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Logic in Mortal Kombat

So here's some logic in the Mortal Kombat Universe.  How do they operate?  Here are some:

You bleed a lot during kombat.  Yup that's what puzzles me is how strong are they anyway to survive all that beating and bleeding?  This is puzzling if every punch or kick you inflict releases blood all the time and yet they are still standing.

The x-ray moves are another.  Many times the teeth fly out, the jaw is broken and eyeballs are even lost YET after the move is executed the teeth are still complete, any attack using the mouth can still be done and the eyes are still complete.

Some special moves could have claimed your life already in one hit like being frozen by Sub-Zero's freeze, Stryker's gun or impaled by Scorpion's spear.  Not to mention many moves from special bosses could actually kill you in one hit like Shao Kahn's hammer.

Most problems are settled by getting even.  Yup, in Mortal Kombat most people prefer to perform fatalities than let their opponent slide…

Robocop Influence in Janperson

While Robocop is obviously a dead man revived into a cyborg (which was copied into Jiban) while Janperson isn't but Robocop influence managed to make it into the show in the way it was written.  I guess Robocop's popularity prompted Toei's producers to make their own Robocop type series while copying some plots and modifying them into Janperson's characters.  Janperson was closer to Robocop than any other Metal Hero as well.

Gun Gibson like RoboCable was originally programmed to destroy the protagonist of the show, later becoming allies.  But unlike RoboCable, he is also a full robot like Janperson.

Apparently Janperson's biggest nemesis Ryuzaburo Tatewaki being a psychotic gang leader might be based on Clarence Boddicker who was from the first Robocop movie.  Both of the were businessmen who were head of their own gangs while being a coward at best.  Unlike Clarence Boddicker, Tatewaki eventually transformed into a Janperson bootleg known as Billgodly but maintai…

Why I'm Having Second Thoughts About Continuing Myself as a Power Rangers Fan

While I personally don't hate Power Rangers but I'm thinking that Disney's era with Bruce Kalish up to Saban's return, everything was just really bad.  So what do I think of Saban's return?  At first, I was excited for Saban to return but things got really bad.  So here's what I really think...

Saban's crew isn't trying anything new and two, Jonathan Tzachor.  Jonathan Tzachor had good ideas back then but no, not PR Samurai.  Why does he just copy/paste the Shinkenger plot into an obviously not all Japanese gang?  I mean, the show is too much a bland version of Shinkenger with minor differences that all I say is it's no better than most of Kalish's seasons.  Times like these, Spongebob's post-movie seasons are more welcome than this unfortunate garbage.  In other words, too much throwback to MMPR.

Nickelodeon just sucks when it comes to Power Rangers.  In fact, I don't think I even want Nickelodeon Japan to start doing a Sentai marathon…

Remembering Disney's Beauty and the Beast

For me, if there was one movie that really well captured my attention it was Beauty and the Beast.  I bought the DVD edition which actually revealed a lot of times the film was shelved.  And some research actually had these elements brought from the book like the Beast's curse as a result of his unkind heart in his younger years and another, Belle's name was really Belle in the novels.

Belle's story was altered yet again.  Rather than give her two rude sisters, she's the only child.  Her character has become a wide reader, my ideal type of girl to have.  Plus the fact she stands up against her pursuer Gaston makes her no damsel in distress most of the time, though at time she has become one.  I was thinking maybe Disney didn't have any idea what to do with Belle's sisters so they wrote them off into non-existence.  Was just thinking if Belle had sisters, maybe she is the fairest of them and they will both also try to get Gaston's attention like they did i…

Why I Thought MMPR Should Have Ended Sooner

Well I'm tired or sort of about telling people MMPR isn't fake and Super Sentai came first, so now let's move on to another rant which is why I think MMPR should have just ended sooner.  Yeah MMPR Season 1 was still tolerable for me but let's go on to some points done:

Overextension.  MMPR was supposed to end at 40 something episodes with the MMPR team defeating both Lokar and Cyclopsis but at last minute turn or what, they decided to actually extend it because it was a monster hit.  That was the problem with shows back then- overextension destroys its quality.  You can go ahead and think about the following- Dragon Ball later suffered because of that, One Piece is starting not to get interesting because of that, you could name a lot of them.  In the case of MMPR it overextended to the point that nothing made sense like they still kept their dinosaur suits while zords change.  And you can say the stories were getting bad, characters were getting bland and so on.  In fa…

Jason Momoa Should Be in the Legend of Conan!

