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Robocop's Blueprints, Janperson's Blueprints

Here's a bit of the original vs. the inspired, Robocop and Janperson both had their blueprints revealed...
Here's Omni Consumer Products' blueprints of Robocop.... I think this was taken straight from the movie.
Now here's the blueprints of Janperson which... HOW IN THE WORLD DID TATEWAKI KONZERN GET A COPY OF IT? Granted that Tatewaki Konzern is Janperson's own version of Omni Consumer Products, they may have had a copy of Janperson's blueprints all along which soon allowed Tatewaki to transcend into becoming the bio-cyborg known as Billgoldy a la the Robocop 2 Project, except a much more humanoid version.

Dr. Marie Lazarus In Robocop, Kaoru Saegusa In Janperson!

It's no doubt Janperson really completes the cycle - it's said Gavan's design inspired Robocop, then Robocop inspires Janperson. In spite of Janperson being purely a mechanical character in contrast to Robocop, the show doesn't fail to give tribute Robocop in several levels.

Robocop 3 was screened in Japan during the broadcast of Janperson. It was during April 18, 1993 when Robocop was screened in Japan and on May 31, 1993 we have the character of Kaoru Saegusa making her first appearance in Janperson. Did the producers finally decided to give that shoutout?

In Robocop 3, I thought that much of the enemies were pretty much inspired for the Neo Guild's operations. George Makebe ends up more like a Paul McDaggett for the rest of his series while having Cain's god-complex. In Robocop 3, Robocop challenges the robotic ninjas of Paul McDaggett. The ending of Robocop 3 somewhat parallels Makebe's ultimate fate in Janperson. So did Toei end up taking ideas from th…

Power Rangers As An Anti-Racist Propaganda

Whenever I think of Power Rangers acting out as a multiracial team though most of them are mostly, American by citizenship, I think the whole idea is trying to combat racism either directly or indirectly. One may consider the whole team of Power Rangers when it first started.

If you were a 90s kid, you might think of how Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was accused of "racism" because Trini and Zack were assigned to yellow and black. But really? I thought about the whole idea is preposterous at more than one level because both characters were placed at a very positive light. Trini was a cool badass and Zack was a cool character. I couldn't help but still think of why create the controversy of the alleged racism of the show? If it were racist, the two would have been frequently discriminated but both of them were cool characters.

If any season of Power Rangers combats racism and discouraged revenge for being a victim of racism, it was Power Rangers Time Force. The whole…

My Confessions As A Kazuya Mishima And Jin Kazama Tekken Player

As a Tekken fan who didn't instantly like the game due to its "oddity" but later on, I would practically warm up to the game, maybe because I believe that my bloodline is cursed or something. I'll admit that with my very first Tekken games were played in the arcade, I played Tekken 3 in my now defunct Playstation One, I would later play Tekken 4 and 5 on my Playstation 2, and currently I have Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Playstation 3. But now it's time to go back in time and I'll admit, at first I was more of a King player but as time passed, I was more of a Kazuya player.
Maybe, just maybe for some reason, Kazuya defines my playing style as cheap and aggressive in contrast to Jin from Tekken 4 onwards was a more defensive player. Back then, it wasn't that possible to spam the Tequila Sunrise (spin kick) but again, Kazuya was my favorite player. Maybe it's because I held a grudge that badly his aggressive personality appealed to me. A…

Jin Kazama's Went Evil Bananas At A Worldwide Scale In Tekken 6!

Well after writing about Liu Kang going bananas, I thought about writing about Jin going Bananas. Now, I'll admit I'm not that huge of a Jin fan (and strangely my favorite fighter to use in Blazblue is Jin Kisaragi) and I'm more of a Kazuya player, I'd really talk about what I think was surprising or really not so surprising about Jin's going evil bananas. Compared to his father Kazuya Mishima and paternal grandfather Heihachi Mishima, Jin is a tragic hero who seeks to right the wrongs of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
What I failed to notice is that his Tekken 5 ending hinted at something terrible was going to happen. After he defeated his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, one can see him entering the throne room of the Mishima Zaibatsu and assuming command from his grandfather Heihachi's throne and made an evil expression at the end of it. It was implying that something was evil in his mind or two, did Namco decide that since Kazuya mishandled his power, let Jin do…

My Personal Opinion On Cyclops After The Merger With Apocalypse

If Wolverine was not only only favorite X-Man, the other is Cyclops. I thought that I probably have my issues with what happened to Cyclops in the later X-Men series. If you remembered in the storyline called "The Twelve", Cyclops and Apocalypse merged into one and I thought it was the end of him. He sacrificed himself to prevent Apocalypse from merging with the much more powerful Nathan Grey and I thought that what happened to him later after that, was an injustice.

