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The Lost Galaxy Rumor in Japan

There was the rumor of Lost Galaxy being better than Gingaman in Japan.  So why the rumor?  Actually while it doesn't have much of a source, however it can be easily believed and it sounds quite realistic.  Why do I think so?  Lost Galaxy is really perhaps the most complex season of Power Rangers, it had an entire fusion of ideas and Sentai tributes such as:
The idea of a lost galaxy kept occurring in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  It was never done in Super Sentai as a main theme.  Gingaman was far more mystical which was a good series.Lost Galaxy may have a lot of Gingaman in it but it integrated Changeman and Denziman themes into the story.  For instance, Trakeena is like Queen Hedrian of Denziman being a hater of beauty and all.Lost Galaxy flew farther than most PR and Sentai ever did.  Hee hee.  Plus, it was really done in such a way that it's not disappointing compared to how some seasons have cooler themes but fail. XP

Kimberley Crossman in Power Rangers Samurai?

It's been quite some time since a prettier babe joined the PR cast.  Hmmm... quite interestingly she is also born in 1988.  Hee hee.  FYI she's Australian.

But in my humble opinion, Runa Natsui is prettier.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Ah yes.  Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.  One of the greatest puzzle games in all history.  So what's it about?  First and foremost, it features Street Fighter and Darkstalker characters in SD form namely Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Sakura, Donovan, Hsien Ko, Felicia and Morrigan as the initially playable characters.  The hidden characters are Dan (the weakest character), Devilot and the final boss Akuma.

Rather than just typical Tetris, one would put a crash gem near a gem to get rid of it.  It does pay to gather a lot of gems together before getting rid of them with crash gems.  Why?  Well for every crash gem, it sends counter gems on the other side of the arena, which will not turn to normal gems until the number countdown is done for.  The more gems popped at once, the greater the damage to the opponent which is a pretty interesting twist in Puzzle games.  The rainbow gem pops EVERY one gem of the same color when crashed near a gem of that color of one's choice.
Also each characte…

Kamen Rider Black RX Some Plotholes

Okay I did enjoy Kamen Rider Black RX better than Kamen Rider Black because it was not so serious and well, that's just me.  Hee hee.  However there were some plotholes (and well, plotholes do exist in any tokusatsu even in a good series like Jetman and Timeranger) in the series like:
I've always wondered how the Crisis Empire were aware of the existence of Kamen Rider Black.  Theoretically speaking, they do some research or was it the Great Leader himself who told them to get rid of Kamen Rider Black?
The return of Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black RX.  I personally thought that it was crazy that he survived the whole incident in Kamen Rider Black so how did he remain alive without moving?  Again, the kingstone may have revived him but it was never explained in-show.
The Crisis Empire perhaps presented their mystery.  Like Gorgom, well they did have their plot holes.  In the first episode, it was hinted they came from a planet that was slowly being swallowed by a black hole b…