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Dragon Ball's Most Controversial Character

Dragon Ball's controversial character has to be... none other than Mr. Satan who because the name Satan is really evil (check out most Anime, Satan is always a bad name) who was dubbed as Hercule in America and Master Handsome in the Philippines. The controversy was that why would a good guy be given a bad character. I agree it's also pretty disturbing that the original dub, the people were chanting "Satan", something that in Zyuranger, Bandora would take advantage of to summon Dai Satan or any evil character would be glad about it. That's why I prefer to watch the English dub.

So here's what I think- whatever his real name was (later revealed to be Mark), he started off as an unpopular wrestler. Why? I wouldn't want to support anybody who uses the name Mr. Satan, especially with all the use of Satan even in Japan directly suggests EVIL like in tokusatsu, some villains use the name Satan to sound more frightening and suggest evil. So to gain an edge, …


Ah Gatchaman! Though this is not sentai, I feel like this series deserves to be placed in my blog. This was an animated series that featured four teenagers and one kid (the same formula that would inspire Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion) against the evil Gallactor Empire and its mysterious leader Sosai X. The series lasted for three seasons which was a very long lasting series since shows in the 1970s were undoubtedly VERY LONG.

Honestly I really can only remember Ken as the leader, Joe the second-in-command, Jun the woman, Jinpei the kid and Ryu the fat guy. Actually the name Ryu wasn't always given to a leader figure at first.

This was their first flying fortress known as God Phoenix. When it got destroyed, it was rebuilt into...

New God Phoenix which is even more powerful than the last one for Gatchaman II.  It has a real bird motif in it, perhaps the inspiration for the Ikarus Haken.

Eventually the odd-looking Gatchaspartan was a result of combining five machine…

Conan and the Riddle of Steel

In the Conan film, there was the riddle of steel which is first mentioned by Conan's father which is said that while the flesh they can't trust, steel they can trust which Conan's father made a powerful sword for Conan to use when he grows up. However, things get out of hand when the serpent men led by Thulsa Doom raid their village and steal the weapons of steel, which they sought to dominate more than gold or jewels to further the worship of Set. It had remained in Conan's mind even when he was thinking of revenge.

Later, Conan was caught after he tried to infiltrate the Mountain of Power dressed up as a cult member. Thulsa Doom begins to reveal something of the riddle of steel saying that he pursued steel more than anything, only later to learn the power of flesh. He reveals the power of flesh is in the hand that wields it and reveals his power by making a young woman jump to her death, saying that is power. He has Conan crucified to the tree of woe to contempl…

My Thoughts on Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi... well it was definitely my favorite Anime, back then when I wasn't watching Chinese drama yet. It was kind of romantic, wacky, tragic and all that in one series. Also, the story was filled with ironies, dastardly villains and a complex love map. Everything starts when a lazy high school student named Miaka and her contrast Yui Hongo enter into the book of the four gods which begins their adventures in ancient China and how Miaka was destined to be the Suzaku no Miko and later, Yui was destined to be the Seiryu no Miko which in-between, there are many twists in between.

Of course, fan wars were unavoidable especially between Tamahome and Hotohori. I kind of compared Tamahome to Doumyoji Tsukasa and Hotohori to Hanazawa Ryu. I was on the side of Tamahome because he was my favorite character. Hotohori on the other hand was a gentle character, my sister sided with him. What was weird also is how Hotohori has a homosexual lover in Nuriko (who later gave up his ho…

Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew

Okay maybe the plot isn't that good but I watched the whole film for her. Hee hee.

My Views on Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club

Amy Tan's novel Joy Luck Club is viewed by some as discriminating, unjust, etc. but I think otherwise. Why? Being an Oriental, I have seriously experienced racist behavior from my own kind. That doesn't give them the right to criticize Americans if that's the case. Racism of any kind is WRONG3x! I just thought of the whole novel really made sense on the following truths in the novel:
Many Chinese males have a record of being abusive to their spouses.Chinese parenting can sometimes reach to its extremes in terms of authority that there is NO real give and take. Authority is more abused than used properly.
The Chinese mother-in-law is a dreadful image that is passed from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law.Disowning of children is common.Women can end up in the extremes too.Freedom and authority fall out of balance with the characters.
And how true indeed. Certain characters are just really real.

For example we have Lin Xiao and Wu Tsing as the evil males. Lin Xiao was Ying…

Belle's The Almost Perfect Girl of Disney

From all of Disney's girls, Belle actually stands out. Why? She's the prettiest but despite that, she is even prettier inside. So she's everybody's dream girl but she's not vain, spoiled or self-centered, her personality is a studious, modest girl- just the type of girl I'd like to meet and have. By the way, it's natural for me to want someone like her because I can be much like Beast in my personality.

