pretty rushed but David Huddleston really knows how to act as a real jolly old man who loves little ch…

What Was Practically Wrong with Golion?

Well I've just finished watching Golion and I was thinking it does have its nice moments but I thought that it just pales compared to Voltes V.  Rather than do the cliche Voltes V vs. Lion Voltron comparison, here's what I practically think is wrong with this Super Robot series:

I would probably point the problem mostly to the recurring villains!  I mean the Galra seem to have no real sense of direction, it's always evil for evil's sake like when they forced the people in Jarre to work for them, they simply fed them executed prisoners for the sake of being evil.  I would like to really show what's wrong with most of them starting with its emperor.

I think Daibazaal's plot is one of the biggest weakness of the show if you ask me.  Now you might think he's awesome but I think this guy is pretty idiotic and so is how he goes.  So he's a dictator, we know that but really how come he doesn't even mention there are rebellions in Galra they need to crush…

Just Started Watching Dairugger XV and More

Well I remembered watching Lion Voltron as a kid and had an instant dislike for Vehicle Voltron. Ironically, when I watched Golion I couldn't like it more than Voltes V. Now for some verification- Dairugger XV happens separately in another continuity from Golion or even Voltes V so don't attempt to connect the shows. As far as Dairugger XV is concerned, I didn't like Vehicle Voltron all so instantly because of the idea of having fifteen main characters was a trouble. But in the middle of that, Dairugger XV offers a lot of super robot drama that Golion failed to provide. Well the Galvestonians aren't always chaotic evil and we see that Dairugger XV tries to have the same drama value with Voltes V. Also Emperor Corsair (Zeppo) is a mirror to Zanbazil's tyranny and Supreme Commander Teles is a closer copy of Prince Heinel of Voltes V, a noble villain.

Golion is better than Lion Voltron but I'll admit it really pales from its predecessors, perhaps the Super Robot…

My Current Impression with Megaforce

Well Power Rangers Megaforce is coming to an end.  Now I am going to give my current impression on it...

The cast of characters.  Okay I don't think PR Samurai's cast is all that horrid but I'd say they were really undertrained or more likely, too much copy/paste from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger to the point the author forgot that he isn't handling an all Japanese team but a multiracial team.

On the other hand, I'll just admit the show is more of a guilty pleasure.  Then again, it's like as if I don't tend to treat Super Sentai like that.  I mean, you may want to know this that Shinkenger is also in my guilty pleasure list.  I would admit I am pretty much infatuated with the appearances of Ciara Hanna and Christina Masterson though I like Ciara Hanna better.  Then again, I've been watching Super Sentai girls a lot as well.

There's just some ship teases if you ask me. Well we have the Troy/Emma shipping, the Troy/Gia shipping or an exploration of Jake…

My Thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning as an Aged Conan

Well Arnold's back with his titular role as Conan.  For me, I wanted to take it with a grain of salt because for one, he's really too old to play the badass barbarian but I could be very wrong about that!  Instead, I ended up running across the 65 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the barbarian.  Now for some things you don't know or would have known- Arnold was supposed to have three Conan films.  After the less successful Conan the Destroyer, a third movie was supposedly made but real life circumstances caused the intended movie Conan the Conqueror to be aborted.  Plus, I hate the fact that the movie Conan the Conqueror was soon changed into the rather stupid movie Kull the Conqueror and also, Kevin Sorbo refused to carry on Arnold's character as if he were the first Hercules. In 2011, Jason Momoa played the new Conan in a total new reboot of Conan the Barbarian to which was sadly a flop.  I thought Jason Momoa had potential, in fact I even think the movie shou…

Aladdin's Being Stated as Chinese- Why That's Frequently Ignored

I was shocked to discover that Aladdin was described as Chinese by the original tale.  However despite being described as Chinese, Aladdin's story had a very erroneous view of China like just the name Aladdin is VERY ARABIC and the "emperor" was more of a Sultan, Chinese emperors do not call their advisers as viziers and that "China" was actually the "utter east".  I've read more information of this China and it's very erroneously set.  In fact, Aladdin's story is more Arabic than Chinese especially when none of Chinese culture is mentioned.  Presumably, China was the rough draft in itself but the story was later rewritten to sound more authentic to be part of the 1001 Nights.

In fact, the people in Aladdin's story are still very Middle Eastern in almost everything which some commentators set the story of Turkestan instead of the actual China itself therefore it feels more authentic to make Aladdin as he should be rewritten as- as an …

Conan the Barbarian: 1982 vs. 2011

Here's the showdown of two movies- Conan by Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. that of Jason Momoa.  I wanted Arnie to show up in the 2011 movie as Conan's father.  Now for my thoughts on each side...

Which Conan is better?  In my opinion, actually they are both in their own respects having their own.  For Jason Momoa's version, that Conan as a kid was already able to kill some warriors while Arnold's version started off as a wimpy kid who is forced on the Wheel of Pain, survives and becomes the greatest gladiator ever.  The novels didn't have the wheel of pain, it was an original concept of the writers.  I think both are great in their own way though Jason Momoa looks closer to that in the novel.  But when it comes to appeal, Arnold's movie really stands out.

For Zym, he was a badass warrior who was in the quest to find the Mask of Acheron so he can revive his sorceress wife so he can conquer Hyboria while he has his evil daughter Malivia both original characters.  I t…