After "The Twelve", I thought about how Jean Grey manages to separate Apocalypse' soul from Cyclops' body. However it was warned that when Apocalypse touches a soul, it can be twisted and remember, Angel is one of the many victims. Angel went from a good-mannered guy to a vengeful character or that, many people who Apocalypse had turned into Horsemen can suffer any trauma but... I just thought of Cyclops' merging with Apocalypse caused a major heel face turn. Now what happened next is just…

My Mixed/Confused Thoughts On Liu Kang's Going Evil Bananas In Mortal Kombat!

For people who know me or what I write, something is certain, Liu Kang IS my favorite Mortal Kombat character, granted that Ryu is my favorite Street Fighter character. Now I could relate to him in more than one level or two, I could relate to him in a way in Mortal Kombat Legacy but why all the sudden changes for my favorite character?! Though I could relate to Liu Kang's going bananas which can mean going very angry or going very emotional, I just thought the term "going evil bananas" might fit him, just a term I coined from going bananas.

I thought about this more than once I wanted to write this and I hope this at least, helps me express my anger starting with that one Mortal Kombat game I freaking hate (for very personal reasons and I don't care if video game critics can praise it)... is the fact that at the beginning, they freaking killed Liu Kang! Man that was more than enough to make me say, "That's it! I'm dropping the game!" and I was exc…

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Not Exactly The Best But... It's Probably Power Rangers' Kickback Time!

Just because I currently dislike Power Rangers doesn't mean I can't say anything good when I find it. After two bad seasons from the Neo-Saban era namely Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce, well Judd Lynn is back and there's some improvements that this show has taken from its Japanese counterpart Kyoryuger. Now, I do like Riku Sanjo in writing Kamen Rider but for me when he was assigned to be a Super Sentai writer, Kyoryuger was one show that didn't click with me. Now just because Dino Charge ain't really my cup of tea doesn't mean I won't give some praise for it or for Power Rangers in general for things I think they did better than Super Sentai.

When I looked at the first few episodes, watching the next episode wasn't a burden because... NO DAIGO-CENTRICITY and Tyler the red ranger is no Daigo, no hyperactive attitude and in fact, the Dino Gems made a GOOD CHOICE with him. Now we have Yoshi Sudarso as Koda a caveman back in modern day.…

How I Felt Emma Frost's Redemption Could Have Been Carried Out

This sounds really stupid for some of you and well, I am a Wolverine fan and here's what I started to think.  Scott and Emma is really wrong in many, many levels (I am a Scott/Jean shipper all the way) and I thought of how Emma's redemption could be carried out.  Well here's what I'd call as far-fetched, whacked-out and maybe, just the most the run that somehow, I felt Wolverine and Emma could have worked out especially during the time she admitted she fell for Scott/Cyclops in Wolverine's arms.  Maybe the two could have started an otherwise awkward relationship.

Call me crazy or what, but I did want to imagine Wolverine and Emma having a rather odd relationship, maybe not kill Jean Grey but rather have Emma fall for Wolverine and vice-versa.  Yeah I know the age gap is pretty big itself but for some reason, I thought a Wolverine/Emma pairing could have been a better than Scott/Emma because stupid writing wrote Jean Grey off.  I would prefer it if Scott had Jean a…

So Andrew Gray Is Far Different From Troy Burrows

As much as Megaforce can be considered by some to be a really bad entry for Power Rangers (and I think so to) but there's one thing I thought was funny. Troy no matter how boring I think he is, I think he'd be a better friend than Daigo Kiryu that at least he is NOT a spotlight robber. While I couldn't make him a favorite, but I thought I might actually talk about the actor Andrew Gray is far from robotic in real life.

When I think of Andrew Gray outside Megaforce, I can't help but say, "WTF! What were the writers thinking?!" Looking at his videos where he's not Troy, he's a totally different character and that his non-robotic self could have been used. So the more I check out his other videos, the more I realize that he's really not Troy at all. I think I might actually have fun talking to him.
So really, Jonathan Tzachor, what were you thinking considering you have way more experience than I do with writing?!

So Seriously, Raiden Went WTF Retard!!!!

I always thought Raiden has really gone full retard or has he ever been sane? In Mortal Kombat's first timeline prior to the series' reincarnation, his endings tend to show he's stupid especially Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II - both endings that led to the end of Earthrealm no thanks to his stupidity. Now for Mortal Kombat (2011), honestly I don't blame Liu Kang for going berserk on him because man, Raiden is SENILE!

