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Megaforce's First Morph

I find it weird after Gobusters took the trademark "It's Morphin' Time" from MMPR, the Goseiger adaptation, Power Rangers Megaforce also has taken it.  It's as if the Super Sentai and Power Rangers were in a huge conference hall borrowing each other's original ideas.  So far, I am more impressed by this morph than this...

In the case of Power Rangers Samurai, sheesh did they do any research on the differences between ninjas and samurai? =P

The Mortal Kombat Tournament

Here are the rules of the Mortal Kombat Tournament:
No realm can conquer and merge itself with another without Mortal Kombat for at least every generation. If a realm can garner ten straight victories via their Grand Champion or another representative of theirs, they earn the right to invade the opposing realm. The Grand Champion him/herself is granted stunted aging and immortality until the next tournament. This is the ONLY way for a realm to invade and conquer another.Mortal Kombat once declared by either which party  cannot be refused.Special powers can be used.Any violation of the rules above will result to the judgment of the Elder Gods.
Some rules that could be applied:
Should a realm desire its freedom from the realm its merged with, maybe the Mortal Kombat tournament can be used to free it.It seems that the "once every generation" rule isn't always used.  It's not a problem for Shao Kahn who has an unnatural lifespan.  In Mortal Kombat II, it was most likely a …

Cole Evans... Why He's My Favorite PR Red Ranger

I know there have been issues about Cole being an Internet joke, Rick Medina's shocking revelation that he's a douche or Mr. Smith finding him annoying but I'll just write why Cole's my favorite PR Red Ranger of all time.  Wild Force is so-so for some but I'd say it's a good season.  So here are my reasons...

He doesn't start out very typical.  He's more like a barbarian attempting to fit into the civilized world and learns what it is to be part of society.  It was pretty interesting development for me.  I just thought him trying to reason to the Org was a good scene, trying to develop a not so typical hero all along.  And he's got that naiveness to go that adds to character development IMO.

There's just something about his strength and body.  While having a tough exterior, he has a gentle soul.  It can be evidenced in the episode "The Soul of Humanity".

I just found his battle scene with Viktor Adler/second Master Org to be really a…

Megaforce Interview

So here's a little bit of what I am thinking- looks like Nickelodeon has already managed to learn from its mistakes from Power Rangers Samurai (the season that inspired me to write the silly Mega-crossover- Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, apparently Ciara Hanna playing as Gia here might make me change the intended i-Carly crossover with Timeranger to become i-Goseiger for pun references).  Pretty excited for this... hopefully it won't be sloppy like Power Rangers Samurai was.  On the other hand, I'll also be bracing for Kyoryuger (or not) but I'll be giving Megaforce a chance.  I wonder what of PR/Sentai fan Mr. Smith's thoughts for now?  Revelations are this is quite not a copy/paste work but like MMPR, manages to tweek things around.  But nah, maybe I shouldn't let Ciara Hanna's appearance here change my i-Carly crossover with Timeranger.  Maybe it'd be better if it were a Danny Phantom/Goseiger crossover.

Why I Think I'll Give PR Megaforce a Chance

I could say for Power Rangers, there were times I chose to be neutral but there were times I watched them for enjoyment though I'm more of a Super Sentai fan.  Now I just had my thoughts on why I'm giving Power Rangers Megaforce a chance...

Compared to Power Rangers Samurai which attempts to poorly copy and paste everything and add useless MMPR nostalgia (that is Bulk and Spike who are just there for being there, no plot contribution whatsoever) it looks like they will get the MMPR nostalgia value done right with the teenagers stuff but hopefully it'll get better.  Want to know how to do teenager stuff well?  Simple- they need to watch some Turboranger and Megaranger to see how it can be done better.  Not like as if Toei's forbidding them to do so!  Hopefully this won't bore me like Goseiger (which I also gave a chance thanks to Eri's cuteness).

The other would be the girls.  I would say it's pretty rare tehse days for Power Rangers to have a hot chick with…

Despite the "Meh" Impression of the Episode Spoilers, I'm Probably Going to Hang Around with PR Megaforce =P

So while I had a bad taste with Power Rangers Samurai, even Spike ran off to Japan (and Yatsudenwani promoted him as vice president of Dino Curry!) so I guess I'll hang out a bit with Megaforce for...

Ciara Hanna... he he he!  Well I'll spill it out that I still have a soft spot for Power Rangers though it's not as much as it used to be thanks to majority of what Kalish had to offer.

So a little bit about this one, well I wish it were Ciara Hanna who were wearing the short shorts but oh well... ha ha ha!  I'm just glad this one isn't a copy/paste like PR Samurai so I may give this  a better chance.

Apparently the coming of PR Megaforce might change my mind of a Timeranger/i-Carly crossover with a Goseiger/i-Carly crossover.

