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My Thoughts On Solbrain In 29 Episodes!

Sailor Otaku (or alternatively called as Weeaboo Shogun for some reason) has been releasing Solbrain subs and it's been 29 subs. I find myself on a break from watching Kamen Rider Super-1 because Kamen Rider EX-AID is taking over my mind as well as I'm not truly a fan of the Showa era of Kamen Rider. I guess it's always ironic how I usually prefer older Super Sentai (but not before the Soda era) and I enjoy most of the new school Kamen Rider. But I'd like to talk about Solbrain as Winspector's successor.

Solbrain presents a lot of stuff that can't be found in Dekaranger or GogoFive. Dekaranger may be a popular series but lacks the depth found in Winspector or Solbrain (I'm yet to see Exceedraft). Not all the criminals just do crime for the sake of crime. It sought to expand on why some people do what they do and that the problem is in modern day society. One good example is how episode 26 featured a cold-hearted police officer who only sought to get rid of…

My History With the Megaman Franchise!

Just the news that Megaman X will appear in Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite makes me think, "Well I hope Crapcom doesn't screw it this time!" I remembered how I got so upset with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, how I didn't like the whole idea that Megaman X wasn't put and we only had Zero. There's always that feeling, "Screw you Capcom!" Then there's Keiji Inafune leaving and unfortunately Mighty No. 9 didn't do so well on its launch. But I'd like to talk about my history with Megaman games.
As a child, I remembered owning a Family Computer before we had a Playstation. I enjoyed playing the Super Mario Bros. series especially my personal favorite Super Mario Bros. 3. But one game particularly caught my attention and it was Megaman. My first Megaman game was Megaman 3 followed by Megaman 6 and Megaman 5 so I had a hard time adjusting to the first Megaman and I only played Megaman 2 during the Megaman: Anniversary Collection Game when we finally had a P…

I'm Now Watching Kamen Rider Super-1!

I didn't think I would touch another old school Kamen Rider again. I didn't enjoy much of Kamen Rider Amazon apart from the choreography and Kamen Rider Stronger's kinda "too old" for me. But Kamen Rider Super-1? Well Super-1 enters the 80s era of Tokusatsu where things got better for the old school era when writing and production started to get better. But again, it took six years before Kamen Rider Black succeeded this show. The Showa Rider era must have been not that good.

What's my thoughts? Kazuya Oki's character of being an astronaut turned cyborg was a cool idea except that there was no space theme done. Instead, our hero fights against the Dogma Kingdom which seeks to create a Darwinian utopia on Earth. I thought that the action scenes were nice though the five gloves gimmick could have used a little bit more of "introduce it slowly". Fortunately, Toei managed to innovate around that concept in the Heisei era like how they dealt with Kam…

My Thoughts On The Aesthetics Of The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie

I already had zero intention of even watching the Mighty Morphin' reboot movie even when it's first announced. Just looking at almost everything just who's designing the suits anyway? They aren't spandex-worthy and they look more like fan art than actual suits for a movie. Again, I hardly expect anything good from American entertainment these days and while I do use American stuff but I only choose the good ones. It's a mockery really of the franchise that allowed Toei to make money in the American market. Toei and Saban why did you two even approve of such garbage? Worse, you may want to check out more updates from JEFusion and one of the latest was Alpha Five. See if you can take how horrible it looks!
While not everything Japanese is good (Capcom really sucks now) but a lot of Japanese companies have proper care and respect for their franchises. If you think of it, I'm just glad neither Goranger or Zyuranger is getting the reboot treatment. Honestly, the su…

Will Tekken Soon Get The Crown For "King Of Story Mode In Fighting Games"?

One of the ever-evolving (though not necessarily always progressive as there's always something to correct and improve along the way) innovations ever presented in fighting games is that you get more than just the bare minimum that fighting games should have. Tekken is definitely not an anemic franchise compared to Virtua Fighter. Sure Tekken 1-2 may have already aged badly due to better Tekken games but the franchise itself is still strong as a whole. I could talk about how Tekken 3 tried to keep things fresh with Tekken Force Mode, Tekken 5 had that cool Devil Within mini-game that had interesting bits and pieces of the Tekken Universe. Now it's time to think about the upcoming Tekken 7 for the Playstation 4 and XBox One with its upcoming Story Mode. I guess all the delays is not just for the sake of having more PS4/XBox One units sold so we'll get a huge sale then but also polishing the Story Mode to make sure it's not half-baked!

Let's take a look back at the …