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A Look At Mortal Kombat Fighting Game's Innovative Cycle

Mortal Kombat is one franchise that's gotten mixed reception throughout the years. From overly repetitive gameplay with the use of High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick and Low Kick to innovating, the game has its shares of ups and downs. It's time to take a look at how the gameplay evolved throughout the franchise.

Mortal Kombat 1 to Mortal Kombat Trilogy

The first Mortal Kombat game (which has aged badly) started out the use of digitized graphics and the use of finishing moves. It's the very game that launched the rating system for video games showing that video games are not just for children! The game was met with some issues of balancing against unplayable boss characters. Goro was that hard to defeat as one punch took nearly a quarter of your character's health. Shang Tsung could morph into other characters making him a real pain in the ass.

Are Megaman Fans Expecting Too Much?!

After I saw the screenshots and gameplay of Mighty No. 9, I started going harsh and unprofessional at several levels. I wanted to start mocking it. I wanted to Obi-Wan mode during "Revenge of the Sith" with Inafune when I saw the results of the gameplay. I wanted a Megaman successor but what do we get? Then I thought of this one, "Are Megaman fans expecting too much?"
Probably yes. Megaman fans may be expecting too much. A spiritual successor of Megaman isn't Megaman. But I guess the factors like the really bad cut scenes and bad voice acting is one. I enjoy playing Megaman 8 in spite of bad voice acting. I'm wondering what happened to the 3 million dollar budget and why did we get a mediocre game? I guess fans have the right to get mad for whatever reasons. At the same time, critics need to realize that they should evaluate Mighty No. 9 on its own merit rather than to keep comparing it to Megaman. 
But again, I haven't played the game yet and I should st…

So I May Not Getting Mighty No. 9?!

At first, I wanted to get Mighty No. 9 because I was a fan of Megaman. I wanted a Megaman successor. I was excited about it. Then there was three years delay and what's the result? I really admit that looking at a FULL gameplay, I'm already thinking about NOT buying it. After looking at this review, I really think WTF! Really? Keiji Inafune what are you thinking?! I can agree with the reviewer of the whole point of playing Megaman.

I'd like to give my views on what I'm seeing based on the full gameplay. Pretty much uninspired, too much emphasis on scores. If I want to get a 2.5 platformer with a Megaman style, it's Megaman X8. The gameplay there was more interesting for a PS2 game. Although the game didn't have Keiji Inafune involved but it was a fun game nonetheless with all the rankings, combos and even if there's no score system, there's all the fun in doing combos and mini-games. SOMETHING that Mighty No. 9 doesn't have based on gameplay. So I&…

Mortal Kombat (2011) And Mortal Kombat X: What Went Right And What Went Wrong

With Tekken 7's delay which may just be a GOOD THING because by now a lot of Playstation 4s and X Box Ones have already been sold. Let's focus on the two games, Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X which I'm using the Komplete Editions as box arts.

Mortal Kombat (2011)

Mortal Kombat (2011) was the reincarnation for the Mortal Kombat franchise which was long intended for the Playstation 3. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was released in 2008, two years after the PS4 and XBox One came out. But both games were planned right ahead of time to be for both systems which had a lot of proper planning. But I'd focus on Mortal Kombat (2011) for the first discussion.

The Playstation 4 and XBox One systems came out around 2006-2007 and Mortal Kombat (2011) came out in 2011. The game promised to go back to its roots while introducing new innovations and I felt like that unlike Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the game's reincarnation which is seldom referred to as MK9 by fans. So…

The Bizarre Father/Son Relationship Of Cyclops And Cable

Considering today is father's day, I thought of this rather bizarre incident between Cyclops and his son Cable. Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey). Mr. Sinister assumed that if Cyclops and Jean Grey would have an offspring, that mutant would be powerful enough to defeat Apocalypse. It just happened that Jean Grey supposedly died and the Phoenix Force brought to life Mr. Sinister's failed experiment Madelyne Pryor making her more or less another Jean. This happened that Madelyne had now become more or less a "real person" capable of getting pregnant and that's what happened. It's most likely Cable was named Nathan by his birth mother because of Mr. Sinister's mental suggestion. Plus, Mr. Sinister's real name is Nathaniel Essex.