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger will resume his role as Conan as a much older Conan, I thought that Jason Momoa can play two characters for the film.  One as Conan's oldest son Conn and the other as the younger Conan.  I mean he did make a very good Conan, one that really see he really knew how to carry his character.  The problem was the script, not Jason Momoa.  Good cast, bad script.  So made me think even Arnold Schwarzenegger should have appeared as Corin in the 2011 version instead of Ron Perlman (who voiced Conan in the Conan the Dark Axe computer game).

Just my thought.  I would really wish that seeing a scene where Arnold (as Conan) and Jason (as Conn) talking about his responsibilities as future king would be nice.  Too bad this is just a mere wish!  I mean, really seeing the two Conans in one film will be cool!

Conan the Barbarian 2011: Throwbacks to Arnold's Two Conan Movies

So far Jason Momoa is a more impressive version of Marvel's Conan BUT cast in what many considered a lackluster script, I was thinking that the movie actually tried to copy elements from the two Conan films.  Some plots from the 1982 film were taken like the forging of the blade, the murder of the Cimmerians when Conan is just a child (but his mother in the 2011 version died giving birth to him) and there is the "Riddle of Steel" which Conan learns but doesn't apply much in the final battle.

You could consider the villains.  First you have Khalar Zym the big bad.  While he's no snake worshiping cult leader like the movie version of Thulsa Doom but the two are malevolent charismatic warlords who can lead people to their deaths (more like a more evil version of Wrath-Amon with his bad temper).  Meanwhile, his daughter Marique would be the Queen Taramis (no not the good queen but Sarah Douglas' role) of this film, wicked witch without being the main villain.  T…

Gia Moran as a Mary Sue Character

When we try to define a Mary Sue, it is defined in the Urban Dictionary as the almost always perfect character which is beautiful, smart, etc. and almost your ideal woman though not perfect seems perfect.  So I was thinking for the first half of Megaforce, Gia does fit in to that category.  In fact she is just almost perfect, too perfect which some people actually would find the character annoying perhaps out of envy.  Every detail about Gia is like, "You don't stand a chance against her, she's the hottest girl in school." or "Well, beautiful and smart." that is pretty much the comments you hear about her.  I even think she overshadows Emma and maybe soon, she'll even overshadow every Sentai or PR girl for that matter.

In Boukenger, we are introduced to Sakura Nishihori who is well everybody's ideal girl.  I don't find the character annoying, she defrosts eventually or maybe I'm just having the hots for her I'd cry if Haruka Suenaga get…

Power Rangers Samurai and Its Attempt to Recapture the MMPR Glory Days

I would say these guys could have been done better.  So why all the ethnic misplacement?  I could care less if Jayden is white but the fact he is treated Japanese when he isn't is dumb.  And so don't tell me they're Japanese, you got to be kidding!  Besides, this was practically a season that was not only plagued by inadequate acting but the worst part has to be the execution but then again, I'd probably watch this show over Kamen Rider Faiz any day but Spongebob is always more welcome than this show.

The cast.  Okay I can't really comment on them and at least nobody is a bad remake of the past.  What I hate is why they just lazily edited the MMPR theme song for this show than make a new song.  I thought that Saban was getting lazy or should I say Neo-Saban, which Toei could consider should either terminate the contract or send somebody to help Saban improve the franchise.  Made me think, nobody annoys me from them but other than that, they end up becoming poor cop…

So Rick Medina Won't Reprise as Cole for Super Megaforce?

