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Plot Holes in the 1982 Conan the Barbarian Film

Okay so I figured out that the movie was a box office hit but I do have some plot holes to think about which are:

On the snakeman Thulsa Doom- why did the writers choose to name the villain "Thulsa Doom" instead of "Thoth-Amon"? From what civilization did he belong to? All that is known is that they came from a cannibalistic civilization that worshiped Set. He, Rexor and Thorgrim never aged throughout the films, possibly a result of Set's empowerment.

Concerning the Wheel of Pain. Was it just there to torture?

The reason of the deletion of the "Procession Scene". I think it was really an important part to show the power of the Snake Cult.

In the Tower of Set, for what purpose was the sacrifice of a young woman to the giant python? Do the cult members inevitably feed themselves to the giant snake?

On the Snake Cult hierarchy- later we discover that Rexor not only serves as Thulsa Doom's right hand (and third in rank to the snake god Set) but also …

An Interesting Thing About the Conan Cartoon Toys

Above is a picture of the Conan and the evil wizard Wrath-Amon (who is loosely based on Set's high priest from the novels, Thoth-Amon) action figures with their horses. Sadly I only have my Conan action figure left and so is Wrath-Amon, without everything else. :-( Now I've noticed that Conan's sword looks different from that of the cartoon.

Instead of the cartoon sword, it resembles the Sword of Atlantis from the Conan movie instead. I wonder why.