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Only if Marvel Comics Will Go to... Netherrealm Studios!

Marvel Comics had started out as a gory, bloody franchise which could have fit against Mortal Kombat.  One may consider Marvel's most brutal moments but heck, why did Disney buy it?  It ended up making Marvel sissified.  And I would really try to think how often Marvel is actually brutal when you read it.

Reading the X-Men Comics as a kid, I remembered why my mom burned them off.  They were a far out cry from the X-Men cartoon!  The X-Men Cartoon was just very sanitized compared to the Marvel Comics. Deaths, beheading, tragedies, etc... these are stuff you DO NOT put in TV-Y7-FV and Marvel Comics is hardly sanitized.  It is brutal and violent to certain extents... and I mean Marvel is a bloody comics.  In fact, the X-Men cartoon for me is more of an old shame now.  For Marvel to be owned by Disney is utterly for me, ruining Marvel's supposedly darker and edgier nature.

For example, Marvel Comics has all the potential characters to go against with Mortal Kombat.  Like take Thor …

Why Rockman Was Renamed as Megaman for America?

During the time Capcom was still a cool company before it became CRAPcom... there were the issues of name changing.  For example in Street Fighter, the names were changed like Mike Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega and Vega became Bison for the American audience.  They were afraid of lawsuits from Mike TYSON became of the Mike BISON name.  So why was Rockman renamed into Megaman?

Now during the stages when Rockman was created, the names Rock and Roll were created in reference to the music.  The name Rockman may have sounded absurd because it felt like he had something to do with actual rocks.  The name Megaman may have sounded better for the American audience hence, the name Megaman was created as Rockman's American name.  The name Megaman sounds more unique and cooler than Megaman for the American audience, while the Japanese would know him more as Rockman.

Interesting note:

Also what can be noticed is how some names in Rockman are based on musical terms, genres and sounds…

Was Thuy Trang Remembered in Akibaranger?

Knowing that Circuit Unsure was really in memory of Thuy Trang (the episode was aired on October 20, 2001 while Thuy Trang died September 3, 2001)... I was wondering what other possible tributes did Thuy Trang have?

During the final episode of Season Tsuu, one can see the deceased Akibarangers mourning for their own deaths.  After they remembered all their adventures, one can see Mika calling them back to the afterlife.  Did producers have Thuy Trang in mind when they wrote Mika in as a ghost?  Possibly.  And  was even thinking of this, in the background is Naoto's ghost which... Circuit Unsure was dedicated to Thuy Trang.

In "Circuit Unsure" one can see Eric on focus.  He battles against Serpicon in this episode.  So I heard Eric was also supposed to die like Naoto but lived thanks to executive meddling (for once, it saved somebody's life!).  Eric fortunately lived but Naoto unfortunately died (judging by Eric's wound, he could survive that compared to Naoto bei…

Possible Metalder Influences in the Rockman/Megaman Series

Metalder for me had some possible influence on Megaman/Rockman himself although Metalder happens to be darker than the original series.  Here's where I'm seeing some similarities:

Metalder like Rockman was the first robot created with emotions.  While he was originally a weapon for World War 2, he became a weapon to defeat the evil Emperor Neros.  Like Rockman X, he can decide on his own.

Dr. Ryuichiro Koga who sadly dies at the first episode would be like like Dr. Light.  He creates Metalder as a "son" to defeat the evil Emperor Neros, who used to be an old friend of his.

Metalder like Rush is a robot dog.  He is Metalder's ally in battle.

Emperor Neros in Metalder (named after the historical Emperor Nero), he is a god complex character.  Like Dr. Wily, he seeks to control the world through his robotics.  Like Sigma in the Rockman X series, he doesn't care about anyone and manipulates everyone for his own convenience.

Some robot masters I think got inspirati…

What Went Wrong with "Friend in Need" Arc in MMPR?

Saban was going to promote his would-be failure Mashed Rider.  In this one, Saban needed to promote the show and what better way than to actually cross over Power Rangers with his series.  Later, this would be repeated in Kamen Rider Decade and a ToQGer/Gaim crossover was made.  This one though as messy as it is, still has a plot over the monstrosity that is Super Hero Taisen!  So what was terribly wrong with it?

Some of my complaints are this... there's hardly any interaction between both sides of the crossover.  The Power Rangers are sent to Edenoi (except Kimberly who is sick) and then Lord Zedd takes advantage of the situation.  Lord Zedd and Rita send their monster to go against Kimberly, but the monster also gets infected.  I know Lord Zedd and Rita as a team were harder to defeat but the bad writing also derailed MMPR.  And I would probably also say that the crossover was nothing more than a series of spliced footage.  Come on, if Lord Zedd and Dregon were rivals, please l…

Apocalypse's Biggest Hoax: The Twelve!

