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How I Would Have Handled the PR-Samurai Story

Okay so a LOT of revisions did happen to the character casting thanks to uncontrollable circumstances.  I figured out that they could have at least gotten creative with the storyline for Power Rangers Samurai rather than try to replicate the Shinkenger storyline in whole because one, these guys are them, not the Shinkengers.  So how would I handle it?  Well... given that there's a Japanese mentor over non-Japanese guys, so I personally thought the characters could have been given their uniqueness.  
The story: Well it would start out where the last of the Samurai heads for America and finds five worthy new pupils to defend the world from the invasion of the underground kingdom of Lord Xandred, an evil monster that has already corrupted the underground.  Now with five new people learning the ancient and most secret art of the samurai and having no samurai blood of their own, will they succeed?
Here's how I would have handled these characters:
Jayden- A white guy who is fascinated …

Mortal Kombat and Chinese Myths

Looking at the Mortal Kombat franchise, here are some examples of Chinese mythology in action.  They are as I see it and this is just an IFFY post:

The places:
The concepts of having different realms such as Heaven, Earth, Hell, Order, Chaos, Outworld and Edenia. Hell is divided into eighteen sections based on Chinese mythology.  The chamber of grinding and the chamber of dismemberment were shown in Mortal Kombat Deception.
The characters:
The way the Elder Gods are seem to display it from Chinese mythology.Raiden although his name was derived from a Japanese god called Raijin, his appearance looks more like a Buddhist/Taoist god instead.  The same treatment was given to Fujin.  Apparently Raiden's character is based on the Chinese lightning god Erlang Shen.Shinnok the fallen elder god is apparently inspired by Yang Wang, the fallen elder god in Journey to the West who was condemned to the Netherworld for rebellion against the Elder Gods.Bo Rai Cho resembles Sha Wujing, both being obe…

Remembering The Transformers Series

Transformers... more than meets the eye. It started all with Hasbro and Sunbow productions in the U.S. which was one of the 80s series that had caught the eyes of children. Yup. And who couldn't forget how the jump the shark moments, the joy and pain of the Autobots vs. Decepticons and here's how it went:

Season 1-2 - The plot was basically Optimus Prime leading in battle against the evil Decepticon warlord Megatron. It was basically where Megatron frequently got into a fight with his scheming deputy Starscream (who I disliked) because of power issues. Starscream was a traitor at best. Also, it was probably more violent than G.I.Joe was.
The Movie- Well I have to say but I hated the fact that Optimus Prime was killed and he was replaced by Hot Rod who was simply introduced as a newbie.  
Season 3 - Hot Rod's transformation to Rodimus Prime was pretty boring for some but he did a good job maturing as the series went. Galvatron deserved a better opponent. It was wor…