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Emma Goodall's NOT The New Kimberly!

While watching Power Rangers Megaforce, I would admit that Emma trying to imitate Kimberly was... EPIC FAIL.  So what's my point of view?  She's a failed Kimberly.  And I could discuss a bit on what's going on.

So I guess by now a lot of people know how much I don't like Emma.  Maybe I don't hate her but I practically blame the actress more.  My complains are how Christina Masterson overacts a lot... every episode and scene with her... makes it a pain to watch.  I wouldn't put my blame on me not finding her all that hot... it's her acting that really and practically ruins the whole show.  I always thought they dress her up as Kimberly, make her act as Kimberly but it fails.  Ciara Hanna could have done a better job.

On the other hand, Amy Jo Johnson can act.  Okay she's not the best and for me, it's relative that I find her acting better than Reiko Chiba.  I'm not going to emphasize on her appearance.  It's more of her charm as an actress. …

Gaston's Lust for Belle Led to His Downfall!

One of the biggest lust in Disney aside from Jafar to Jasmine (which was gross considering he was old enough to be her father), I thought was Gaston to Belle.  It's not just mere infatuation - Gaston is a sexist pervert that would have had dark overtimes especially when lusts after Belle.  What's his reason of wanting to marry Belle?  It's because she's the most beautiful girl in town (according to his eyes anyway).  Still, it's plain lust.

So I thought did he consider Belle's beauty was just a shadow of who she was?  He set up his marriage ceremony even before he was sure Belle would marry him.  Although he is presented as a boorish man but he's not within any cunning.  He wouldn't be a champion hunter if he didn't have his cunning.  He wasn't going to let Belle get away that easily especially he wanted her.  Although chances hare, he might soon dump her when she's going to reach middle age.  Of course, Gaston though he has his cunning is …

Them Two Kimberlys Were No Match for Mako Shiraishi!

After considering I may not rewatch Megaforce anymore, I could write on this minor rambling.  Here's my latest... I just had my thoughts on the two Kimberlys, Gia and Emma.  But they are no match for Mako Shiraishi and I'd explain why.

The show itself has two Kimberlys which for me didn't help the situation at all.  Gia's okay but she lacks the charm.  It's Emma's overly cheery and rather bad acting that's a major piss off.  I always thought that Emma is a failed Kimberly.

On the other hand, Mako has the charm and beauty.  Plus, Rin Takanashi can act better than the other two.  'Nuff said.

Thor vs. Thrym: Thrym's Immense Stupidity!

In Norse Mythology, one may consider the stupidity behind Thrym.  I always thought the story behind Thor losing his hammer was comic.  For one, one may consider the fact that Thor is TOO HUGE to be Freya and that the disguise was even very poor.  Here both Loki and Thor disguised themselves as women to infiltrate Jotun, the kingdom of Thrym.

So why did Thrym steal Thor's hammer?  He wanted to get Freya for his wife.  I thought that these giants weren't really intelligent.  When Thor came disguised as Freya (complete with a veil), the stupid giant does not even notice anything suspicious.  Thor did a poor job at it... and Thrym could have suspected something.

My favorite part?  Thrym's stupidity gets the best of him.  After "Freya" requests for Mjolnir, they give it.  Come on, they could have just delivered it to Asgard.  When Thor got the hammer, it became the end of Thrym and his kingdom.  I always thought that it was REALLY FUNNY.

My Fantasy: Remaking Harvest Moon Back to Nature For Several Game Consoles!

So I thought Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was a really fun game for the PS1.  Knowing that the PS3 is still around and there will be the PS4 soon enough, we may consider some games may be best remade.  My opinion is with Harvest Moon: Back to Nature being remade into a more "current generation" system.  So here's what I think can be done.

My fantasy of the game involves the following:

Making a similar control scheme from Harvest Moon: Innocent Life but sticks true to the spirit of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.  
Set Mineral Town in a more "futuristic setting" which involves a hybrid of Innocent Life and Friends of Mineral Town.  That is, you can have moo-matics, cluck-matics, sheep-matics and a  buggy for going around town.
Change marriage settings.  Each wife does a special attribute similar to the wives in Harvest Moon.
Introduce a plot that may soon go all the way from bachelor to married man.  The game ends after three years.  The Fire Spirit warns that unl…

Lion King 2: Scrapped Off Incest!

Kovu was supposedly the son of Scar.  However one thing must be verified, Kovu is NOT the biological son of Scar, meaning that there is no actual blood incest between Kovu and Kiara.  Now one may argue that if Kovu were the adoptive son of Scar, he would be legally the first cousin once removed (or better called as the second-degree uncle since he would be one generation higher).  They were however not genetically related thus eliminating any blood incest between them.

Havok and Polaris COULD SIRE a Powerful Mutant Too!

I am very disappointed with how writers decided to leave Polaris at the altar, not mend this relationship because I also suspect that Havok's genetic affinity could also create a powerful mutant.  The other would be Polaris considering she is more or less the same power level as her father Magneto.  Just my theory on how this could work.

So Havok absorbs ambient cosmic energy and store it in his cells.  He has the ability to fire it off as plasma.  More or less, his abilities were similar to Cyclops when it comes to storing energy (it constantly absorbs that power) except Cyclops could use solar energy.  On the other hand, Polaris has the abilities of her father Magneto.  I think this might give birth to a magnetic mutant more powerful than either Magneto or Polaris.  So the child may be born out of powerful lineage considering the following.

