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Similarities Between G.I.Joe the Movie and Transformers the Movie

With the fact that both G.I.Joe the Movie and Transformers the Movie were created by Sunbow, I can't help but notice the similarities.  So now for a little rundown:
The fight between Duke and Serpentor.  It would remind some of the battles between Optimus Prime and Megatron although Duke is NOT the leader and it's General Hawk.  Duke was supposed to die but due to the negative impact of Optimus Prime's death by the younger audience, he was rewritten to be simply in a coma although he was poisoned near a vital organ and such an attack would kill anyone in the real life.The character Lt. Falcon (Duke's reckless maternal half-brother) would be likened to Hot Rod who first appears incompetent but becomes the hero at the end of the day.  Both were only introduced during the movie.Serpentor and Cobra Commander share a Megatron and Starscream relationship although Cobra Commander was really the real leader of Cobra and Serpentor was the usurper.  The part where Serpentor was h…

Kamen Rider Black to Black RX: How Things Were

There was the only one time in Kamen Rider history where one character starred for two different seasons, each one was a continuation and that was the Kamen Rider Black season.  Kotaro Minami is both Kamen Rider Black and later, Kamen Rider Black RX.  
Kamen Rider Black was a dark season, one considered by some to be the best season ever.  IMO it was too dark for my taste, quite depressing for me and all but it still is one of my favorites as I grew up with him in my mind.  So it was like a remake of Kamen Rider 1 but not really.  The similarities were that he was captured by an evil organization (in here, it was called Gorgom and the first not to use foot soldiers in weird suits and it was a satanic cult), forcibly turned into a cyborg and he turns against them.  He however must rescue his foster brother Nobuhiko Akizuki who later became Shadow Moon which becomes the point of conflict.  Before that, he had to challenge that extremely arrogant and badass villain Bilgenia who was real…