Mortal Kombat (2011) is a great game, it's great to play with friends but with one serious issue - RAIDEN WENT FULL RETARD! I would admit that I guess the Elder Gods decided not to intervene in Mortal Kombat X because Raiden screwed up big time, maybe they were hoping Raiden gets taught a big lesson in that otherwise lacking Story Mode in the next game. But first, it's time for me to REALLY talk about how STUPID Raiden had come and for one, I really defend my stand, Raiden is F*CKING SENILE. Pardon the language but this guy has really need to…

Tori Hanson In Ninja Storm: Hot As Not As Nanami Nono But...

I always feel like Ninja Storm is a decent season but man, I feel it's underrated and it should get some credit.  I dunno how many people at least in their own OPINIONS think that the show is a stupid entry for the franchise (and I personally don't so let's not fight over it), but I feel like I still have some appreciation for this cute blonde even if Nanami is hotter than her, no questions asked.

Got to admit, yes, Nanami Nono is a real distraction and the actress Nao Nagasawa IMO can act better than Sally Martin.  But for Sally, she may not be the best but she's not the worst either.  For Hurricanger, it might be a problem if you belong to a minority who dislikes the show.  I also thought it might be quite stupid if poor Tori is bashed because she's definitely not in Nanami's level.  Sure, she's not Nanami but it's best to say something positive whenever you can because good criticism does a complete assessment.  However, there are times you can'…

Trying To Understand The Mishima VS. Kazama Conflict In Tekken

Tekken itself really presents the Mishima clan as the center of a dysfunctional clan then insert the Kazama clan (while we know nothing about the woman Heihachi produced Lars Alexanderson with), it creates a rather interesting conflict.

Who should be blamed for the conflict?  I blame Heihachi for why the curse arose, Devil gene or no Devil gene, the curse existed.  Knowing how Tekken's sequels includes loads and loads of flashbacks, want to try and write the stories from beginning to end.  So let's see what's under the Mishima Zaibatsu's secret files shall we?

I am yet to see what really happened to Kazume Mishima except she's the final boss in Tekken 7, apparently it'll be the last Tekken game (or not) which is coming out in the next generation system which I want to get a Playstation 4 (since I haven't played Mortal Kombat X).  So here's my rather limited knowledge of the Tekken series' prequels.  So where did the mess start with?
Before the Tekken…

A Summary Of Some Things I Believe Power Rangers Did Better Than Super Sentai, IMHO

Even if I am a neutral guy on Power Rangers (as of current) that is, while I tolerate its existence, I don't really like it as much as Super Sentai and remember, this is just a personal preference. Now for a list of stuff Power Rangers had actually done better for me in no particular order:

As much as I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers, but don't you think having a multiracial team is a great concept? Heh, I just love it that more often than not, Power Rangers tends to be very anti-racist for me.

I don't really get so fond with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but for me, Amy Jo Johnson has done a better job in acting than Reiko Chiba. So really, what's wrong with that? Again, you do know my extreme favoritism is Kimberly is still too evident. But I can't deny this is just a personal appeal.

Even if I like Gingaman over Lost Galaxy due to personal biases, I still think this show deserves some credit for actually trying to take place outside of Earth whi…

Remembering The Tekken Games That Concluded Their Appearance In Last Generation Consoles!

Knowing Tekken 7 will be out for the Playstation 4 soon, I want to give my thoughts on the three Tekken games that became the "last Tekken game" for the last generation systems.
Tekken had a total of three Playstation games.  The first two games were more or less basic but Tekken 3 started to innovate and revolutionize for a very last generation system.  Tekken 3 started adding more fighters, innovating the select screen, giving more fluid control than its predecessors and it really made a super believable performance before the Playstation became an obsolete system.   The game would start to give a preview of what to expect for the Playstation 2.  Until now, I still couldn't believe that this game managed to do a very good performance for a very old game.  Right now, I still want to play it all over again in the next generation consoles.

Mortal Kombat X And Some Throwbacks!

While I won't be able to play this game anytime soon (BOOOOO to circumstances), I felt like writing about some crazy stuff that you might want to think:

1.) The game takes place twenty years after the reincarnation of the Mortal Kombat franchise.  What's amazing also is that the Mortal Kombat movie turned 20 this year together with Johnny Cage is now as old as his actor, Linden Ashby as both are in their 50s.  The fact Cassie is the daughter of Johnny and Sonya, Jacqui is Jax's daughter and Takeda is Kenshi's son proves how fast time has gone.

2.) Like Tekken 3, it does take a generation jump or something.  Tekken 3 takes place 19 years after Tekken 2 and Mortal Kombat X takes place 20 years after the game's reincarnation.  What might be an amazing thing to know is that both games have Kotal Kahn and Ogre.  I wasn't all too surprised that Kotal Kahn looks like Ogre, complete with the Aztec theme.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out if Kotal Kahn is really…