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Mortal Kombat Villains Who I Felt Had Interesting Concepts But Didn't Get Their Potential Fleshed Out

Here's a list of Mortal Kombat villains who I felt were pretty interesting but didn't get their potential fleshed out.


Kintaro was introduced in Mortal Kombat II as Goro's stronger replacement. I'd agree he's really that difficult in the second game. His plotline was where he replaced Goro as Shao Kahn's new general and is said to be more powerful and agile than his predecessor. He returned in Mortal Kombat Trilogy as a playable boss character and sometimes took over Motaro's slot. But after Trilogy, he simply faded away into obscurity where some unproven rumor suggested that he was vaporized by Raiden but was proven false by MK: Deception. In Shaolin Monks, he's merely introduced only to be killed off by Liu Kang and Kung Lao. During Armageddon, he was seen part of the Army of Darkness but his storyline wasn't even expanded for somebody who's even more powerful than Goro. I felt like the non-canon Malibu Comics had given more personalit…

Why I Think Timeranger's Ending Can't Fit Well Into Time Force

After doing some Timeranger vs. Time Force comparisons, there's really a lot of stuff that I thought just won't fit well with Time Force. Time Force might as well be considered as a fun season, not meant to be depressing like Timeranger was. So how can it not fit in? Here's what I think why it just won't freaking work. Plus, most post-Timeranger Super Sentai seasons were much less serious except for Go-Busters.

Alex being the "real villain" may not work

I'd probably want to focus on what if Captain Alex Collins was sooner or later meant to be like Captain Ryuya Asami. Both of them were the red rangers of their era while they were also a descendant of the red rangers. When Alex returned and somehow survived or what, I was thinking would it be possible Alex allowed himself to be hurt by Ransik, he faked his death and was confirmed to be alive? Or would Ransik's stay in the year 2001 actually have caused Alex's revival? It's not really explained …

Remembering The Super Robot Romance Of Daimos

Daimos is one Anime that I could remember back in the 90s. I did see it in English dub though I wish to see it soon in Japanese with proper subtitles. Even with some of the inaccuracies in the English dub but some plot remained intact anyway. The story of Daimos might have been set as another warning to the Japanese people to learn from their past. There's xenophobia and the wickedness of humanity has been explored on both sides. One side is the Baam has wicked bigots and so does humanity. General Miura (Harris) serves as humanity's embodiment of bigotry and the secondary antagonist. The Baams have Prince Richter (Ulrich) and General Olban though the enemies aren't truly evil either.

Heihachi Is Most Likely Namco's Favorite Tekken Boss

As a fan of the Tekken franchise, I've noticed that somehow Heihachi seems to get more or less the same degree of favoritism that Shao Kahn gets from Ed Boon. In what way? Heihachi has been the recurring villain of the Tekken franchise. I've even heard Katsuhiro Harada has him as a favorite character to play as. Not to mention, in Namco x Capcom, he's portrayed as a hero instead of a villain. But still, I preferred him more as a Lex Luthor type of villain. He seems to be a nice man in public but behind closed doors, he's always up to something no good.

Heihachi may not always be the final boss in every Tekken game but he plays a huge role as a villain. Before the first Tekken game, he was the very person responsible to why most of the events happened like he's created the monstrous behavior in his son Kazuya, he locked Jinpachi away in the Honmaru creating the vengeful ghost that'll come back years later to haunt him, he's also called for the third Tekken …

Shinnok's Unmet Potential?

I just remembered back then that Shinnok was described as a "mysterious fallen Elder God" and the ruler of the Netherrealm implying that he's indeed the lord of all evil in the Mortal Kombat Universe. But the way things look like, it seems that maybe Ed Boon hates this guy so much and loves Shao Kahn more as a villain. Shao Kahn happens to be the villain of the Mortal Kombat Universe that has all the love and attention of the producers giving him a badass death, allowing him to win Armageddon and even making him the most recognizable bad guy. But what about Shinnok? I really expected him to be dark, malevolent and more threatening than Shao Kahn but instead, he turns out to be a character that really feels like none of the producers ever liked him at all.

Shinnok was first introduced in Mortal Kombat: Mythologies as a mysterious fallen Elder God who can turn into some kind of demon. Long ago, he was responsible for a war that lasted for thousands of years and he's R…

My Speculated List Of Other Power Rangers Time Force Plots That Got Modified By Executive Meddling And/Or Circumstances

Because of a rumor that Judd Lynn intended to kill off Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger, I thought there were several, several plots that were probably intended for Time Force but were removed because they were probably "too inappropriate". Here's my wild guesses of what may have been intended but got removed from Time Force's scripts. Granted, Time Force may have never been intended to be darker and edgier to start with. A lot of these plots led to the finale and remember 9/11 happened that same year Time Force was on.

Ransik himself may have been meant to die like Don Dolnero, perhaps by an out-of-control Frax. Frax was a person who Ransik brutally murdered the latter after all, right? I just had a thought that maybe in the original script, we'd see Ransik actually DIE because Frax somehow mortally wounds him. Maybe it was intended that Jen should go crazy after she realizes that she wasn't able to capture Ransik. Then it may have led to the part that Ransik'…

There's Something That The Upcoming Ninja Steel Needs To Fix From Ninninger

After watching this interview where Kazunori Inaba and Kei Shindachiya have mentioned where Power Rangers is currently better with retaining cast members doing their own stunts. Taking the context of the interview, you really need to understand it was Power Rangers Dino Charge and Ninninger that was airing that time. 
Like its Japanese counterpart Kyoryuger, Dino Charge had the main cast members doing the common fodder of out-of-suit fight scenes. While neither show really presented a stunt as great as back in the 80s but you can't deny they are doing whatever they can to do impressive stunts. But after Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger really had a huge drop of action scenes by the cast members and instead, they got overly stuntman reliant. One can go ahead and say, "But Dino Charge still has to use some Kyoryuger footage." Excuse me but Dino Charge should be credited for their out of suit fight scenes.. something Ninninger badly needed.

