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That Corny Rehashed Megazord Battle!

I did remember seeing MMPR as a child and now I'd like to critic on the rehashed Megazord battle. Here's what- it became the herald of Goldar's villain decay, he was in fact a contrast to his Zyuranger counterpart Griforther because he wasn't really that powerful and wasn't able to outlast the Megazord even when alone.  I think this was a rehash of Griforther's first one on one battle against Daizyujin.

A List of Some of the Best Marvel-Based Games

Here's a little bit of Marvel-based games that I'll divide by genre.  Here are they:

Fighting games: Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterMarvel vs. CapcomMarvel vs. Capcom 2Marvel vs. Capcom 3X-Men Mutant Academy IIX-Men Next DimensionX-Men vs. Street Fighter
Strategy games:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance IIX-Men LegendsX-Men Legends II

Grand Birth from Sharivan

Here's a video tribute to one of the weirdest robot designs in history known as the "Grand Birth".  Fortunately this robot is not used to combat other robots otherwise it'll have a very slim chance of winning.  I guess it got the name "Grand Birth" because it looks like it's a pregnant robot. :P

Dragon Quest 8's Most Badass Battle!

In Dragon Quest 8, there is this bonus dungeon called the Dragovian Path to which the secret of the hero's birth identity is not only revealed but you get to go through the Dragovian trials (you MUST finish the game the first time and get the bad ending).  So to get this "gospel ring" which will soon allow you to search for every missing item you may have missed without a monster attacking, you'll need to finish ALL the trials, get ALL the items aside from just going around finding every monster there is in the list.  After winning the final trial, you may choose to go to fight the "Ultimate Dragon" to which it involves fighting EVERY last form (in half-health) until you reach the ultimate form.  
This battle caused me wow, at least that much before I finally completed the monster list.  What is a big bummer for me is that it doesn't increase EXP or anything, just complete that list of monsters, although it is essential for the Gospel Ring.  It does ho…

Mara and Kapri: My Two Irritations in PR Ninja Storm

Okay villains are meant to be annoying but Mara and Kapri I think are just irritating not because of their script but because of the ACTRESSES.  It's such a pain to listen to that overacting that those two had to offer.  These were the worst kinds of irritation I had to face.  Tao Zanto would NEVER want these two near him!

Serpentor's Ruining of His Plans in the Cartoon

While Serpentor stood believable as a superior leader in the comics, the cartoon failed to make him the superior leader he was which however may have left more laughs than fear.  Okay, I'd be afraid IF he were my boss but not if I were just his harsh critic for his otherwise psychotic brain.  So how did he screw up?  Here's how his Galvatron-like temper is too much:

G.I.Joe Arise Serpentor Arise Part 5- He just immediately attacks Washington D.C. without much of a plan which he had no reserves.  Would he have had Mao Zedong's DNA, he would have succeeded but his impulsiveness (as he was deceived that the president would surrender to him) destroyed an otherwise perfect plan and nearly spelled the end of Cobra.  Cobra Commander saved him though.  In fact only one Night Raven was available for them to escape, very costly indeed!

Computer Complications- He's always in a hurry as you know it.

The Million Dollar Medic- His insistent of putting Van Mark out of business NOW NO…

A List of Old Shames... Too Plenty to Mention!

As a fantasy critic, I got to admit I got a list of old shames and too plenty to mention so maybe I'll just list some of them down by a specific category.  Here they are in no particular order are some I can mention:

Beetleborgs (both seasons)- It's plain garbage. Even the less successful B-Fighter Kabuto scores!

Conan the Adventurer (can't be too sure of this!)- This is where I think Robert E. Howard if he were alive again would really shoot himself AGAIN.  Okay it was enjoyable as a child but seriously, just teleporting away the snakemen?  Are Set's minions too easy to defeat?  And I got to also put it I cried missing certain episodes, I got addicted to this series but it's really something when you're reading the comics.  I have to say Set's defeat was pretty lame because of I mean, just banish him?  Bash some weapons together and he's gone?  In reality, Conan even with his friends would be no match to Set the great serpent at all!

Hanna-Barbera Cart…

Gaston's Inspiration?

Gaston was a character that NEVER existed in the Beauty and the Beast fairytale, he was merely an add-on. However after doing some miscellaneous research, it turns out to be there was some character way back that inspired his conception:

Josette Day's Beauty and the Beast had Jean Marais portray the wicked Avenant (and strangely enough also the Prince :P). In contrast to Gaston, he is far more refined and dignified although he slapped one of Belle's sisters (who were removed in the Disney version). He was a rich man, not a hunter who was not very much self-obsessed compared to Gaston.

