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Megaman Legends' "Reporter" and Megaman X8

I always thought of these two annoying minor characters who I thought were essentially one and the same. If you consider that while Megaman and Megaman X are essentially the same universe, Megaman Legends may not happen in the same universe.
When I first played the Megaman Legends series thinking it was the same Blue Bomber (when it isn't and Megaman Legends 2 proves it), I thought that one SUPER annoying character. In Megaman Legends' first game, there's that mission where you must save the City Hall from destruction, something I sucked at in the first game. So what was so distracting was that while you were playing the the City Hall mission, she interrupts your gameplay with stuff like, "The City Hall is catching on fire." which interrupts your gameplay while you beat the bad guys. Gotta admit, I really kept firing at her every time you were in an area where you could use your weapons... but it doesn't harm her. Fortunately she did not make it into the sec…

Shinnok's Some Pathetic Excuse For A Villain Huh?!

Even if I won't be playing Mortal Kombat X anytime soon (no thanks to sudden cancellation probably due to technical issues) but I'll admit that as a spoiler addict, Shinnok is really one pathetic excuse for a villain. So really, he's supposedly a fallen Elder God but ends up becoming like Marvel's Loki - he rivals the thunder god, he's a trickster and when I look at his costume WTF he really looks like a clown! Besides, one cannot deny that he's probably the worst Mortal Kombat villain either.

Whether it was the first timeline or the second timeline (the franchise got reincarnated last 2011), I cannot deny that Shinnok is better called as Stupidok or whatever. Okay he does have a cunning side but apparently, he's more of a childish prankster than a real fallen Elder God. Like Loki in Marvel Comics, he fights Raiden who is Mortal Kombat's counterpart for Thor. The whole issue was he was banished by Raiden a lower god perhaps in a game of tricks. What w…

Boddicker and Tatewaki: Both Crazy, Childish But Dangerous Villains!

When it came to Robocop and Janperson, I thought two cast members really managed to carry out their parts as mentally unstable but dangerous gang leaders namely Kirkwood Smith and later, Shun Sugata.  I always felt like Shun Sugata was Japan's answer to Kirkwood Smith and believe me, both villains wouldn't be the best to irritate.

Looking at the first Robocop film, the film had Boddicker's gang hired by Dick Jones of Omni Consumer Products.  What made this Boddicker guy so crazy was that, he really takes joy in blowing just everything up.  Heck, he was even responsible for bloodily disposing off the show's main protagonist Alex Murphy who later came back as Robocop.  I always thought that the Boddicker Gang really knew how to carry out their evil schemes and they weren't to be underestimated.

Shun Sugata really manages to be Japan's very own answer to Kirkwood Smith and Tatewaki is really Japan's own version of Boddicker though in this case, he was a bit m…

Janperson's Origins Is Like Reimagining Robocop's Origins!

Janperson as much of a Robocop inspired show it is, really decided to reimagine Robocop's origins perhaps as not to confuse the Japanese audience between the source of inspiration and the inspired hero. So what's up with Robocop's origins?

Unlike Robocop, Janperson was always purely mechanical like let's say Metalder. He was created as a police robot to fight crime by a group of scientists. Dr. Kaoru Saegusa would serve as his technician for the rest of the series. He was once known as MX-A1, perhaps an inspiration of the Robocop project before it had a human soul.

However during MX-A1's test run, he had no compassion whatsoever and he was prone to breaking the Asimov's Three Law of Robotics. Even if he was just hunting down mindless androids, he malfunctioned and they had to get rid of him.

Power Rangers Purists And Complaining About Super Sentai Before They've Even Watched It!

When it comes to fan wars between Super Sentai purists and Power Rangers purists, I always feel like there's a huge difference between neutrality and unfair prejudice. Sad to say but I am also seeing the horrible, horrible comments of Power Rangers purists (or Powtards as I call them) and as said, most of them give me a load of cancer.
It's so amazing really how Power Rangers purists can be just as stupid as Super Sentai purists. If the Super Sentai purists can come up with very unsubstantiated biases like, "Power Rangers is bad because it's an adaptation and it's American. Japan is so much better." then the same can go for them because of their racist culture. It made me think why are they already saying Super Sentai is bad before they even watch it? So what's the big deal with their biases? Nothing might be more certain than their childishness, immaturity and American superiority mentality.