Magneto and Polaris represent the magnetic poles as father and daughter.  During "The Twelve", Magneto had to depend on his daugh…

Opinions I Have On Kimberly Hart That Will Piss off Power Rangers Haters!

Well my blatant favoritism and focus on Kimberly is obvious.  I'll just write this article to continue pissing off both Power Rangers haters and Super Sentai haters.  Moving on... here's my opinions that will really, REALLY piss them Power Rangers haters.

First I could share some opinions I had on Kimberly/Mei.  No doubt Mei is the more interesting character (writing-wise) but I'll give Kimberly where credit is due to her.  And I could really piss them off because while I like Zyuranger better, I still have that soft spot for Kimberly. Now for Super Sentai, most of its acting is better than Power Rangers.  But I would do some opinions.  In my opinion, I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting as Kimberly over Reiko Chiba's acting as Mei.  Okay Reiko Chiba can act but I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting so deal with it, Power Rangers haters!  Also I still think Kimberly is way hotter than Mei and most PR/Sentai girls during her time.

The Dear John letter was very out-of-ch…

Some of My Opinions About Power Rangers That May Piss Off Power Rangers Haters!

Even if I have jumped into the state of "Power Rangers neutral" as of late, I would still give credit where credit is due.  Here's my opinions that will piss off them Power Rangers haters.

So it's no secret I like Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and I like both Kimberly and Mei.  Now I'd share this one.  I find Mei more developed as a character but I don't agree with Mei being prettier.  Pretty can be relative.  In my opinion, I think Amy Jo Johnson was able to carry her part out as Kimberly better than Reiko Chiba did as Mei.  Also I would want to believe that Kimberly sort of got carried into several other characters later.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is NOT racist.  It does seem racist to have the black man as a black ranger and the yellow girl as a yellow ranger.  But it is NOT.  It has no racist overtones.  Seriously, whoever said that MMPR is racist for doing so is nuts.  Battle Fever J would be accused of being racist as well bec…

Amy Jo Johnson Was Destined to Play Kimberly Hart!

Here's my opinion of one of the most popular characters of all time. So maybe me and Mr. Smith had some friendly disagreement of who's hotter than every Sentai/PR girl. Earlier on, I chose Kimberly and he chose Jasmine. I would like to talk about the actress and character relation between Kimberly Hart and her actress, Amy Jo Johnson. I guess it's no secret I like her over Mei but I like Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Just a few details about the actress herself. Amy Jo Johnson was 23 that time but looking like your hot teenager. Before Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the American Musical and Acting Academy. So I always thought she was 18 or so in the show but she was freaking 23. That would be more or less the same age of Aiko Ito playing the role of Ranru in Abaranger.

Moving on, she was a REAL sharp blade for Power Rangers itself. She was pretty, sexy, nice skin, really a headturner which is ju…

Cyclops Getting Payback for Screwing It on Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey!

Cyclops may have a very screwed up love life.  So he dated Jean Grey.  Jean Grey supposedly died.  Then later, he meets his first wife, Madelyne Pryor.

Madelyne Pryor was a woman who resembled Jean Grey. She had Jean's personality and all.  I just thought that she should have just been an amnesiac Jean Grey instead of her clone (which was revealed later).  Worse, they had to shift Madelyne Pryor to villainy which was Cyclops' fault.  I find what he did utterly and morally reprehensible and much of the events are Cyclops' fault.

So what makes it wrong?  He only fell for her because she resembles Jean Grey.  It's just plain wrong, right?  I could also name the instances that this relationship was just stupid.  Madelyne Pryor had ever right to get mad when Cyclops asked her if she were Jean Grey.  I also think it's foolish to date a girl as a substitute for one's dead girlfriend.  Later, he married her in a whirlwind romance that gave birth to their son, Nathan Ch…

Remembering Street Fighter III: Third Strike!

Back before Capcom became Crapcom came another game called Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  I wasn't able to play the other incarnations and I played mine on the Playstation 2.  So what's great about this game?  It features mostly new warriors except for Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Gouki/Akuma.  The whole concept has "Parry" and select your "Super Arts" which presents itself another decent challenge to the characters.

In my case, I am a huge Ryu fanboy and to a lesser extent, Ken.  I thought facing a series of mostly non-familiar characters actually gave a diversion for awhile.  In my case, I usually chose "Shinkuu Hadouken" as my Super Art though I seldom go for "Shin Shoryuken" because I "fight with honor".  I always thought that the new cast of characters were somewhat interesting.  My favorites from the new cast were Alex, Ibuki (who was introduced to me in Pocket Fighter) and Urien, Gill's treacherous brother.  I thought …

Post Megaman 6 Games as "Bridges" to the Megaman X Series

Megaman 6 was the final Megaman game for the NES.  Megaman 3 supposedly had Dr. Wily "dead" but he was found to have escaped after his robot Gamma was defeated.  However the game credits write, "To be continued..." at the end of the credits, suggesting another Megaman game.  So why did Megaman 6 not become the end of the series before the X series for new generation systems began?

Megama 7 itself was Classic Megaman on the NES, at the same time Capcom had the Megaman X series.  Megaman 7 for me was a good game but the NES ones were more fun.  But Megaman 7 still had Keiji Inafune involved why did Inafune decide to keep the series going back then?  Megaman X was already released but why was Megaman 7 released anyway?  I guess it was an attempt to bridge the two Megaman robots together.

For a bit of details.  Megaman 7 was released as Rockman 7 in March 24, 1995.  Megaman X2 was released as Rockman X2 in December 16, 1994.  So Megaman 7 was released AFTER Megaman X.…