In X-Men there was "The Twelve" it was said that twelve mutants will gather to usher a golden age but in later parts of X-Men, it was revealed by Apocalypse he wrote the legends for himself.  What I was thinking was that he gathered them according to his own judgment to who he will believe will lead towards the new era of his power that is.

The Twelve can be symbolized as such:
The Living Monolith is the core.  Magneto and Polaris are the father/daughter magnetic poles.  Bishop and Mikhail represented control over time and space.Professor X represented the power of the mind.Sunfire, Iceman and Storm represents the control over nature.Cyclops, Jean Grey and Cable represented the unity of the family.  However Cable's mother is the Jean Grey clone, Madelyne Pryor and not Jean Grey.
Note: Though for my selection, I might actually put Bishop at the center instead of the Living Monolith, I will get Abyss and Scarlet Witch for control over space and time and I will replace Sunf…

Cable's Gameplay in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

While Cable is definitely one over-the-top and cheap character, the staff behind Marvel vs. Capcom 2 had focused more on Cable as a weapons expert than a psychic.  In the comics, Cable used a huge amount of his telepathic and telekinetic abilities to repress the T-O Virus.  However he has the Psimitar here which while he used it a lot later in the comics, here it's very under-utilized.

Most of Cable's moves are based on his tactics as a soldier.  For example, Cable's projectile move is the use of his Viper Gun and his incredibly infamously overrated super, the Hyper Viper Beam is a huge big gun.  His other moves involve his Electric Grenade which is HARD TO USE and another, is his dashing attack.

Cable only had two moves that used his telekinetic abilities.  One is the use of the Psimitar which was later, a weapon he frequently used in the X-Men Comics.  Another was where he grabbed the enemy and inflicted them with telekinetic pain.  What I really thought was that the Psi…

Why I Think Cole Evans Was Killed By His Actor

The day he realized he was acted by a douchebag!

While I was watching Power Rangers Megaforce, I simply grew attached to Cole (for stupid reasons) which I simply wanted to have his kind of body and I thought he was one of a kind. I thought he was a pretty cool character (but sadly bad reception for many) and I hold the unpopular opinion that he's a great character.  I soon Googled for "Rick Medina" the actor, which I thought was an awesome guy but I was pretty shocked.  I didn't believe it at first but I had to believe it.

I just thought of Rick Medina well, has some well-deserved hate.  Top ten worst moves by Mr. Smith lists the Wild Force acting (and now I'm liking Gaoranger more, happens to be a lot). Mr. Smith also calls Rick Medina a terrible actor.  I just started to think of the actor himself, not the character.  When I did Google for Rick Medina pictures a few years ago, I simply found the guy the exact opposite of what I thought he was.  So he had some d…

A Few Similarities Between Megaman X4 and Megaman & Bass

First, Megaman X4 can be called "Megaman X and Zero" in this way.  So Megaman X4 allows you to select a secondary character in Zero.  If you play as either X or Zero, you will be forced to use the same character throughout the whole game.  In Megaman & Bass, you can select either Megaman or Bass BUT you must play as the selected character throughout the whole game.  Zero as we know it is also Dr. Wily's final creation which Dr. Wily's influence lived on through Zero in a way until Sigma took over what should have been Zero's position.  Not to mention later in X7, Axl is introduced as a Bass alternative... though Dynamo can be considered a Bass tribute as well.

Gameplay-wise, Zero will have an easier time maneuvering stages once he's defeated Split Mushroom, now he can double jump (Bass can also double jump) while X can't.  But the problem is while Zero is faster and may have an easier time maneuvering stages, he is limited to his new gameplay.  Zero&…

Mighty No. 9's Preview is Pretty Impressive!!!!

After Keiji Inafune left Capcom due to the latter's incompetence (like canning Megaman Legends 3 after a LOOOONG wait), now a new game called Mighty No. 9 is being released.  It's the spiritual successor of Megaman.  For years, Keiji Inafune wanted to continue Megaman but his creation, is still part of Capcom.  So instead, he created Mighty No .9.  The story is Beck and Call who must figure out what's wrong with the first Mighty Number robots.
This was the first look by Keiji Inafune, the producer of Megaman.  To be honest, I really want to grab this game!!!!

Cable's Time Travels and Displacements in X-Men

Cable was the time lost son of Cyclops and the Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor.  Later, he came back much older than his parents from the 30th century where he resided, he could not immediately time travel as a result of future version of Apocalypse tampering the timeline.  He was brought there because he was infected by the T-O Virus, which Apocalypse probably wanted to test his worth.  He had many times traveled all the way, which he ended up either changing history for the worse for for the better.  His is a very convoluted history due to too much time travel.

