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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for the PS3

Well I guess it's time for me to review Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition komprehensively now I'll be writing everything Kombat-style in this review.  So this is the PS3 version, komplete edition to which you can already play with Freddie Kruger, Skarlet, Kenshin, Rain and Cyber Sub-Zero from the start (while the Story Mode still erroneously says you unlocked Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi when you achieved something. =P  So I'd like to give my komprehensive review.


The story is after Armageddon and it is an alternate dimension or perhaps a cycle of rebirth.  So everybody died in Armageddon, Raiden seeks to strike Shao Kahn at the past or is it?  It's more like a cycle of reincarnation later, the MK timeline was reborn and things re-occur differently.  Much has changed like for example, some characters who were supposed to be in MK2-3 were in the MK1 part, Sub-Zero becomes a cyborg instead of Smoke in his next life, Kung Lao got to fight Kintaro in the place of Liu Ka…

Most Overrated Power Rangers Hotties

For Power Rangers, sigh there aren't really much hot chicks in it.  However I had my thoughts on the following girls.

First overrated girl goes to Kimberly Hart.  Yup she is pretty and sexy BUT it does become a bad habit of mine to overrate her and other pretty white girls.  Sigh, I'm Asian and why am I doing it in the first place?!  As far as concerned, she helped me endure through the weakening side of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers until she eventually left the set.  I would say that maybe she's not really the hottest girl in Tokusatsu dom in the 90s but that's pretty much my own choice.

My second one (and last here) would go to Gia Moran.  It's been awhile ever since somebody THIS HOT showed up.  Well Megaforce is for me getting weaker but looks like Gia's there to serve as some pain reliever.  Hee hee hee hee.

The Odd Similarity Between Professor Calamitous and Professor Phenomenus?

Here are two characters I thought looked TOO ALIKE that was Professor Calamitous (left) and Professor Phenomenus (right).  It's probably just a coincidence really that Professor Calamitous looks too similar to the late Jack Banning the actor who played the crazy character.  The similarities are that they are both incompetent although Calamitous IS a villain.  Too bad Jack Banning had died since he could have played as a live version of the incompetent villain.

Megaman X Command Mission

It's a pretty old game but for me, this game is really had the potential to lead a new series but TOO BAD Capcom had to screw it up.  It's the first true Megaman RPG based on the X series, in fact made me think at first I thought it would be like Megaman Legends series but it's much better.  Why?  It has an RPG turn based system, you get to really combat the Rebellion Army and of course there are twists and turns.  Pretty much, the whole system is based on trying to figure out the secret of the Rebellion Army that is setting some kind of freaky plan to "evolve" all Reploids with Supra Force Metal led by the dangerous General Epsilon who does have some weird operational plans.  Like how?  Just made me think despite his being a Maverick, he does usually choose to exile people away from Giga Island rather than kill them.

I had my thoughts on how the game starts- so you have X and Zero to play as.  Made me think not much has changed between Megaman and Zero.  Zero i…

Hera in Hercules the Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is infamous for its altering too much of Greek mythology and maybe I should address that Hera is portrayed to be in a very negative light.  I'd like to talk about how she appeared in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Well I thought the fact that she never appeared in her human form for several seasons was damn annoying but what was really more annoying was that Hera was already made a complete monster rather than a tragic villain.  How so?  Made me think of this- in the myths most of Hera's plans were centered around Hercules (plus the show doesn't even address the issue that Hera hated Hercules even more because his name means "Hera's Glory").  For example, many of Zeus' misdeeds were attributed to her like it was Zeus who wants to get fire away from mankind, it was Zeus who separated Echidna from her husband so no more monsters will be conceived and it's Ares who's usually responsible for more of mankind's su…