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Why Not Getting Mortal Kombat X And A Playstation 4 Immediately After Their Release May Have Been A Good Decision IMO

I do want to get a Playstation 4 for some incoming cool games but to get that system for just one game isn't a sound decision for me. Mortal Kombat X ended up as a game marred with all those annoying microtransactions like "press button to purchase character", so much on your face. The game does have some good mechanics and trying to introduce a new way of fighting for Playstation 4 and XBox One but I thought of the advantages of why a delay can be good.

My Opinion On Mortal Kombat's Bosses

Mortal Kombat boss characters were usually unplayable (for most of their run) which they were usually much difficult than your regular opponents. Some of the bosses pretty much have more than one term. For instance, Shao Kahn is the recurring antagonist for most of Mortal Kombat while there were also others before and after him. So let's get started shall we?

Goro (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X) as a sub boss

Goro was infamously difficult during the first game. Let's face it - Goro has been a real nightmare for those who fought him way back during the Arcade and console games. Regardless what console it was, you have to admit that you may have thrown a tantrum with how difficult he was. What made him very annoying was him grabbing them or pounding them. The character is not very easy to defeat which makes him worthy of the title of champion for nine consecutive Mortal Kombat tourna…

Tekken 2's Lei Wulong Could Fire His Gun Rumor

Back in Tekken 2, it was a video game lie that Lei Wulong could use his gun (from his alternate costume) though that was just a myth. But like some video game lies, many of them ended up getting used to inspire later innovations. 
Tekken 6 featured the Item Move list which if you equipped certain items to a certain character, you can do a certain move. Lei Wulong has to be equipped with the Police Jacket to fire his gun. In the Police Jacket, it's done by pressing Right Punch + Left Kick together. The effects are different, the move is hard to connect considering Tekken's primary focus are the use of real martial arts moves in science fiction. 
Thanks a lot Namco for making that rumor a reality.

Will Tekken 7 Be The Last? Hopefully Not!

Will Tekken 7 be the last Tekken game? Rumors float that Tekken 7 would end the Mishima Saga once and for all. While there might be some heated debate on whether or not this game will be the last Tekken game but I thought of how Tekken appeared in the last generation consoles. The first three Tekken games were Playstation exclusive. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 4 appeared as a Playstation 2 exclusive. Tekken 5 went on with XBox and Playstation 2. Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 went for XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Tekken 7 looks like it'd be Playstation 4 exclusive (for consoles) like Street Fighter V.

My thoughts are that should Namco cancel Tekken after 7? Maybe that's not the best thing to do considering that Tekken 7 would be the first game for the Playstation 4 (and hopefully, XBox One players will get it). I mean, it's the first time you'll actually see a Tekken game in 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second, it will be the first time Tekken gets a major …

My Rather Limited Knowledge Of The Now-Cancelled Metal Hero Franchise

Yes, Super Sentai has gone into its 40th anniversary... we're all growing old!

As a child, I used to have memories of the Metal Hero franchise. Back then, I just watched them and didn't know how to categorize them except as "kiddie shows". I only knew the terms "Tokusatsu", "Super Sentai" and "Metal Heroes" and learned Kamen Rider is a genre of Tokusatsu only when I was a teenager. Now it's time to see how the Metal Hero genre ended up as a mixed bag.

Space Sheriff Trilogy, Juspion and Spielban

The Metal Hero franchise started out with the Space Sheriff era starting with the Space Sheriff Trilogy. What I can remember are both Gavan and Shaider while I've seen some episodes of Sharivan. The three of them were known for wearing metal suits, they had a lightsaber with them, a gigantic combat robot, they fought against enemy organizations where the Big Bad was stuck to a wall (I always laughed at that) and their ability to fight in an…