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Well Is Mighty No. 9 Coming Out?

After I heard Keiji Inafune was making a spiritual successor to Megaman, I felt really excited. As a child, I really love Megaman and still do. I still can't get over how Capcom really didn't give Megaman a proper finale. I could accept Megaman X ending with Command Mission but why cancel Megaman Legends 3 which could have been the finale Megaman needed? After looking at Inafune's project, I just want to feel young and get this game. 
The gameplay is pretty impressive with its innovation of a Megaman-type game. So the hero Beck stuns opponents, he absorbs then and I think it can get addictive. But how long can it stand? I'll just wait until the game comes out. 

I've Just Started Watching Winspector...

While I'm waiting for GoGoFive to end, I thought of watching one thing I thought was pretty weird. What? No main villain for a Tokusatsu series? While I've watched Flashpoint or other police series where there's NO central villain, Winspector does the same and its successors Solbrain and Exceedraft. They're not your average transforming heroes but it's a sci-fi crime show.

What's up with the first seven episodes I've seen? It's sort of a hypothetical setting of technology, what if you had a super suit for rescuing and you were accompanied by two robot companions to help you do your job. Then you've got a lot of day to day crimes that are "upgraded" because of the show's non-existent technology. Then you've got guests from other Tokusatsu shows who are appearing as either victims or criminals of the week. Plus, you've got good old Hiroshi Miyauchi as Commander Masaki.

Until then, I'm still trying to finish this otherwise at…

What If Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Took More Inspiration From Flashman?

While watching Flashman, I still can't stop thinking of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Even if Lost Galaxy wasn't based on Flashman but Gingaman, but the former's space theme seems to have the vibes of Star Trek and Flashman seems to follow Star Trek's vibes in some way. I just gave a thought on what if Lost Galaxy took more ideas from Flashman.

The rangers

So I guess Leo won't have an older brother and maybe he'll be closer to Jin/Red Flash than he was. I guess they'll also be getting those civilian superpowers from the Flashmen. Hmmm just expect Domon to break walls, Kai to scale walls, Maya to have a sharp mind and Kendrix to defy gravity out of suit. But I guess there's always other creative ways to handle that plot. Chances are maybe, just maybe we'll see an Alpha Seven which doesn't look too much like Alpha. Mag might have been ported or modified from the American audience. But I guess if Leo doesn't have a brother, Magna Defender would dev…

Mortal Kombat Characters I Feel Were Just "Too Important" Or "Beloved"

I felt the following Mortal Kombat characters were just "too important" or "beloved" in some way. This is in no specific order.

Liu Kang
He may not be the most popular character, some people don't like him. Maybe he can be viewed as that "Bruce Lee clone" later ended up more of a Chinese version of Street Fighter's Ryu. So what's with him? I felt like some of his moves having "dragon" with them, his Dragon fatality, his MK Arcade Drop fatality, his MK3 friendship and his current promotion as ruler of the Netherrealm made him an important mascot. I wonder was his plotline where he and Kitana got promoted to replace Shinnok in the Netherrealm meant to give him another mascot role? Granted, Mortal Kombat as of current is under Netherrealm Studios. Plus, after he was supposedly killed in Deadly Alliance he makes a major return in Mortal Kombat Deception, he wasn't missed out in MK vs. DC and he's back for MKX as Netherrealm's …