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Bass' Post Megaman Series Legacy

Bass the villain turned anti-hero and well complex counter-Megaman robot before Zero was created, had apparently left a legacy after the Megaman series ended.  Known to be introduced as a badass villain in Megaman 7 (Dr. Wily's first self-made counter-Megaman) and an anti-hero for Megaman Power Battle, a self-aligned nuisance in Megaman 8 (since he rebelled against Dr. Wily his creator), he apparently left a legecy behind for the Megaman X series aside from Bass.EXE in Megaman Battle Network:

The first one would be Zero who is also Dr. Wily's robot, hence his "younger brother".  Zero like Bass is powered up by Bassnium while being the orignator of the Maverick Virus.  Another is that when Megaman X4 was released, like Bass, Zero became a playable character.  Like Megaman and Bass, Megaman X4 allowed the player to choose whose story to play as- either X or Zero.  Using either one will force the player to play as the other until the game is finished.  Dr. Wily created…

Power Rangers Megaforce and Kamen Rider Fourze Similarities?

While watching Power Rangers Megaforce and Kamen Rider Fourze, was it possible that even if the whole Fourze adaptation was a hoax all along, that the producers took KR Fourze characteristics to these guys?  They're not all alike but I can't help but notice these...

Troy and Shun- While I don't really think Justin Tomimori would play any red ranger character but I just thought, Troy and Shun are both the beefy characters in their series.  One plays football, the other is a martial artist but still, both are basically the beefy characters.  Hmmm to be honest, I wish Megaforce had a Gentarou Kisaragi type of red ranger instead!

Jake Holling and Gentarou Kisaragi- They are the weird guys of the show.  Both also wear black.

Noah Carver and Kengo Utahoshi - They are the geniuses of their shows who come up with different gadgets.

Gia Moran and Miu Kazahiro- They are both the "hottest girls in school" in their shows but other than that, they differ in personality.  Gia…

Power Rangers: Some Ways It Differentiates From Its Super Sentai Counterpart

If Power Rangers just kept copying/pasting, it will be utterly boring which sadly happens too much lately.  I mean, it's just pretty a waste of time if it's just copy/paste.  Now for some ways it differentiates to make the adaptation a more unique experience:

Change of motif between two shows.  MMPR didn't copy the dinosaur theme but instead, had Turboranger's "recruit teenage with attitude" trope codifier in its place.  Other shows that followed the motif were also its two succeeding seasons, Zeo, PR in Space, Lost Galaxy and RPM.

Making sure your characters are NOT always matching the Super Sentai counterparts.  Aside from the "she's male in Japan" done during Saban era, presumably because of cultural difference, one can also see some differences.  For example, some rangers between here and there are opposites.  For example, Billy is a nerd while Dan would be bored with stuff Billy loves.

Making PR exclusive villains.  It's fun when Power…

Some Stuff You Can't Have in Power Rangers

So some argue why Super Sentai won't air in America? Although Power Rangers tried more of Sentai's formulas like the new cast per season, tried to introduce better villains and so on, but there are stuff that can't be Power Rangers:

I was thinking of stuff you can't have in Power Rangers but you can have them in Super Sentai:

Guns and other related lethal weapons outside civilian form. 

You can see that in the earlier Super Sentai, you can see it later. Well Power Rangers just can't have that. While Jen did use a rifle in the Wild Force/Time Force crossover but it wasn't even prolonged. Most of the time, the bullets are replaced with lasers.

Suggestive humor. 

Of course, TV-Y7-FV won't allow that. I mean you don't see any Power Rangers bathing do you? I mean, Mei had a bath scene in MMPR but not Kimberly. I would admit I had perverted fantasies over the fictional character herself. Skull had a crush on her but he didn't do any physical harassment to h…

Tori Hanson in Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is one of most decent seasons and my guilty pleasure over one girl... Tori Hanson.  True she's not all as sexy and hot as Nanami (who has the flirty look) but she has a different beauty and approach especially with the actress, Sally Martin.

Well for one, Tori Hanson in Ninja Storm is pretty attractive.  As for personality, she contrasts Nanami's feminine personality with her more or less "tomboy" personality.  Unlike Nanami, she doesn't sing either.  But I thought she was pretty fine for me. She was also hinted with either Cam Watanabe and Brake Bradley but neither came out.

It was nice of her to return for "Once a Ranger" in Operation Overdrive and the beginning of Dino Thunder which I watched only for her though.

My Wild Mass Guess of Sigma and Lumine in Megaman X8

Megaman X8 features a more or less complicated game plot with Sigma's rule and the last minute turn of Lumine being the final antagonist.  Lumine starts off being portrayed as a person kidnapped by Vile, to which was ordered by Sigma.  But surprise, surprise when we finally beat Sigma in normal or hard mode...