I just wonder why they had to dumb down Avenant to this boorish guy?!  The only time he later displayed Avenant-like behavior was when he was already rejected by Belle. Other than that, he's just a dumbass villain. The only time he really showed intelligence was when he was going to fight Beast or when he decided to take advantage of Maurice. But for the rest, he's just a self-obsessed vi…

My List of Pretty Power Rangers Chicks

Okay I got to admit that there are a lot more hot Sentai chicks these day but I'd be unfair not to give credit to these girls! :P

Kimberly Hart- There is no doubt that her beauty is quite unique, it's in fact hard to find somebody who really matches her beauty after she left.  I had pretty much of a boner over her.  Hmmm did her beauty really cause Lord Zedd to want her once?!  Ha ha.  Also, in my fan fic Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, Radiguet has a crush on her seeing her as an object to lust at.  I kind of think it's delightful that Rin Takanashi IMO bears resemblance to her appearance too.

Ashley Hamond- IMO I find her prettier than Chisato but at such a short distance.  She's not as pretty as Kimberly Hart though.

Dana Mitchell- She's kinda pretty but I find her counterpart in Gogo V prettier.

Tori Hanson- Okay I may find Nanami Nono pretty but she does make it into the list.  Compared to Nanami, she has the childlike innocence that's IMO similar to the a…

Disney's Frollo and Possible Inspirations

There's no doubt that Disney's Claude Frollo is the most intriguing.  While not portrayed as a corrupt priest like he was in the novels and instead, he was a judge, however one can look at the inspiration really had to come from SOMEWHERE!

In the 1939 version, the character of Jehan Frollo from the novels was made more corrupt and destructive than he was just a drunk official.  The bad traits of Claude were merged with Jehan Frollo to form a really dark antagonist even more cruel than Disney's version.

The unnamed Archdeacon of the Disney movie was actually more likely taken from the 1939 version's Claude Frollo (who was protagonistic in contrast to the novel version), the name to which the corrupt judge in the Disney version shares.  Strangely enough, Claude Frollo despite being a minister, acted more like he was a lower priest than a politician by his actions.  In the 1939 version, they are brothers but not in the Disney film although it may have been intended they …

My Overall Rambling on MMPR as a Child

Well I may be 27 now but somehow, I want to express some disappointments in childhood.  So here's a little bit of how things were... I was watching Sentai as a child and all, but all missed post-Jetman thanks to the stupidity of Filipino TV stations.  So here we go...

It was the time of my rather stupid childhood.  I was engrossed into Kamen Rider Black, Maskman, Bioman, Fiveman and later Jetman came while MMPR was airing.  Hic.  So I definitely thought that the show was an entirely AMERICAN show but here were a few things.  So I didn't mind about Zack and Trini, and I'll always say it's NOT RACISM because they're not portrayed negatively.  If you say Zack being the Black Ranger is racist, you might as well call Battle Fever J racist!  So where was I?  So okay there I was adding one different show to another to my kiddie library which is now but mostly old shames.  So here's what I began to do- I began to compare them to Sentai characters.  Okay so I considered…

Trini's Pilot vs. Actual Trini

I never realized there was a pilot Trini which was acted by Audri Dubois before Thuy Trang finally landed on the spot as Trini Kwan.

Pilot Trini was a short-haired radical fighter girl a little bit like Maskman's Haruka, both were more eager to do more battle.  It was meant to balance Kimberly's girly girl.  However she wasn't pushed through for some reason and Thuy Trang was chosen.

It seems the writer Doug Sloan grew more attached to the concept of Mika Koizumi used her as the template of Trini instead but in part anyway.  Okay Trini didn't try to run away from her destiny but was hesitant to fight but she was pretty unsure of her destiny like Mika was and she was more submissive.  Jason actually convinced her if she doesn't fight, all the nature she loves will be destroyed like Shiro did to Mika but not that she tried to run away.  Like Mika Koizumi, she is a person who is hesitant to fight offensively, quite independent minded compared to the rest, artsy, and a…

Cobra Commander's Best Plans

All I can say is Cobra Commander despite him decaying in the later seasons really had some really deadly plans which are present in this episode:

The Mass Device

The Pyramid of Darkness- Taking control over the world's electricity.

Countdown for Zartan

Red Rocket's Glare

Cobra Stops the World- Fuel deprivation.

The Funhouse

Money to Burn- taking over the U.S. economy.

Battle for the Train of Gold- Another attempt to take over the U.S. economy.

Lasers in the Night- Using a dupe is plain evil.

Cobra Quake- The plan to destroy Tokyo with a manmade quake.

Worlds Without End I and II- The use of a matter transformer.

Cobra Claws are Coming to Town- Nothing like a holiday sabotage.

Cold Slither- Mass hypnosis with subliminal messages.

Sadly after he took over Cobra once more from his usurper Serpentor, his schemes were no longer as dark.

Megatron the Loser

I can't deny that somehow Megatron's personality was probably blended into Cobra Commander (aside from Starscream).  Megatron did show moments of cowardice and the trademark "RETREAT" statement whenever things fell out of favor and both of them had traitorous deputies.  Cobra Commander had Destro, Megatron had Starscream.  In fact Megatron's personality was a total clash to his Galvatron personality that when Serpentor arrived in G.I.Joe season two to replace Cobra Commander, it was if Galvatron and Megatron were now separate beings.  Hee hee.  Now just enjoy Megatron as he shows crazy moments but they aren't as crazy as Galvatron's (whose personality was integrated into Serpentor).