Similarities Between Hunchback of Notre Dame's Claude Frollo and Noli Me Tangere's Bernardo Salvi

I just thought between the Filipino novel "Noli Me Tangere" by Filipino-Chinese writer Jose Mercado (Rizal) and that of French writer Victor Hugo, these two kind of had a common idea of people bound to celibacy who has some really BAD ISSUES!

Both Padre Frollo and Padre Salvi are pretty tragic figures.  They try their best to be good priests of their religion, to be good persons (but also hypocritical, miserly and both were very pale and sickly too) but  the tragedy does begin with when they start to break their vows of celibacy to fall in love with that they believe are "inferior" women.  Frollo had a dislike for gypsies and Salvi had a dislike for Filipinos (who he calls as Indios or inferior) but in the long run, both fall in love with races they disliked which doubled their pain aside from being celibates thus the song "Hellfire" comes in.  Then it begins their madness... Frollo attempted to kill Phoebus de Chapateurs while he was kissing with Esmeral…

Secret of the Hunchback... Quite a Huge Rehash!

Secret of the Hunchback has this plot which has some from the novel and its own twist and turns.  So it looks like a rehash of characters but not really.  So the beginning starts where kind Archdeacon Claude Frollo adopts Quasimodo and he does have his assistant.  Claude could not care how ugly Quasimodo was, he raised the freak anyway but warned him about society can be so unforgiving while there are good people. So Quasimodo sneaks out to see the festival and meets Pierre Gringoire a misunderstood poet and Esmeralda WHO LOOKS LIKE BELLE.  In the middle of everything, there is Jehan Frollo the Archdeacon's corrupt brother who is the High Sheriff of Paris, who looks like a cross between Gaston and Jafar, but mostly Gaston personality-wise accompanied by a bumbling sidekick like Lefou.  And what's worse is that Jehan has developed feelings for Esmeralda, wants to marry her but she HATES HIM.  So yeah, pretty much Belle as Esmeralda and Gaston as the High Sheriff of Paris, thou…

Lord Zedd's Addition: Good or Bad?

Well here's been one thing I thought as a kid- season 1 of Power Rangers basically had Rita Repulsa established somewhat as the empress of evil, a queen at her own right, she doesn't mention she has a master and all that- she was in fact to every child back then the BIG BAD of the first season.  In fact, MMPR was supposed to end after 40 episodes but due to popularity issues, the show was extended with Zyu2 footage (that is extra Zyuranger footage that NEVER was used in the original) for MMPR exclusively.  Toei accepted the offer so they can make more money in America based on the royalties Saban pays!

So I had my headache on that issue.  So Rita Repulsa was basically almost similar to Bandora, big bad, ruler of darkness and then we realize that... entrance music...

Lord Zedd has to enter.  Lord Zedd was written as her master, a fearsome destructive villain.  So if Rita was the empress of destruction, then what is Lord Zedd's rank?  Also, why didn't Rita mention him?  …

Kabal's Blur Role in Mortal Kombat

Kabal.  Although he's not my favorite but I thought that pretty much had a blur role as Kabal.  He started off in Mortal Kombat 3/Ultimate/Trilogy as a member of the Black Dragon who got spared from being soul-sucked by Shao Kahn.  So he was chosen for some reason where he was spared but forced to wear an artificial respirator for the rest of his life.  He had begun to see the light that is for awhile, he helped the Earth warriors fight against the Outworld invasion.  However he was not seen in MK4 or Gold but later was mentioned in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.  While he supposedly left the Black Dragon, Mavado defeated him and mortally wounded him, claimed his hookswords but that was NOT the end of Kabal.

What happened was his allegiance was supposedly good, the cleric of Chaosrealm, Havik took advantage of him and revived him from near death returning him to the side of evil in Mortal Kombat Deception where he vowed to reform the Black Dragon under a new order.  He started w…

Possible Sentai Warriors that Inspired MMPR's First Lineup...

MMPR didn't do much copying from Zyuranger, instead they "adapted" other seasons into their characters.

Shiro Gou for Jason- Both have a sense of passion and responsibility.  They both also have a chemistry with the yellow rangers of their team.  Both of them held the team together, reminded everyone they needed their teamwork and was a pretty reliable leader.  He also manages to catch up with Trini at times, which they have a contrast of personality at times yet they do have that on-screen chemistry though coupling is out of the question.

Shirou Akebono for Zack- Not anything much but the Kenya is an African nation and Shirou Akebono was a black ranger.  Zack was a black American as the black ranger.  Nothing racist here really, just the pride of being a black for me.  Everything else is different.

Yousuke Shima for Billy- Though personality-wise they are different, they are both inventors in blue.

