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Just Some Stupidity in G.I.Joe Season Two

Okay I admit I never made this critical analysis as a kid but as a grown-up I just thought of these stupid events in G.I.Joe season two:

1.) Cobra Commander was getting incredibly moronic. Where was the Cobra Commander who is lethal and scheming we know and hate? Seriously the second season was really turning him from Megatron to Starscream in one easy flip.

2.) Now why would the Crimson Guards suddenly turn on Cobra Commander? And I thought he had paid them well. Also, one has to consider that the Crimson Guards were supposedly loyal to the Cobra Commander. Sheesh talk about what if the late Osama bin Ladin got betrayed by his loyal guardsmen back in his tenure so the Al Qaida could create their own Serpentor?!

3.) Now here's another- a series of events that would even lead to the rather ridiculous G.I.Joe movie. So Dr. Mindbender does get a vision but has he considered the dangers of his project? I just gave a thought that Dr. Mindbender is also pretty much inattentive as well.…

How Power Rangers Has Gone Downhill for Me

I just thought of my days as a Power Rangers fans or just as I could say like Mr. Smith, I am a fan of Super Sentai and less of Power Rangers but here's just a thought... it's really gone downhill. What do I blame it for?  Okay not a call for hate fic writing and I'm really thinking I'll probably be much less of a fan of Power Rangers now and be more into its source Super Sentai for these reasons:

Bad acting is hitting it- Well it started out well but sadly, standard acting to slowly replaced by bad acting.  SPD was fine for some, not for me.  Okay, I'll probably credit the season with really HORRID acting not to Wild Force but to Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury and the current Power Rangers Samurai.

Too many gimmicks- Gimmicks are fine but too much kills. Sadly, the Mega Mode gimmick has been even more lame than the battlizers.  I just thought that all the "hya" and "huh" is becoming annoying that I purposely remove them from any Power Rangers…

Just Some Thoughts on the Mishimas

It's just plain and simple- regret is at the end.  So far, it could be something if Jin would try to reconcile his father and grandfather with him, yet he is also tempted to kill them to end the curse.  However the Devil gene had only affected Jinpachi, Kazuya and Jin while it didn't affect Heihachi and his estranged illegitimate son Lars who he bore from some unknown woman.  The creation of this curse was most likely started by Heihachi's betrayal of his father Jinpachi, his throwing of Kazuya down the cliff and with all that, an ancient curse went into Kazuya and later, raised Jinpachi.  The premise of hatred and bitterness literally plagued up to four generations- Jinpachi, Heihachi, Kazuya and Lars then for the fourth generation, Jin.  Each one after the other just had that hatred for each other, except for the fact that Lars and Jin worked together.

In Tekken 2, the start of the Devil surfacing was with Kazuya.  After he beat his father, he became a monster worse tha…

Just Some Thought on Honerva vs. Hagar

I just thought of the one issue that was never placed in Voltron- the fact that Honerva was Daibazaal's mother.  The whole lost in translation plot that misplaced Honerva's relationship with Daibazaal (which was just too last minute) actually resulted to the whole plot that Zarkon was once Hagar's lover. But puke, Golion's revelation actually reveals this- Honerva was once the mistress of Daibazaal's father which she sired their illegitimate child Daibazaal.  Why Daibazaal was never aware of their blood relationship is never known, all that was seen quite earlier in the series is that she serves as Daibazaal's personal adviser who is somewhat blindly loyal to him perhaps due to her being a doting mother while he was never aware of their blood relations.  So I just wonder what the author ate that eventually made Daibazaal her illegitimate son in the first place?  Also, she never acknowledged Sincline even once has her grandson, kinda different from most grandmo…