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Some Complaints I Have on Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Okay this is a great game but I thought here are my following complaints:

1.) Why do I have to pay for the pass to play online?! Other than that, I am pretty fine playing offline.

2.) Here's what I thought about the Fatalities:
I wanted to have Kano's skeleton pull returned in full 3D.I wanted to have Sonya Blade do a really bloodier version of a kiss fatality.I wanted to have Kabal's head inflate fatality.Heck why remove the head first then mutilate the body? I find that part crazy. I sort of wanted fataliteis that prolonged the agony of the victims. I wanted to have Shang Tsung's fatality to steal souls!!!
3.) Gameplay
Gameplay is fine but I do want to complain about the following: Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn aren't playable outside hack. I would have been happy if they were then tone them down like they were in Armageddon in terms of damage rating.Shang Tsung in the Ladder can morph- it gets MIGHTY annoying to fight him with his morphing plus I wish I could have …

The Snake Cult in Conan the Barbarian

What really intrigued me in the Conan movie (and the only one I consider good compared to the other two more to follow) was the movement that the movie Thulsa founded known as the Snake Cult.  What was known of Thulsa was that he was a warlord and the ruler of some civilization that ravaged one village of the other in his quest for steel in the conquest of the world for the serpent god Set.  However years later, he ended up creating the notorious Snake Cult which had moved in power.  He built his base at the Mountain of Power that became his fortress and his empire began to expand according to King Osric in Nemedia, Koth, Aquilonia and Stygia.  Another subplot that wasn't elaborated was to why he brainwashed King Osric's daughter who was named Yasimina in the novels.

What we discover is that Rexor had become the High Priest of the movement, second only to Thulsa Doom. So he still wields power and he had challenged King Osric.  It was said that Aldo Sambrell was supposedly cast…

Conan Adaptations and BAAAAAD Sequels

Well here's a list of some series in America that started out good but suffered from really bad sequels.  They are...

Conan the Barbarian was a successful, really plot intense film.  Yup talk about the coming of the age of the Snake Cult where the evil snake sorcerer Thulsa Doom had begun to lure people into the worship of Set involved in many sinister activities like orgies and eating their murder victims.  However it was succeeded by the bad sequel called "Conan the Destroyer" which really destroyed hopes of ever having a third film.  The second film was really lame... so we have Malak who is useless and it suffered from one bad review to another.  The same mistake happened in the Conan cartoon adaptation.

Conan the Adventurer was so good it lasted up to 65 episodes in Conan's quest to liberate his parents from the spell of living stone that the high priest Wrath-Amon placed upon them.  In fact, the engaging plots where Wrath-Amon seeks to free the snake god Set fr…

What I Thought of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition's Events

The story of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (or MK9) was this... it happens after the events of Armageddon and Shao Kahn got too powerful after Taven defeats Blaze.  So everybody kills each other and Armageddon wasn't prevented.  Shao Kahn even defeats his former emperor Onaga and then finally defeats Raiden who is weakened because the latter wasn't in Earthrealm.  Shao Kahn defeats Raiden but before Raiden defeats Shao Kahn, he utters the words "He must win..." sending a vague message.  Presumably after Shao Kahn descends into madness, a reincarnation cycle occurs to where Raiden sends memories of his past life into his next life to prevent Shao Kahn from ever conquering the realms again.  However in the next life, Raiden has become idiotic to where one mistake after the other kills people.  The events made me think this game should have been called "Mortal Kombat Reincarnation".

So we are taken to a different turn of events where everybody is either reinc…

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition vs. Tekken 6: A Comparison

Well I felt like it's time to weigh which party game kicks ass.  So now I'd do a comparison on the more touchy areas than just the graphics and music because both game rock in those areas.   Now here's my comparison:

Fighting System:

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (as well as its previous version Mortal Kombat 2011) goes back to the realm of 2D style fighting meaning no nonsense sidestepping, it has a button for each limb quite similar to Tekken plus it has really accessible gameplay.  Tekken 6 on the other hand retains the 3D movement which can sometimes be great but can also get annoying for some.  However I do have a hard time judging which is better since they both have very different approaches- Tekken focuses on REAL martial arts and projectiles (if any) are NOT a spammer which makes Tekken 6 a little more accessible than Mortal Kombat 2011.  For me, I'd give this a tie.  But I would say both games are very accessible to noobs while having a deep playing system, …

Tekken 6 for PS3

Well here's one game I'm pretty mixed- while it's still a fun game but I just had a thought Namco's TQM or Total Quality Management hasn't been done very properly here.  So here's my thoughts:


Tekken 6 features a very intense story.  So after Jin Kazama beats his zombified great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, he goes berserk and basically throws the whole world into chaos.  When Kazuya who currently controls G Corporation battles his son Jin Kazama for control of the world, the two evil stars (devil gene holders) trigger the resurrection of Namco's most badass unplayable boss Azazel.  Woohoo!  So the whole world is in chaos and Jin Kazama declares the sixth Tekken tournament which much will be talked about.


This is very important indeed.  I did think while I was playing Tekken in the past, Tekken had its crown firmly held due to his accessibility that goes down to deep gameplay.  It still keeps smooth controls that makes it a fun game.