Mika Koizumi for Trini- While Mika bit the dust too early and still got …

Mesmira's Role in Conan the Adventurer

One of the most confusing roles of Conan the Adventurer was namely Queen Mesmira who is called to be the Queen of Stygia.  If she is the Queen of Stygia, then why is she serving the high priest Wrath-Amon unwillingly?  So her, here seems to be the theory provided that the writers of Conan the Adventurer had ported this plot from Robert E. Howard's version of Stygia into the show considering that much of Conan the Adventurer pays tribute to the violent novels:

Robert E. Howard's Stygia:

Stygia was a theocracy controlled by the priests of Set, the Serpent-God. The administrative capital and seat of the king was Luxur, lying inland and south of the Styx on an important caravan route. We may presume that when the climate was wetter, the River Bakhr was navigable up to Luxur. In Conan's time it was not. The greatest port and religious center was at Khemi, on the estuary of the Styx. Sukhmet and Kheshatta were apparently caravan cities that serviced traders from the black natio…

The Rather Dark Depressing Story of Mortal Kombat 2011 Game

Mortal Kombat 2011 (or some would call it Mortal Kombat 9) I really thought had gotten to me to where I'd say it's pretty depressing.  So where do I begin?  It's the conclusion to Mortal Kombat Armageddon, everybody's dead as seen in the opening below...
So Shao Kahn somehow defeated Onaga.  What we learned happened last was that Taven defeated Blaze, Taven became a full god and ascended yet the other warriors were neither weakened nor killed but rather, the third unexpected outcome came... they all became incredibly powerful.  So maybe Shao Kahn got more powerful than Onaga, killed the latter and eventually returned to the pyramid to beat Raiden up.  Raiden gets beaten up but not before using his broken Amulet to send a message to the past saying "He must win..." leaving us to think who this "he must win" is... seriously Raiden since when did you go vague talking?!  So what happened was simple... after Shao Kahn wins, the "solution" was …

Where Heisei Riders Got it Right and Zaido Got it Wrong?

Some people tend to think that slice of life stories or dramas immediately stink or something.  However I had my thoughts on watching Heisei riders, some of them do feel like a J-Drama slapped with Tokusatsu rather than the standard Kamen Riders of the Showa era to me, however they were done well compared to the disaster that was...

Zaido... well this may be a jerkass move but Zaido is that awful.  I had my thoughts on Zaido seemed promising but no, just no, it's just plain terrible. Drama-wise and Toku-wise it is sloppy.  Seriously, it's probably worse than Kalish's writing Operation Overdrive.  To be honest, Zaido may be forgivable with its effects but the way it was written was stupid.  So where are the monster of the week?  Where is all the intense drama?  Not really done properly- it's just plain dragging too.  Zaido is a disaster that GMA-7 should NEVER repeat.  Seriously if they want to make their won Toku, they better watch more Kamen Rider Heisi era to see how …

Inspiration for Original Power Rangers Villains

There were some villains in Power Rangers that had no Super Sentai counterparts.  However it seemed they were inspired by these Super Sentai villains...

Apparently Astronema had her inspiration from Changeman's Shiima, being kidnapped as a child and brainwashed to serve an evil organization.  Like Shiima, she went from brainwashed and crazy to earning her happy ending.

Dark Specter and Bazoo- Both use astral projections and are pretty much intimidating to their subordinates. In the case of Dark Specter, his full combat abilities were never know as he was easily destroyed by Darkonda in an act of betrayal.

In the case of Trakeena, I might really give her credit of inspiration to Ahames from Changeman.  Both are scheming, manipulative and would do anything to accomplish their task.  Plus, both of them were loyal to their respective planets.

Power Rangers Awards Part 5: Canon Pairing

It's time to award the couples of Power Rangers...

Biggest split ever goes to Tommy and Kimberly.  Seriously what were the writers thinking?

Best villain couple goes to Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa- Yes they are villains but they do make such a sweet couple.  In fact, their love endured through from their squabbles every time they were defeated.  Despite their ups and downs, Lord Zedd realized he loved Rita all along even with the love potion gone.

Power Rangers Part 4: Male Villain Awarding

Now for the male villains...

Best villain goes to Lord Zedd.  Decayed or not, he's really still fearsome even if he does get comical after season two.  Best parts was before the love potion ended, he and Rita Repulsa really caused much misery to the MMPR team regardless.  He does have insanity moments like his sudden crush on Kimberly (but he overcame that) or how his putties get too easy to defeat for the rangers.  But regardless, he's still a fearsome villain.

Most tragic villain goes to Ransik.  Although he is shown more temperamental than Dolnero or how he mistreats Frax, he's tragic considering he's been shunned by humanity and most of his evil deeds were directed towards his hatred for humans.  In the end, he learned his hatred had to end and it came to a full circle reformation in Power Rangers Wild Force when he became the thing he used to hate- a human!

Power Rangers Awards Part 3: Female Villains

So here's another shallower awarding but here goes...
Most evil female villain in Power Rangers goes to Queen Bansheera.  Well there seems to be hardly any difference betweent hem when it came to mistreating their subordinates.  Not even Trakeena was that cruel.

Most iconic female villain goes to Rita Repulsa.  Hmmm... it shouldn't be surprising she's what gets tag in MMPR more than her husband Lord Zedd.