After defeating Sigma, Lumine reveals that Sigma helped his plan which either he was the real mastermind or this was a backfired scheme.  Apparently, Sigma may have cooperated with Lumine behind the scenes to make the new generation reploids.  Sigma's DNA is almost everywhere in this "evolution project" which in turn, Lumine may also have had Sigma's DNA.  Again Sigma could return one day.

My only speculation is this- Sigma intends to betray Lumine and vice-versa.  However Lumine knowing of Sigma's lunacy had increased, he takes advantage of it.  Only after Sigma fell did he reveal his true purpose- that Sigma was merely a "tool".  So either …

Kimberly Hart vs. Gia Moran as the Hottest Girl in School

Apparently PR Megaforce had not only merged Zack's character and Billy's character into Noah but they have also split Kimberly's character into two namely Emma and Gia.  So now I'd like to compare Kimberly Hart and Gia Moran.

Kimberly starts off as a valley girl with a heightened awareness for her friends.  She is deep inside kindhearted and friendly though it doesn't immediately show it.  She's also shown as the team heart though she is also having the weakness of being easily annoyed.  Her beauty is also a curse though as it has attracted Skull for some time and at one point, even Lord Zedd who dropped off the infatuation seeing it as an obstacle to his victory.

Some of Kimberly's traits were implanted into Gia like being the hottest girl in school though she is portrayed to be more "Miss Perfect" than Kimberly.  She's also pretty smart (but not to Noah's level), tends to take leadership and steal the spotlight.  Unlike Kimberly, she is …

Super Mario All Stars: A Look Back and Re-Released on Wii

Back when I was still a Nintendo fan (sort of) while I only rented the SNES from stores, I would recall this experience called Super Mario All Stars which I now play on an emulator.  The game consists of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.  Which I can recall only 1-3 but not the Lost Levels.

So what the game basically did for the NES games was to enhance them with SNES graphics, have a minor retooling of the jump button and attack button for the SNES players.  And I was thinking that it was a nice recoloring and I was having fun playing enhanced versions of the NES games I used to play (except for Lost Levels).  Playing an enhanced version of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 was a nice thing.

For the remake, Super Mario Bros. 3 had minor changes aside from the obvious better graphics.  Since the story revolves around the seven kingdoms with transformed kings, some of them even used different transformations for th…

My Wishful Thinking for the Conan Movie: Main Villain Should Have Been Thulsa Doom (Comics Version)

Considering Frank Langella who played the movie version of Skeletor is too old, Stephen Lang is not too old... and who I wanted to be the movie antagonist...

While I'm using Skeletor as the placeholder, but I just thought that I wanted to see a live version of the comics version of Thulsa Doom!  Thulsa Doom in the Kull series was not only Kull's long time opponent but was also an evil undead, who would later haunt Conan in the comics continuity.  And I thought why not bring in the novel Thulsa, as an undead evil warlord who now controls much of Hyboria and seeks to crush Conan?

Shinnok's Fall from Grace in Mortal Kombat

Shinnok who was first introduced in Mortal Kombat Mytholigies, appeared in MK Annihilation as father to both Shao Kahn and Raiden (NOT CANON) and the rather underutilized final boss of MK4/Gold, I thought he had an interesting storyline...

What was known in-game of Mortal Kombat Mythologies was that Shinnok was the fallen Elder God.  So he had his fall from grace, he was kicked out of Heaven for rebellion against the Elder Gods.  So I'd assume that his rebellion was well caught, the Elder Gods banished him into the Netherrealm.  So why did he suffer in the Netherrealm?  Here's my assumption if we are to use Taoist/Buddhist cosmology:

Perhaps for some time, he was under the torture of King Yama who had justly condemned him to suffer in the Netherrealm.  But one day, may have had collaborated with Quan Chi a resident of Hell.  So if Shinnok had some rebellion going on, he even overthrew King Yama who was in charge of the Ten Courts.  So he basically overthrew the ruler of the u…

Dr. Wily's Posthumous Influence in the X Series

So I was thinking that in spite of Dr. Wily's death, his influence has not died even in the 21XX Century.  So what's the possibility there?  So here's what I began to think about how his death around 20XX did't kill his influence.

In Megaman X2, the leader of the X Hunters (ironically he's not the second to the last boss) Serges bears resemblance to Dr. Wily.  So I was speculating that he could have been Dr. Wily or at the very least, a robot that was inspired from Dr. Wily.  So if Zero is the "last creation" of Dr. Wily, I guess Sigma was wrong.  So what is possible is that Serges, Violen and Agile were Dr. Wily's hidden set of robots.  Dr. Wily may have placed his knowledge not only with Zero his successor but may have created the X-Hunters to aid Zero when the time is ripe for Zero to succeed his creator.  They made him a new body in Megaman X2, which is probably why in X5, Sigma mentioned an "old ally of X" made the new body.  Also when …

Mei and Kimberly Compared

Here's a comparison of Mei and Kimberly.  So provided I've seen MMPR first, I will talk about Kimberly before I'll talk about Mei.  But I'll just compare Kimberly during the first season with Mei for a closer comparison.