So he goes to the 30th Century but then later on, he ends up traveling even back to the distant past when Apocalypse was in his earlier stages.  Most of his actions only changed the way that things happened or was it?  In his case, the T-O Virus was introduced into Apocalypse' system by some of Cable's blood.  In later fights, Cable's own actions led Apocalypse to the Celestials' Technoogy.  So while it may no…

Megaman and the Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics

Isaac Asimov a science fiction writer wrote these laws
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
The Megaman series has the Asimov's Law of Robotics or limits to the robot's intelligence.  However Dr. Light apparently has decided to try and increase its level but some of them end up violating the Asimov's Law of Robotics:
To understand the Asimov's Law of Robotics, one should go back to the original Megaman series.  One may think about Protoman's change of heart after Megaman 3 who became good at his own free will, rather than following Dr. Wily (but he hasn't shown a greater power of free will).  But there's one scene in the original Megaman that still bothers me until today...

For the Last Time, Power Rangers is NOT Bootleg!!!!

As if the Powtards who refuse to acknowledge Super Sentai isn't enough, one may already consider the grave threat of Sentards... yes Sentards.  While I can respect Super Sentai fans who choose not to watch Power Rangers like I choose not to watch Ultraman, because it just doesn't interest me.  However Power Rangers is legitimate through and through.  It's partly owned by Toei.  Yes, Saban had registered the name for his own yet he acknowledges Toei as a co-owner in the credits.

Common sense should at least ASK the question above.  For those who think that Kenji Ohba "admitted" that Power Rangers is bootleg with the term "recreated" he DOES NOT.  Please notice even thanks the people who went to the Power Morphicon during the time he endorsed that video.  If Power Rangers were fake and bootleg, and one may consider this, why hasn't Toei even dared sue Saban into oblivion?  If Saban were leeching on the money, Super Sentai could have sued him or at le…

How My View of Kimberly Hart Affected Me Through the Years

I would like to talk about Kimberly Hart at a more personal scale.  That is just surrounded on me like how a person expresses his or her opinions to why he or she dislikes certain characters.  So here's what I started to think about her.  So I was really, REALLY attracted to her in spite of that weaker episode of "Different Drum" where she was shown to be an overly blunt character.  For some reason, she was really attracting me one way or another.  And even the first episode, I was already having the hots for her.  It was really stupid that I watched the show with her as the major reason and it did create a long impact

So I did have a crush in Hikaru Katsuragi who I only knew as "Kimberly" back then so I kind of got confused with why Kimberly was Kimberly in MMPR.  So I did have other Toku crushes such as Momoko but... I didn't think anybody makde that impact on me as Kimberly Hart.  And for that crush on a fictitious character, it did make me go to a slow…

X-Men's Genetically Engineered Children

X-Men had some genetically engineered children namely...

In Age of Apocalypse timeline, Mr. Sinister created X-Man from the DNA of his fellow henchman Cyclops and Jean Grey (who was detained in the slave pens).  After the Age of Apocalypse timeline collapsed with the fall of its version of Apocalypse, X-Man entered into the mainline Marvel Continuity where he had an incestuous relationship with his alternate reality "sister" or another way of speaking his "aunt", Madelyne Pryor who was born out of Jean Grey's DNA.

While X-23 was supposedly Wolverine's clone from a tank, instead Wolverine's DNA or most likely semen was inserted into a surrogate mother who gave birth to X23.  X23 would be the daughter of Wolverine through artificial insemination instead.

The Dysfunctional Summers' Family

The Summers' family is one dysfunctional family tree.  I might also include some of the alternate reality members to discuss its dysfunctional nature one way or another:

Cyclops is the source of THAT dysfunctional nature of the Summers' clan.  So what did he do?  Well you just don't marry a woman just because she resembles your old love.  And yup, he married Madelyne Pryor who was later revealed to be the "daughter" of Mr. Sinister via cloning Jean Grey years before the X-Men was formed.  Madelyne Pryor received "life" from the Phoenix Force, even to the point she bore Cyclops' child the future Cable.  I would say it was stupid for Cyclops to even leave Madelyne Pryor for Jean Grey, which led to the whole Inferno incident, not to mention Madelyne Pryor's insanity throughout the series.

When Cyclops' son with Madelyne Pryor, Nathan Christopher, was infected with the T-O virus, he was sent to the Askani future where his chances of return are n…

Wolverine's Rather Dark History with Women

Wolverine's wasn't always clean cut.  For one he did have multiple illegitimate children which were known as the following:

The Mongrels were hired by the Right Red Hand because they had a grudge against Wolverine in the past.  They were knwon as Gunhawk, Saw Fist, Cannon Foot (the only mutant one), Fire Knives and Shadow Stalker.  Each one of them were born from Wolverine and different mothers.  In the end, after Wolverine killed them, he realized that they were his OWN children which left him to mourn for them.

Wolverine had a son with Itsu named Daken, who hates him,  They haven't reconciled either.  He also has an unnamed child from Gacht in the Savage Land.