So The First Mortal Kombat Film Turned 20, Mortal Kombat X Occurs 20 Years After Mortal Kombat (2011)!

What pretty much slipped my mind is that the Mortal Kombat film (which premiered last August 18, 1995) had turned 20 yesterday.  So really, the coincidence is Mortal Kombat X (the current generation consoles) got released last April 14, 2015, the game takes place 20 years after Mortal Kombat (2011), with new generation fighters.  So here's a bit of what I also thought about was pretty much coincidental.
Johnny Cage's Mortal Kombat X bio states that Johnny Cage is 50 something.  Guess what?  Linden Ashby the very actor who portrayed the character way back is already 55 years old and has two daughters one born in 1991 and the other born in 1992.  Judging by their ages, they would be 24 and 23 respectively, perhaps the same age as Cassie Cage.  On the other hand, Brigitte Wilson-Sampras has two sons born last 2002 and 2005 and she is only 41 years old as of present.

Jiban As The Kaijin-Slaying Robocop!

The popularity of the Robocop films ended up creating Japan's first Robocop-inspired hero in Jiban which would later be followed by the more Robocop-like series Janperson (except the hero was purely mechanical) and Signalman as a Robocop parody in Carranger. Considering that I'm not really a huge fan of Jiban compared to Janperson, it'd still be wrong not to give tribute to Jiban, the very first Robocop tribute by Toei!

Jiban's story is more typical to Tokusatsu, in short it's a hybrid of Robocop and your average Toku hero. The story is where Naoto Tamura a rookie detective gets killed in an incident with the Bioron Syndicate. Dr. Igarashi revives Naoto Tamura who was supposedly killed into the heroic Robocop-type character known as Jiban. It was because the accident in Dr. Igarashi's laboratory ended up creating Dr. Giba and the Bionoids as a result. He wanted to clean the mess he made so he created Jiban to destroy that mess.

Tommy Oliver: Liked Him As A Kid, Disliked Him For Years To Come!

As a child who watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, I was pretty much a Tommy fan. Though my original favorite MMPR character was at first, Billy... then I soon started to shift my liking towards Tommy. I may not fully understand why I liked Tommy as a child which I guess was due to him being "badass" or something but later, I would definitely think he's just an overused and overrated character.

Dragon Ball Z's Two Redeemed Villains: Piccolo and Vegeta!

If any two characters from Dragon Ball Z deserves mention it would be two of my favorites namely Piccolo and Vegeta.  For some reason, I always have a soft spot for redeemed villains.  Now to see how these two former villains were.  So let's take a look at what went on.
Piccolo Jr.
Picollo Jr. is the offspring of the King Piccolo who was defeated by Goku (at 11 years old).  What happened was that after King Piccolo was destroyed, the common link between the previous Piccolo and Kami was transferred to the son via asexual reprdouction.  In the first Dragon Ball series, he only has his parent and siblings (who were corrupted Namekians) to think about and he was assigned to avenge them.  He was going to try and fulfill what his late parent failed to fulfill... destroy Goku and rule over the world.  He entered the tournament and faced against his Uncle Kami who now shares the same link with him.
During the final tournament, Goku and Piccolo fought for the fate of the world.  Piccolo af…

Heihachi's Role As Tekken's Recurring Antagonist

Heihachi for a fighting game villain sort of fills my mind with the imagination of Katsuhiro Harada's rather imaginative concept. I mean, if you think about it, Tekken is really inspired by several video game characters and comic characters. One of them has to be Heihachi himself who I dare call as, "Dr. Wily on steroids." Later Tekken games makes him look more like Dr. Wily than any other video game villain. I even wanted to joke that he should have driven a Wily Machine type of vehicle in a bonus stage in Tekken 6!

So what does this hyped-up, toughened up version of "Dr. Wily" have to do with Tekken as a recurring antagonist? Let's think of his screwed up history and why he's really, really indeed a badass villain. I'll admit that starting from Tekken 2 up to present, he has been one of my favorite characters to use because even if he was toned down for balancing reasons, he is still a cheapo fighter at best.

The history of Tekken begins way back…