It's an unconfirmed rumor from Henshin Grid that Rick Medina refuses to reprise his role as Cole that he fears that children might get confused between his character Cole and his character Deker.  I think that sounds stupid for this fact- he could just get a shave and cut his hair again to become Cole again for Super Megaforce.  I guess Toku in general has ceased allowing a Toku actor to appear as two different characters in a row (that is one year after the next) like Junichi Haruta and Kenji Ohba as to avoid children from getting confused.  So I dunno how this goes but until then, I'll just cross my fingers to see who appears for Wild Force and see the rest of Super Megaforce before I continue writing my story.
The Lavender Ranger had a picture with him.  You know, I just thought maybe it's just his makeup in Wild Force that made him look older or consider that 2002 and 2011 is basically nine years.  Rick Medina was 25 years old when he played Cole (ironically Kaneko No…

Sigma's Role in the Megaman X Series

Sigma, he's got to be one incredibly menacing figure.  Once an honorable Maverick Hunter created by Dr. Cain (a human), he one day led the biggest rebellion that caused some Maverick Hunters to go Maverick under his forces.  So while Zero was created to succeed Dr. Wily, Sigma took over that role.  Compared to Dr. Wily with rather hare-brained schemes, Sigma since the first X game really always made X's life a living Hell.  And worse, he plans that Reploids would take over humans in the next step of evolution.

So what makes Sigma really annoying to X and badass to his fans is that he manages to come back one way or another.  In the first X game, after X squashes the Mavericks (or Irregulars) he does manage to come back which causes really bad problems.

In X2, to take advantage of a more vulnerable X, he forms an alliance with Serges, Violen and Agile who are probably Wily's robots or Serges is Wily.  At that point, the plan was to resurrect Zero.  Sigma had plans to actu…

On Amy Jo Johnson's Eventual Departure

I was thinking of her resignation from the Power Rangers set.  Made me think, did she really already end up wanting to resign after MMPR started going on a rather bad direction?  As far as what was known, she resigned professionally and had a nine episode arc to write her character off but behind, that, she might have really wanted to be written off as soon as possible.  So what's my speculation?

I guess Amy Jo Johnson probably wanted to leave the set around season two when Kimberly's character started suffering from her development shrinking.  So what happened?  Kimberly well her fighting might be sub bar but she could fight one way or another.  Her fighting started to improve in the first season but she was later changed to Tommy's damsel in distress which was really getting annoying (and I was just staring at her).  Also during "A Friend in Need" she was reduced to such a pathetic role of being sick in bed which really for me, was one of the worst scripts wri…

Why The Megaman X Series Is My Favorite Megaman Game Series

I have played across several Megaman games. There's the classic Megaman series for the NES (first six games) and after the sixth game came Megaman X. Sure, the classic Megaman game did get additional entries later in between the X games, I do enjoy both games but I end up thinking about why I enjoy the Megaman X games the most.

More reasonable difficulty with easier controls and harder level designs 

Old school gaming can be fun and frustrating at the same time. I remembered how often I broke my controller due to the difficulty of the NES games. When I bought Megaman Anniversary Collection I end up playing the game on Easy Mode more than I would play it on the Normal Mode. So what's with the reasonable difficulty of the X series? You're given easier controls as the terrain gets difficult. The wall climb feature makes it easier in some way as to reduce the number of pit falls for most stages. You're given ridiculous challenges while you're given easier controls. Tha…

Kimberly's Dear John Letter Plot: What Could Have Caused It?

In Power Rangers Zeo, there is that infamous and rather out-of-character Dear John letter plot.  So I would probably want to share my thoughts on Kimberly's legacy first since I think it had something to do with the Dear John letter... and Douglas Sloan one of the worst writers in Power Rangers.  In fact you might want to compare Douglas Sloan to Shoji Yonemura in Toei or a burned out beyond belief Toshiki Inoue.