In one case, Wolverine's "clone" was actually more of his artificially produced daughter.  Wolverine's DNA (or more likely sperm cell) was used into Sarah Kinney, who became pregnant with Wolverine's child.  X-23 is the genetically produced child of Wolverine and X-23.  She's the only chil…

Some of Marvel Comic's Worst Boy/Girl Pairings IMO

Here's a partial list of Marvel Comics' worst boy/girl pairings IMO in no particular order and why:

Vision and Scarlet Witch- This was one doomed from the start anyway.  While I could accept Thor's relationship with a mortal woman, but I couldn't just accept this one.  Scarlet Witch fell for Vision and Vision had the thought patterns of Wonderman.  Okay Vision can decide at his own free will, Scarlet Witch did previously like Wonderman before she got into the Vision.  The Vision had Wonderman's brain patterns.  Vision also had some problems with promiscuous behavior even as a robot when he developed feelings for Miss Marvel.  What is never so surprising either is that Scarlet Witch's children aren't real... I mean a robot and a human CANNOT have children. Scarlet Witch used magical energies to get herself pregnant, she did get pregnant but there were times her children would somehow disappear whenever she wasn't thinking of them.  Later on after several…

Cloning in the Summers' Clan

One of the most bizarre events in the Marvel Universe is cloning.  Spiderman had a clone named Ben Reilly... now the Summers' Clan had clones too namely...

Madelyne Pryor was the clone of Jean Grey and the "daughter" of Mr. Sinister.  When Mr. Sinister failed to get Jean Grey under his custody when she was a child, he did get her blood sample.  He created Madelyne Pryor years ago, but was disappointed that his experiment did not manifest any mutant powers and seemed to be just a normal human.  He did put her away but until one day, the Phoenix Force ascended into her somehow giving her a life of her own, which she was even able to get pregnant with Cyclops.  She was given a false set of memories, Mr. Sinister used her as a back-up for Jean Grey which he hoped that his "daughter" and Cyclops would conceive their child.

For Madelyne, she had no idea of who she was and her own "father" planned to betray her.  She was more of a tragic character when Cyclo…

Power Rangers Should Not Be a Copy/Paste of Everything From Super Sentai

One of the biggest mistakes Power Rangers can do is to simply copy/paste from its parent show.  I mean, some seasons can be viewed as a "watered down" version of the show.  Judd Lynn is going to write PR Dino Charge and hopefully, he will set things right or not.

Let's discuss a few details shall we?

Power Rangers Samurai is one good example of copying/pasting and it just didn't make sense.  You have your cast, WRITE A STORY THAT FITS THE CAST.  The lack of an Asian red ranger means it's time to make a U turn and write a story to fit Jayden.  However Jayden gets treated like he's Asian when he is freaking NOT Asian.  He's obviously a white man.  And another, it's a multiracial team.  Copying/pasting the story of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger intot his show makes it an utter failure.

On the other hand, Judd Lynn was known to actually get some from the source THEN modify it.  I mean, Gingaman wasn't set in Space, Lost Galaxy by its title was set in spac…

Cyclops' Psychological Problems in X-Men

Cyclops for me is a guy with issues.  At this point, I want to analyze some of Cyclops' psychological problems and what could have caused them.

Going back to his childhood, he and his brother Alex were separated and he was maintained in the orphanage.  Mr. Sinister had secretly manipulated his life, believing he possessed one half of the DNA needed to sire the ultimate mutant.  Worse, the crash hit him so bad, he got a coma and it also caused him to be unable to control his optic blasts.  Getting huge hit on your head can cause serious sanity problems. Believe me, I've had a head accident before and my personality just got worse.

I would probably look at the events between him and Jean Grey.  That love story is very troublesome considering Jean Grey becoming Phoenix then she becomes Dark Phoenix, which wrecks havoc.  Jean Grey sacrificed herself and was thought dead, Cyclops was left traumatized by that event.  So he did date a human girl named Lee Forrester for awhile but h…

The X-Men Legends Series

Activision (the company that SADLY killed Fantasy Leader's favorite character Crash Bandicoot) released two awesome games called the X-Men Legends series. First, you must realize that the games are NOT canon to the normal Marvel Universe, it's more of a "What If" series where sometimes the game has characters that don't exist within the normal Marvel Universe. These games were released on the PC, Gamecube, XBox and the PS2. I only played the PS2 versions and here's what I thought of the series. For one, the games' RPG-like system for me is easier to adapt for me who is a non-RPG player. One controls a main character and chooses three teammates to which he can take over control with for specific tasks. One must get a balanced team and know how to set team-ups. For example, you might need Colossus to help with heavy stuff while you need Storm to fly around. I just figured out it was fun to try and use the characters.

The first entry of the series was a st…