Kimberly appears to be a ditzy valley girl who evolves during the series.  She is the pretty popular girl in school but despite that, she is close to her friends.  Although she starts off seemingly self-centered but she is actually friendly and kindhearted.  Plus she loves children.  It was fun to see her relationship with Tommy which sadly got written off much later thanks to bad writing.  Sigh, MMPR should have ended after Doomsday and... well but I guess Toei and Saban is controlled by their desire for core models ahem money.

For Zyuranger, it gave me some things to be shocked at or not.  For things in common with Kimberly, both of them are fond of children.  However Mei is more different.  Unlike Kimberly who is your normal teenager who one day bec…

Coincidence Between Power Rangers Megaforce and Kamen Rider Fourze

So we have Kamen Rider Fourze which entered by September 4, 2011 and ended on August 26, 2012.  February 2, 2013 became the opening of Power Rangers Megaforce.  Fourze focused on teenagers and their lives, Megaforce was also all about teenagers.

We have half-Australian, half-Japanese actor Justin Tomimori the muscular guy of the Kamen Rider Club.

Then we have Andrew Gray so sorts of looks like Justin Tomimori.

For acting though, Justin Tomimori CAN act while Andrew Gray is more suited to be a robot.  On the other hand, I still find this to be another weird coincidence!

The Megaman Legends Series' Reference to the Original Megaman Timeline

Megaman Legends had references to the original Megaman timeline, even if it wasn't part of it.  What are these?  One might consider these... aside from the obvious Roll Caskett who is NOT his sister here but his potential love interest.

Megaman Legends:

In the first game items you can get are the following.  The Z-Saber can be won from the TV Station games and the X-Buster (NOT a buster part) can be used to create the Shining Laser, the BEST weapon in the game!

Megaman Volnutt is referred as the "Blue Boy".

In the later part of the game, one character is named Wily but is NOT Dr. Wily!

For the game's main antagonist, Megaman Juno has a reference to Sigma.  Both he and Sigma seek to destroy the humans.

Megaman Legends 2:

Megaman Legends 2 had more of them.  In the earlier part of the game, reading the diary of Professor Barrel will reveal more about Megaman.  Megaman Trigger was found as a baby and was named as Megaman, after Roll's favorite video game character.  …

The Bonnes in the Megaman Legends Series

While playing Megaman Legends, the recurring antagonists called the Bonnes are back to the lighter and softer in the alternate Megaman Universe called the Legends continuity.  So they are apparently a family of cyborgs or "carbons".  If they were in the regular Megaman continuity, they would be the lamest groups of Mavericks considering they were only making half-brained schemes plus Sigma won't like them a bit.  They usually made goofy looking robots that end up in the scrap heat.

The Servbots are the Bonnes' family robots.  They have their cute appearance to avoid suspicion that they are Mavericks.  They are pretty useful like piloting mechs, throwing bombs and the like.  I personally thought in Megaman Legends 2 that their use was even utilized.

For their plots, the Bonnes unlike most Megaman antagonists regardless of continuity, were pirates.  They were more after money and had some sense of honor.  In Megaman Legends, one can see they weren't totally heartl…

Why I Believe Cancelling Megaman Legends 3 Was Uncalled For

Sure Megaman Legends is a completely different Megaman from that of the regular Megaman to Megaman X storyline.  For one, people were awaiting for the whole "Elder System" thing that was activated and two, Megaman Volnutt's to be rescued from the moon.  It ticked me off to hear it was cancelled three years ago.  WTF Capcom?  Why cancel the game when the first two games were doing good?  Really, was this some conspiracy against Keiji Inafune?  I was thinking that Capcom used to be one of my favorite companies because the whole Megaman series was my favorite video game since I was little up to present.  I mean the Legends series was pretty solid and had good reviews, why on Earth should they even be so bad to get rid of the series?

Like it or not for Capcom, 100,000 people and more are strong for bringing back the project but so sad to say, Capcom has come to Crapcom with all its decisions.  That is a huge number.  If Capcom wants to make money, they should listen to thei…

Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran... My Current Thoughts!

For Power Rangers Megaforce, I would dare say that it's rushed, it tends to get bad or everything but it seems the show has one saving grace for me, it's Ciara Hanna.  So I had my thoughts on how she practically steals the show for me aside from her gorgeous appearance.  The fact is she can act her character out!  I think while Azim Rizk and John Mark Loudermilk can act, she can also act.  But she practically steals the show with her acting and character.  She stands out compared to Christina Masterson in both appearance and acting IMO.

I was thinking she also kind of brings life to the otherwise robotic Andrew Michael Gray.  My problems with Troy is that unlike his "clone" Justin Tomimori otherwise Shun Ogawa in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Just my two cents!