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A Look At Those Crazy Mortal Kombat Boss Death Outros

Mortal Kombat had those really weird boss outros plus we have Shao Kahn having the most number of death outros since he had the most number of appearances. Now it's time to do my reaction to how these happen:

1.) Mortal Kombat's Shang Tsung - IMO, this is pretty funny. So the last hit causes him to "dance" cha cha and the souls of the kombatants come out of his body. In the process, he actually dies as the souls come out of his body hinting to why he could use the abilities of others.

2.) Mortal Kombat II Shao Kahn - I felt this one was pretty weird. The final hit has your character doing the win pose then Shao Kahn does his "laugh pose" but he's actually saying "No..." several times. The background changes (which IMO can be either cool or just annoying) before he turns into stone and explodes.

3.) Shao Kahn's Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy death is where souls come out of his bodies. I felt like UMK3 …

So What's Akuma Doing In The Tekken-Verse?!

The more I think about Akuma getting involved in the Tekken-Verse, wait isn't that guy supposed to belong to the Street Fighter-verse instead? Granted, Street Fighter V has been released and it does look pretty good. But what in the world is Akuma doing in Tekken? Weren't Tekken and Street Fighter supposed to be separate universes plus there's some differences in gameplay.
During the time I didn't like Tekken all that much because of the "odd gameplay" of using one button per limb plus I wasn't all that fond of non-projectile based gameplay, I was more into Street Fighter. But as the years passed by, I felt like Tekken has become my favorite fighting game franchise. What's not surprising is that Ed Boon who's the producer of Mortal Kombat is a Tekken fan himself. Then we had Street Fighter X Tekken which forces Tekken players to play Tekken characters in a much more different way.
I mean, let's take a look at Street Fighter's gameplay vs.…

So The Problem Wasn't Christina Masterson?!

After seeing Christina Masterson's videos and get-ups outside of Megaforce, I'll admit the problem wasn't her but the set that put her into it. I mean, her make-up wasn't done properly, the people behind Megaforce's rather shoddy and cheap anniversary production was the real problem. If you take a look at Christina in Megaforce vs. her other media, there's a REALLY huge contrast between the time she was in Megaforce (badly done make-up and bad script) vs. other media where her natural beauty shines.
If done right, she could have become another Kimberly for Power Rangers. But bad writing, wardrobe and just everything ruined that potential. While I initially had a lot of ranting but I realized the real problem wasn't her but the script and crew. The more I look at her outside Megaforce, the more I realize she's not the problem but it's all about the writing and execution. I thought that the actress can really act (look at her videos OUTSIDE Megaforce…

Wishful Thinking: Chad Lee's Martial Arts Episode

Chad Lee's martial arts focused episode in Lightspeed Rescue did show some decent amounts of original footage. Him fighting Cyclopter one on one shows that, "Mike Chat beats overrated JDF anytime!" Though I really had a thought that if Judd Lynn could copy ideas from Dynaman, Flashman and Changeman and Americanize them for Power Rangers then here's an idea that could've been used in Lightspeed Rescue.

What could have been better is not that "Chad meets his martial arts master." because I felt like he's qualified to teach a bunch of kids. Instead, what if the Fiveman episode where Ken Hoshikawa beats Amoeba Rugin got copied into Lightspeed Rescue? What if Chad decided to fight Cyclopter out of suit to teach a couple of kids who feel like giving up not to give up?

What are your thoughts?

Kombat Pack 2 Characters: What's Your Reaction?

With my plans to buy a Playstation 4 and Mortal Kombat XL, I thought about Kombat Pack 2 which might be the last Kombat Pack considering that XL is the complete edition of the game. While Mortal Kombat X gets a lot of praise for its new innovative fighting system but it's also had its own criticisms too like why in the world do you hold down block as part of the run process?! So I do read encouraging reviews, gameplay looks tempting but I think the Kombat Pack characters are really, really all the more unnecessary.

The first Kombat Pack had Tanya, Jason Vorhees, Predator and Tremor. Well Tanya and Tremor were Mortal Kombat characters. The second Kombat Pack IMO is just ridiculous with the new characters. Instead of having Baraka, Sindel and Rain as part of it why are we getting Alien, Leatherface, Tri-Borg and Bo Rai Cho? I don't really even care too much about Bo Rai Cho either. It's not Mortal Kombat vs. Hollywood and back in Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition I really even…

Seriously, What's Taking Tekken 7's Console Release SO LONG?!

While it can be understood that Netherrealm had every reason to cancel Mortal Kombat X for last generation and THANKFULLY they are releasing Mortal Kombat XL which is the complete edition for those who weren't able to afford the current generation consoles back then. This is probably Namco on a downhill. I mean, Ed Boon's compensation for those who can't get the game now is that by releasing XL, it's assumed that they may have already bought a PS4 by now. It's at a time like this when I ask myself, "Is getting a PS4 now worth it?"

I remembered how often I have berated Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for being anemic while flaunting how Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was so full of content, bonuses and there's a lot of stuff to offer. In the past, I didn't like Tekken that much due to its unusual control scheme which I grew attached to sooner or later. Tekken as a console game always came out a year after the release of the Arcade Game. But don't you feel that T…