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My Imagined Jason/Tommy/Kimberly Love Triangle Scenario For Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Just reading that Jetman could have been used for Mighty Morphin' feeds the imagination. Jetman had a love polygon to deal with with Gai liking Kaori but Kaori likes Ryu but Ryu likes Rie scenario. But let's think about a possible love triangle that could have been done. I was inspired by this also because a Jason/Kimberly kissing scene got deleted from the Lionsgate Power Rangers movie.

I gave a thought over the Jason/Kimberly shipping would might have happened in the Power Rangers Turbo movie. I thought about it would Jason having feelings for Kimberly work in the first place? I wanted to think about it that the storyline could only be pursued when Zyu2 footage is produced for Mighty Morphin'. So what's the possible storyline that I could imagine to go along with it?

Lord Zedd immediately returns after Doomsday. He's disgusted by Rita's failure and decides to take matter into his own hands. I felt like that Lord Zedd should have arrived right after Rita was …

Serpentor And Galvatron Are Really Stupid Leaders With Great Entertaiment Value

G.I.Joe and Transformers may be a huge part of any 80s child or 90s child. For a 90s child, it would be G.I.Joe and Transformers re-runs. Let's take a look at these two crazy characters that really were so stupid they don't fail to entertain the viewers.

G.I.Joe's Serpentor
So what's Dr. Mindbender's solution when Cobra Commander keeps leading COBRA like Dr. Evil would? Create an even more stupid leader! Dr. Mindbender's plan seemed good on paper when he thought of making a newer leader with the DNA of history's greatest tyrants. But there's one problem: Dr. Mindbender's lack of judgment created an even more stupid leader for COBRA. Dr. Mindbender could have thought of using Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sgt. Slaughter's to complete his intended emperor. We got a villain of really extreme stupidity who nearly ended COBRA the moment he seized power.

What entertained me was how Serpentor would just recklessly invade Washington D.C. without a bac…

The 80s Cartoon Cobra Commander Differed From The Comic Cobra Commander

What shocked me as I was growing up was that cartoon Cobra Commander was NOTHING like the comics. The comics version of Cobra Commander is pictured to be more ruthless, a real terrorist that you should fear and one you could compare to real life international terrorists. So what's with the comic version? The comics version of Cobra Commander used to be a used car salesman who ended up going from nobody to nightmare. He wasn't some whiny idiot like Megatron (and later Starscream when Serpentor took over) but a real threat you couldn't discount.
But what happened in the cartoons? Considering that G.I.Joe was in the 1980s and censorship was one of the issues. The G.I.Joe comics was a lot more violent than the cartoons. The cartoon Cobra Commander ended up becoming a typical cartoon villain. While he's formed the international organization known as COBRA he's also displayed a lot of stupid traits. He's always coming up with Dr. Evil type of plans and he refuses to …

Cobra Commander Should've Fired Destro Years Ago

It's amazing how stupid cartoon villains can get, can they? If Megatron has refused to fire Starscream then you have Cobra Commander refusing to fire Destro. In the earlier episodes, Destro already had his expressed desire to take over COBRA. I even remembered one episode where he took over COBRA so why does Cobra Commander keep him around anyway? Destro wasn't the type of person you should trust in your organization.
The second season features Destro has no real loyalty. He only cooperated with Dr. Mindbender to create the Cobra Emperor, Serpentor out of hatred for Cobra Commander. Destro was involved with the creation of Serpentor but had other plans. When he felt he was useless he decided to temporarily join Cobra Commander. But that was only because Destro had his own selfish reasons.
The G.I.Joe movie should give Cobra Commander the motive to get rid of Destro for good. Do you remember the time when Destro decided to assassinate Cobra Commander's character in front of …