Apocalypse was awakened by the birth of this new powerful mutant. Having his bond with the Celestials, he may have felt it was his duty to get that child and test it. Apocalypse infected Nathan…

My Wild Mass Guess Behind Tekken 7's Delayed Release

Tekken 7 is getting released by Spring next year and here's my theory behind all the delays. I would assume it has to do with the sales of Playstation 4 units. Maybe back then, not everyone could afford yet but the price as of late is not that expensive. I guess they were waiting for more sales in units so they could get a massive purchasing on the initial release.

The Yi Ar Kung Fu NES Game

Here's a bit of the 90s kid. I remembered owning the Family Computer back then and I remembered this game by Konami. I thought this game actually ended but it never did. The game has the protagonist Lee (presumably based on Bruce Lee) fighting five bosses. He fights one boss per round where he goes against Wang, Tao, Chen, Lang and Mu. Once Mu is defeated, the challenge starts all over again which is nothing more than trying to gain the highest score you can before you're inevitably defeated for good.

What If Nostalgia Critic Reviews Mortal Kombat's Story Mode

After several years, I thought of Nostalgia Critic reviewing Mortal Kombat (2011). Now I can't really write a whole transcript but I thought of some possible stuff he'd criticize about the game's story. I admit, I love the game better than its predecessors, it's entirely fresh and it's a great game. But the Story Mode... well I had facedesked too many times while playing it. So I'll try to think of how Nostalgia Critic would review the game.

So everything starts with the opening. He would start to describe the carnage with some funny facial effects. Then we're treated to the scene where Shao Kahn wins. He might say, "So we see Raiden and Shao Kahn are the last two standing in Mortal Kombat. This of course makes me go WTF with how Shao Kahn really beats Raiden up. But Raiden not willing to die without a fight decides to send some vague message. Really? He must win? So Raiden's message starts to go backwards to the first Mortal Kombat tournament!&qu…

So I'm Finding Winspector Better Than GoGoFive (And Other Rescue-Related Super Sentai And Power Rangers) As Of Late...

I'll admit the whole category is pretty much apples and oranges. So why am I thinking Winspector's better than GoGoFive, Lightspeed Rescue and Dekaranger? Well, I can't give a real solid reason. But here's one thing that Metal Heroes had as an "advantage" over Super Sentai: a certain level of maturity that the other doesn't have. Now I know there's the later end with Robotack and Kabutack which spelled the end of the franchise, but I thought Metal Hero tends to appeal to older audiences and I guess, it's my age. Or two, GoGoFive takes place after the Carranger era... basically the era where Super Sentai tries to tone things down and SUCCEEDED. Metal Hero tried to do the same but ended up in failure.

Winspector's a show that's it's own. So okay fans may go ahead and think GoGoFive, Lightspeed Rescue, Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD have their merits. But for Winspector, I really think the tone of the show may fit well for my age. I ad…

Wishful Thinking: Tekken 7 Gets A Story Mode Similar To Mortal Kombat's Story Mode

After playing Mortal Kombat (2011) and Tekken 6, I really wanted to say that while I'm more of a Tekken fan but Mortal Kombat (2011) had a better story mode. Tekken 6 was first released during 2007 and well Mortal Kombat had some time to polish up its game. My wishful thinking is that hopefully as Tekken 7 is on the works is that it actually follows Mortal Kombat's really great story mode.

The story mode of Mortal Kombat was more fun than the Scenario Campaign. I felt like Scenario Campaign was a downgrade of Armageddon's Konquest Mode in the gameplay area while it provided several cool CGI cutscenes. But the problem of Scenario Campaign was why in the world do I have to play it to get the individual character endings? Plus, the boss fights were pretty sluggish at times AND could have been better if Lars started fighting them one on one arcade style. But my wish is that they'd actually use a story mode similar to that of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat's Story Mode inv…

Tekken Games And How I Believe They Aged

Some Tekken games aged well but others aged badly. Remember this is entirely my OPINION. Considering I didn't always start out as a Tekken fan (I was more into Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat as a child) so some of them may vary. So here goes nothing!
I. Tekken games that aged badly
Tekken 1
Although Tekken 1 was a good kickstarter. It broke records, introduced a new fighting scheme that Tekken would be known for and dominated the fighting games and started the phenomenon but I can't forget some of its problems. Considering it's the first game from the 90s then I guess signs of aging badly will inevitably hit it. The game's problems involved less flexible controls, lack of balance, bosses were unlockable in the home versions but they had no endings and Heihachi was just that hard to defeat.