Gaston who is the "hottest guy" in the village wants her but she doesn't. Gaston just doesn't deserve her. It's always Beast even if he was unkind to her at first. Why? Beast just needs somebody like her to calm him down, which she does and thus begins their chemistry where soon he'll be back to his normal self. And her love for Beast is just so strong that it breaks his temper. She's so strong willed that she could resist Gaston when almost everybody couldn't.

So it's just fair Gaston meets his end and Beast get…

The Great Leader Of The Showa Era

In the Kamen Rider series during the Showa era, there has been this mysterious figure only known as the "Great Leader". Somehow he has managed to survive or escape every finale, leading to him creating another organization. Whether or not he was telling the truth is something to decipher. So let's see his alleged appearances all voiced by Naya Goro.

As the leader of Shocker, he was only heard in a voice. It was only until the finale that the first two Kamen Riders met him in person or is it? They faced a demonic figure that turned out to be but a robotic bomb, programmed to destroy them. Shocker was ended but...

In Kamen Rider V3, he was giving orders to Destron and the links were revealed. He again was invisible only revealed by a voice. V3 faced a fake skeleton claiming to be the Great Leader. However when its skull was cracked open, again, it was just a fake. Great Leader must have escaped. No impressive final battle.

While he was absent for Amazon, he ret…

The BEST Tekken Intro Ever

From all the Tekken games, Tekken 6 really did the best intro ever! Too bad though some people berated the game. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tekken's Incestuous Moment

This ending came from Tekken 5 and this involves Jin Kazama in an incestuous moment with his cousin Asuka Kazama. Asuka's father and Jin's mother are siblings making them first cousins. Hmmm... just imagine that kind of moment with your cousin. Reminds me of the time I had a crush on my first cousin (who has gone bad now) when I was in Grade Three and later falling in love with somebody I didn't know was my own kin. YUCK!
Anyway I thought that Tekken should never put any incest story. Well I kind of thought of how the freak line would be in a Jin Kazama-Asuka Kazama mating:
Here's a chart showing that any defective genes from Jin and Asuka are most likely to pass through their children. Jin has the Devil gene disorder, we don't know what other defects the two carry. So thinking about crossing them would mean that there's a 50% chance of carriers of whatever disorders there are in the line (let's not focus much on the Devil gene for now) and a freak …

The Best Tekken Endings Ever

Kazuya's Ending- Devil's Revival

Jin's Ending- Conflict of two bloodlines

Lotor's Obsession with Allura

In Golion, what amazes me is that Prince Sincline's obsession with Princess Farla is more emphasized than it was with their Lion Voltron counterparts Lotor and Allura. While watching Lion Voltron's 30th episode, I kind of wondered why Allura was different. Also, in Lotor's mind we see two different appearances of Allura, which deserves some questioning.

However we find out that in Golion episode 30, Lotor is actually the product of Emperor Zarkon raping a human woman who kind of resembles Allura thus giving birth to a half-breed spawn, that's him causing strange Oedipian connections. In a sense, Golion's plot of Lotor having a blond human mother gives a better back story to why he's obsessed with Allura than just being plainly obsessed with her.

By the way, I kind of find it strange that I do have a recurring dream of a lovely oriental woman with long black hair whom I'm calling out "mother".

Tekken's Azazel

Above is a video of Kazuya vs. Azazel

Azazel, he's got to be Tekken's toughest boss and second unplayable one after Jinpachi Mishima who met his second demise in Tekken 5. It will require more skill, patience and timing to beat this rather huge boss which I can say is, really frustrating. Like Ogre, he belongs to the supernatural and he was unlocked by the Devil gene collision of Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama which makes him an extremely powerful character. I feel like Mortal Kombat may have inspired Namco to create this guy- but at a huge scale!

Well, I thought that Namco must be trying to liven Tekken up with an incredibly frustrating character but it's just fair because the latest Tekken games have easier controls and more balanced gameplay in contrast to past Tekken games. I think Tekken has just livened up with a more difficult challenge than before.

A Peek at Power Rangers 2011

The cast for Power Rangers 2011. I don't know yet what it will be called but by the looks of this, can understand why the red ranger is still white- because of the target audience. The pink ranger's the only Asian? Hmmm I wonder what's really going on or what the story line is? So far, I think these are new ones. However I hope the script is well-written otherwise it may make the comeback bad. I just kind of wonder if an Asian will act as their sensei because it's been in some where an Asian guy trains white men in fighting. Could it be the case of the red ranger with the script? We'll just find out.