I was thinking Kimberly was perhaps "every 90s boy's first crush" maybe if that is if they were in America.  Then again, she might have also replaced every 90s boy's crush on TV in other countries too.  Let's get to the point- Kimberly was pretty popular as a character though she is admired very superficially.  I guess the show still had its popularity ratings and maybe, Amy Jo's resignation wasn't accepted and I felt like she wanted out of the show more than once.  I don't know what the actress was thinking but perhaps, she just really …

Could Axl Be Bass or A Robot Based on Bass?

In Megaman X7 (The slowest and weakest X game ever for some and WTF you can't play as X until you defeat all 8 Mavericks or rescue 64 reploids?!), everything starts with you playing as Axl and then Zero in tag team mode.  So Megaman X7, Axl is introduced as an extremely cocky with a fondness for battle.  So probably he was most likely based on Bass rather than Bass reconstructed.  Or if he is Bass reconstructed, maybe the Red Alert found Bass' remains and created a new robot they named Axl.  Maybe Red Alert then got Bass but wasn't able to find Treble, recreated him into the new generation reploid with no memory of the past but he does have some animosity with Megaman X in X7 and the two seem not to get along.

Now I think he's most likely a robot based on Bass.  If we're to talk about gameplay, Bass in Megaman and Bass can fire in several directions but has to stand still and that was copied into Axl.  Also like Bass, Axl relies on rapid fire bullets instead of ch…

So Megaman X Isn't the Original Megaman?

Well it's been debated for years and Capcom has caged it, screw you Capcom. Just my thought I had my theory that X is Megaman updated and rebooted. However this article from The Reploid Research Lavatory has what looks like Capcom's official word.

Now why I thought Megaman X and Megaman are the same person. In Megaman X5, try to look at Sigma's dialogue in the final fight scene. Sigma declares that he acquired a "new partner" and that "they know each other very well" and "made a few robots" and "used to be a comrade of yours". Dr. Wily used to be a comrade of Dr. Light though how Sigma knew about these events that happened a century and some years ago. So it seems this makes X as an upgraded Megaman but rebooted of his memories. Though Dr. Wily would have died due to old age, it was possible that Dr. Wily managed to implant his memories into a reploid body, thus continuing his work in case everything fails.

So far, that wasn't …

Who's Become the New Kimberly for Tokusatsu?

It's no doubt that Amy Jo Johnson's character Kimberly has a very positive reception or is overrated to the point that Kat gets unfairly bashed.  I was thinking that she's really, really hot (though ironically the actress married at 38, maybe she was pretty choosy).  Now just who became the new Kimberly for Tokusatsu?  I pretty much ruled in some Super Sentai girls as well who are more or less "sharing similarities" with Kimberly.

Chisato Jougasaki- I thought she is really, really hot and I was thinking like Kimberly she's very feminine and has a very good voice.  But she's yellow ha ha!

Ashley Hammond- She was rumored to be supposedly the Pink Ranger but was changed to yellow.  Now I was thinking she is the second cheerleader after Kimberly.

Nanami Nono- If there's anything common Nanami has with Kimberly it's the "ditzy side" and the fact both are pretty, sexy and can sing.  Only thing is, Nanami's color is blue.  Her Ninja Storm…

Saban Brands' Power Rangers Samurai vs. Power Rangers Megaforce: Trying to Remake MMPR?

I was thinking of Saban's return, got all excited but sadly he has some lackluster series.  So here's my thoughts on both of them on which is better or worse... and Saban is really as I see it, trying to remake MMPR.  Really, he should retire and leave the company to better hands.  Better yet, Toei could try to arrange for better hands in handling their joint venture that is Power Rangers.

So Saban went to work on Power Rangers Samurai.  Okay nobody in the cast really annoys me, I guess Kevin is more of a failed Ryunosuke but at least he's definitely not Masato Kusaka 2.0, just that he falls flat. =P  So maybe compared to Operation Overdrive, it does stand in a way.  Problem has to be the way the producer Jonathan Tzachor made this... why is he too lazy to even come up with his own original story here?  I mean, Jayden is not even half-Japanese so why is she surnamed Shiba when his dad has blonde hair?  Then why treat them as Japanese when they aren't?  Ethnic misplacem…