Hopefully, Ninja Steel will try t…

Hopefully, Tekken 7 Enters The PS4/XBox One Arena This Year!

It might be frustrating for some PS4/XBox One owners who are getting a lot of cool stuff with Mortal Kombat X (they're probably enjoying the final Kombat Pack) but still no Tekken 7 for the current generation consoles. The PS4 isn't that expensive, I want to get it but it's all about Tekken 7 that becomes my reason that I want to get it.

I guess a lot of Tekken fans are still suffering from frustration. Some may have already bought a PS4 or XBox One because they're waiting for Tekken 7. But still no Tekken 7?

I Think Sledge Will Be Back...

So Enter I mean Heckyl (and that name serves him right) heckles everyone. So he's basically taken over as the Big Bad but I always thought that Sledge won't be gone for long. I just thought maybe, just maybe we'll see Heckyl eventually get a well-written death that a lot of gamechanger villains get. So what's up with that?

Do you remember the episode in Wild Force when Cole beats the second Master Org in a one-on-one battle against each other? Master Org reverts back to his human identity Viktor Adler after Cole defeated him in a close call. Mandilok who was newly resurrected gets rid of the depowered Viktor Adler but some episodes later, you get something really not so surprising. Viktor's wicked heart was even worse than the Orgs allowing him to become a real Org. Viktor as the new Master Org not only gets even with Jindrax and Toxica, he also shows how he has finally discarded his humanity.

That Side Of Kimberly That Makes Her Better Than Mei, IMO

While watching Zyuranger and yes, I do like the series better than Mighty Morphin' but I still can't deny even as a guy who doesn't consider himself a Power Rangers fan, there's still some stuff that Power Rangers managed to do better. I just thought that while Mei does have her badass warrior princess moments but Kimberly does have her own charm.
Amy Jo Johnson can act better than her Japanese counterpart. I felt like Reiko Chiba's expressions weren't all too convincing. The more I look at the scenes where emotions are needed, I felt like at times Mei was flat but she manages to make up with some of the "do it yourself stunt scenes". Kimberly has her own stunt scenes though back then, nobody thought of letting Power Rangers protagonists fight monsters of the week out of suit in contrast to the standard out of suit fighting with foot soldiers. Fortunately Chad in Lightspeed Rescue did (but I felt like, they should have made him a martial arts instruc…

Wishful Thinking: Tekken 7's Scenario Campaign

While playing Tekken 6 and Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition at the same time, I thought about a few things about both games. While I still am whining about Mortal Kombat's lack of full 3D rendered endings like they did in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold but praised it for the Story Mode, I really can't help but think how I wasn't so fond of the Scenario Campaign's method. I even thought Mortal Kombat Armageddon's Konquest Mode was better even for a very last generation game. I hope Namco while it's developing Tekken 7 for the new generation systems will take note of this.

Wishful Thinking: Tekken Comic Series To Explain Events In Between Tekken 2 And Tekken 3

After viewing Youtube videos of Mortal Kombat X's canon comic series (which is different from the Malibu Comics which reimagined Mortal Kombat characters outside canon), I thought there's a whole lot of missing stuff from Namco's Tekken-Verse. I felt like we needed an explanation of what happened in between Tekken 2 and 3. A lot could have happened in between 20 years.

All that was known was some of Jin's explanations that on his 19th birthday, he became a full-pledged fighter and he was asked to take shelter with his paternal grandfather Heihachi if anything happened to his mother. We've heard of the threat of Ogre but he's not so expanded upon to the point I think Mortal Kombat's Kotal Kahn might be more developed than the latter. But what really happened in between the two Tekken games which spanned for like 20 years?

Tekken's Characters With An "Unknown" Status Anyone?

While some Tekken characters have been revealed to be alive and well or dead, some characters are somehow still "missing". It's time to take a look at some of them.

Jun Kazama

After the events of Tekken 2, she's only made appearances in the Tekken Tag Tournament games as a playable character but never in the mainstream game. In Tekken 3, she was last known to have encountered Ogre in the process. What happened to her is currently unknown. I'd want to believe she's dead by this time though.


She was first introduced as Yoshimitsu's rival for two Tekken games. She had disgraced the Manji Clan by going from honorable thievery to becoming more interested in her selfish motives. What happened to her after Tekken 2 is unknown. All that's known is that after Tekken 2, Yoshimitsu ends up having Bryan Fury as a rival instead. She's appeared in both Tekken Tag games.

Tekken's Unique Mix Of Mostly Real-Life Martial Arts Moves VS. Its Science Fiction Setting

Tekken didn't immediately click with me during the earlier days due to its non-projectile based gameplay mixed with science fiction. I always felt it was inconsistent through and through. While most of Tekken's moves are actually based on real-life martial arts, close combat style similar to Virtua Fighter (which came first), but Tekken still keeps itself consistent with the sci-fi theme even in the first game.
Think about it that even in the first Tekken game you really get some unrealistic characters like Kuma would probably kill Heihachi in real life, Jack and P-Jack are robots and "Devil" was an alternate costume for Kazuya in the console version. So I guess Tekken as a fighting game took the direction of mixing science fiction plotline with mostly realistic fighting game moves set to some very weird physics in some areas of gameplay.