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The Confusion of My Super Mario Childhood: Peach and Daisy

I just thought though that before, I used to think that Peach and Daisy were the same person until much later I did some research and verified they weren't.  In the original Super Mario game, the princess wasn't named until the second game and she was named Princess Toadstool.  So I assumed that Toadstool was the surname, Daisy was her first name or whatever.  It just got confusing especially that in earlier Mario games (the good old NES days), we find out that Princess Peach had brown hair like Princess Daisy.  It wasn't until Super Mario All Stars was developed that the error was corrected, Princess Peach had blonde hair so further clarifying that Peach isn't Daisy.  And also, later Mario games featured Daisy as a separate character rather than another name for Peach, further clearing away the confusion for good.  So there I got my answers to that old age question to Daisy and Peach.

MMPR Down the Road

This scene brings too many memories like my crush on Kimberly Hart when I was still a child.  Sadly I never saw Super Sentai... damn TV stations!  But the memory of Kimberly Hart is still worth cherishing.  Enjoy this nice song!!!!

Megaman X8: My Overall View

So okay I began my backtrack gaming and I never thought Megaman X8 would be THAT GOOD after I spent some patient hours playing it.  At first it seemed quite awkward or level designs can be "WTF" but hey with easy controls, difficult gameplay balances the whole game from being too easy or too hard.  So what I pretty thought of this game was kinda cool with a mix of 2D/3D gameplay with cinematics that I would are say are beautifully done cell-shading aside from outstanding graphics.  Although I do find it quite creepy to know Lumine was a bad guy- or is it because he resembles Megaman Juno?!  Too predictable?  Maybe.  Also I do find it weird that Sigma's symbol on his forehead is also used by the "Ancients" in Megaman Legends.

Back to the game- so the whole project was called Jakob's Ladder (a call on the true to life event of Jacob's dream of the ladder to Heaven) but this was a picture of how fallen man just keeps falling.  They began migration to the …

Power Rangers Seasons I Really Have a Huge Dislike

Here are Power Rangers seasons that are horrible that I can't help but bad mouth them that much!  Okay this is just an opinion but I'll say my piece...

MMPR Season Three- Seriously it all went downhill by season three.  Why?  Well aside from Lord Zedd suffering from a villain decay which I think his love for Rita should have made him more EVIL... (and it seldom does) but the plots were getting corny and dry.  Yeah the whole franchise was suffering from literal burnouts too!  On the superficial side, I hated it when Kimberly left perhaps Amy Jo Johnson was disliking the series already.

Okay I know the Dekaranger gang is dubbing SPD in Japan (well I moan at the fact that while some countries enjoy BOTH franchises, some don't) but I have to say I find plenty of the cast annoying (I know character flaws like being a bad cook is part of life but nuisance is not tolerable).  Who in particular?  They're namely Jack (Ban will NEVER skip the obstacle course), Bridge and his toa…